Will A Queen Mattress Fit In A Ford F150?

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Due to the size, hiring a truck that will transport the queen mattress could be a big hassle. Many people that own that queen mattress and want to move experience this hassle often. To minimize the problem and hire the truck that will move the mattress once, many people have been asking if the mattress will fit in a Ford F150.

If you are contemplating whether the queen mattress could fit in the Ford F150, you should stop worrying. The truck bed of the Ford F150 is big enough to accommodate the mattress.

The truck bed of most F150 is 77 X 97 while the size of the queen mattress is 60 X 80. However, to avoid some issues on the road, you should exercise some precautions when you want to do this. Keep reading for more information.

Tips on how to fit the queen mattress into Ford F150

The good news is that the queen mattress can fit into Ford F150 but there is a process that you must follow. Following the steps will help you move the bed successfully. Below are some helpful tips.

Prepare the truck

The queen mattress can fit into a Ford F150 but you should prepare it before you can put the mattress. For instance, you should remove every cargo in the truck bed and wash it, if possible.

In a situation where you have the tonneau cover installed on the truck, make sure you open it properly. Make sure you get rid of any obstruction in the truck bed.

Cover the mattress

In the process of moving the truck, different contaminants such as mud and dust could settle on the mattress. Cleaning the dirt could be a difficult process when you get to your destination. To avoid the cleaning issues, you should cover the mattress, especially the other parts that are not facing the truck bed.

Tie the mattress

Depending on the speed of the truck, the mattress could be disturbed by air. If not managed carefully, you could experience hassle in the process. To securely put the mattress in place, you should get a strong rope, and then use it to secure the queen mattress to the tailgate of the truck.

Move only the mattress

Likely, there will still be space for other valuables in the truck bed. Though the space could be used for the movement of other valuables, you should move only the queen mattress. It is recommended that you do not move any other thing with the mattress.

Precautions when you want to move the queen mattress

Getting a truck where the queen mattress will fit is not enough to move it without any hassle and prevent some risks in the process. Here are some of the few precautions you can follow.

Strap the mattress

The queen mattress could fit in the truck bed but it could be disturbed by air when the truck is in motion. To avoid time wastage on the road, it is recommended that you strap the mattress to the truck. You can do this with a thick rope.

Check the truck

Before you set out and move the queen mattress to your new home, you should ensure that your truck or the one you have hired to move the mattress is in good condition. You should check every necessary thing on the truck. For instance, you should know the pressure level of the wheel, be sure that the engine and the braking system are in good condition, etc.


The present climatic condition of your present location and where you are taking the queen mattress to is very important. You will not want to be on the road when it rains. To avoid being in such a situation, it is recommended that you read the weather forecast for the day, and know if the condition will be favorable or not.

Be cautious

It has been said earlier that the mattress would be disturbed by air when you are on the road, depending on the speed of the truck. If possible, you should move at a slower speed until you get to your destination. Also, to avoid ruining the mattress, you should be very careful throughout the process.

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Maintenance tips for queen mattress

Are you a new owner of a queen mattress? If yes, how long do you desire to use it? The answer to this question depends on the way you care for the mattress. Below are some of the tips that could help you use the mattress for a longer duration and in good condition.

Follow instruction

It is unlikely that you have more knowledge about the mattress than its manufacturer. The mattress has become yours once you paid for it but you still need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you desire to get the best from the mattress for many years.

New foundation

Your mattress will likely get aged with an old foundation. To avoid the easy age of the mattress, it is recommended that you get a new foundation. Moreover, the old foundation would have been infested with dust, which will likely be transferred to the new mattress.  

Be careful when moving

After a while, you will likely want to relocate to another neighborhood or a new state. In the process of moving your valuables, you should be careful to avoid ruining the queen mattress. If possible, you should hire a moving company. Also, whenever you want to change the location of the mattress in your home, you should be careful.

Keep pets out

Do you own a pet that you are fond of? Many pet owners love their pets so much that they allow the pets to come on their mattresses.

The truth is if you do this, you are potentially and relatively ruining the mattress. If you love your pets, it is recommended that you get a separate snuggle for them.


Using the mattress in the same position for a longer duration will easily ruin it. That is why the manufacturer recommends that you rotate the mattress often.

While many people know this, some are, however, confused about when to rotate the mattress. You can rotate the mattress every season. For instance, once it is winter, you change the position of the mattress, then do the same at the beginning of the next season.

Allow light

The queen mattress also needs occasional light and air to last for a longer duration. Depending on your schedule, you should open the window at least once a month for light to touch the mattress. Remember to also air it out. Doing this will get rid of some trapped moisture on the mattress.

Wash linings

The use of a dirty lining for the mattress is not good for your health and the mattress. After a while, dust and sweat will likely settle on the lining. If you do not wash the lining, the mattress will also be affected in the long run.

You should always clean the lining of the mattress. Moreover, you can also use the opportunity to clean the mattress. You can find more details about this from the manufacturer’s instructions.

Prevent kid

One of the many activities of kids on the mattress apart from sleeping is that they love to jump on it. The truth is that the more they do this, the less comfortable you will be when you sleep on the mattress.

Not only that but the lifespan of the mattress is also reduced. It is, therefore, recommended that you strictly warn your kids not to jump on the queen mattress, provided you have anyone around you.

Do you want to move?

People migrate from a particular location due to several reasons. Moving could be a stressful process but you can seek the help of family and friends. What if none of them is available?

In a situation like this, it is recommended that you hire a professional moving company. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider a professional moving company when you next want to relocate.

It is safe

You are subjecting yourself to risk when you attempt to move heavy valuables without help. Hiring a moving company will save you from this hassle.

Not only that, the company will pack your valuables in a box and unpack them when you get to your new home. This implies that nothing will happen to your valuables while you are in transit.

Saves time

It will take time before you move the mattress, the refrigerator, and other valuables alone. Even when you take a day off work, you might not be able to complete the process within the duration.

Hiring a professional moving company will ensure that your valuables get to your new home at the agreed time. The company has the required personnel and the resources to do so.


The process of moving a queen mattress could be stressful and risky. To avoid the stress, you can hire a moving company. 

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