Are Gator And Bakflip The Same? Find Out

Are gator and bakflip the same

Much as tonneau covers have similarities, they equally do have differences, ranging from the materials used in their production, their designs, features and down to their sizes. In this article, we shall look at what differences there are between the gator and bakflip tonneau covers. Are gator and bakflip the same you may want to … Read more

Can You Stand On A Tonneau Cover? Find Out

Can you stand on a tonneau cover

So, can you stand on a tonneau cover? The answer is Yes. Most, if not all tonneau covers, are exceptionally strong because they are manufactured from tough and high-quality materials. To this effect, their strength can withstand the weight of an average human. However, for a proper analysis of which tonneau covers can withstand such … Read more

Will A Chevy Tonneau Cover Fit A Gmc?

Will a chevy tonneau cover fit a Gmc

So, Will a Chevrolet tonneau cover fit a GMC? A Chevy tonneau cover will only fit a GMC truck if the specifications are correctly matched. To know the correct dimensions of your truck bed before getting a cover for it, measure it properly. (Read Also: Will A Dodge Tonneau Cover Fit A Ford?) Make sure … Read more