Will A f150 Tonneau Cover Fit A f250?

More than 90% of the trucks out there have installed in them the tonneau cover. This is primarily to protect whatever is kept within the inside of the truck’s bed and to enhance its looks and aerodynamics. The question however is how to decide on which tonneau cover best fits your truck and if two different types of trucks can share the same tonneau cover?

So, will the tonneau cover designated for f150 fit the f250 ford? No, it won’t. Car parts and accessories are most of the time unique to a particular car and cannot fit others.

When a car part or accessory is been designed, the manufacturer takes into account the unique dimensions of the vehicle to ensure the product fits perfectly.

Consequently, the tonneau cover designed for f150 will be unable to fit f250, because, that for f150 fits perfectly the dimensions of f150 as it was designed based on this. the dimensions of f150 are not the same as f1250 nor is it with any other vehicle out there. Therefore, you should not expect a tonneau cover that fits f150 to completely fit f250.

When designing a tonneau cover, what do you think the most important consideration is? It is not the style or design, rather, it is crafting the cover in such a way that it fits perfectly with the dimension of the intended truck for easy installation and use. This is why the dimensions of the bed are of particular importance.

What is the difference in bed size between f150 and f250?

When you are driving any of these trucks, it is understandable if you think the same tonneau will fit both trucks. This is because f150 and f250 are kind of like brothers with f250 being considered the older one. It has a much beefy build and appears to be bigger. It is a heavy-duty truck and can do more towing than the f150.

A considerable amount of research about both trucks revealed that while there are a lot of features that both trucks shared, there are also some reasonable numbers of differences.

When it comes to the size or type of tonneau cover that a truck can use, the most central determinant of that is the dimension of the bed.

So, how different is f150’s bed from f250? Let’s find out. F150 bed size comes in three different proportions, there is the 5.5-foot type, the 6.5- and 8-foot type. they all differ greatly in length, width, and height, with length being the most predominant difference. 

Before deciding or concluding on whether the same tonneau cover can be used for either of them, take some time to look into the difference in their dimensions. When compared to the f250, the dimension of the bed showed that it had a much longer bed size. 

Once you have the dimensions figured out, the construction material and style of the tonneau cover is a matter of personal choice and what you consider as a priority.

For those whose priority is security over sleek design, they would most likely go with the hard type. while if you prefer something lighter and cheaper with an easy installation, then the soft type might be exactly what you need.

How to determine which tonneau cover fits your pickup truck

The fitting can mean how well the cover gets installed in the truck, it could also mean how good the cover looks on the truck.

Your priority should be about getting a tonneau cover that can be easily installed in your truck. A fitting cover will open easily, close properly, and keep whatever luggage you have within the bed safe and secure.

We have already discussed how to determine whether a given tonneau cover is a perfect fit for your truck or not when we emphasized the role of the bed dimension and it being central to this process. as regards other features of a tonneau cover to should be considered before getting a new one, these are of lesser importance but still of great significance in terms of aesthetics.

First is the styling of the cover, there are various styles of the tonneau cover. Make sure to choose what catches your eyes the most or what you consider fashionable enough for your truck.

There are those which are styled as foldable covers, others can be rolled up while some are retractable. Whatever your choice is, make sure to prioritize the fitting over everything else.

Unfortunately, even if you love a particular style so badly, not all the styles are available for all the car models and types out there.

Aside from styling, tonneau covers are also categorized into hard and soft types. this is based on the type of construction material used in their making. 

The hard type as the name implies is stronger and offers more security than the soft type. so, it now depends on what your priorities are.

If what you need is to keep your luggage tightly secured while you fly the highways, then the much durable and stronger hard type is what you need.

The soft type on the other hand is called soft because is it much lighter and less strong. Consequently, it is more user-friendly and can be installed easily and quickly. Based on this, a small budget may compel you to go for the soft type and sacrifice strength for sleek looking design.

Of course, you still have to consider features such as scratch resistance, weather resistance, water resistance, and lifespan before settling for a particular tonneau cover for your f150 or f250 ford truck.

The cover is completely exposed and suffers the direct effect of the condition. During raining season, it is directly beaten by rain and also receives direct rays from the sun daily. 

The cover must be of a material type that enables it to withstand all the different types of weather conditions and the effect of the alternating nature of whether. Similarly, it must also be waterproof and must not let water inside the bed.

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What is the best tonneau cover for f150?

While there may be several brands of tonneau cover for f150, not all give a satisfactory performance. Here are examples of some of the most trustworthy tonneau covers for f150

1. BAK hard folding tonneau bed cover

This is designed for 2015 to 2018 f150. It is specific for the short bed size, that is the 5.6-footbed. Its installation is easier than most as this does not involve drilling of any kind.

Although the cover is light in terms of actual weight, it is durable enough to protect against the sun’s rays, rain, dirt as well as snow. It is highly durable. 

If you prefer a cover with a folding style that can efficiently protect your truck’s bed and give your truck an ergonomic look, then this is what you need.

2. truXedo TruXport soft roll-up 

this is designed to fit the perfect 2015 to 2021 f150 ford truck. It comes in a roll-up design and provides effective protection of the truck’s bed.

You will be glad that you saved up for this. the entire setup and installation takes only a few minutes before your truck begins to appear incredibly amazing.

Best tonneau cover for f250

1. Tyger Auto T3 soft tri-fold tonneau cover

is suitable to be used with the 2017 to 2022 f250 ford as well as the f350 ford. Designed to fit the 6.75-bed size. The first praiseworthy attribute spoken of by its current users is as regards its durability and long-lasting quality. Some have been using the cover for a little above three years now and continue to enjoy its many benefits.

It is made with high-quality vinyl that enables it to resist any form of harsh weather and to survive the effect of the sun, rain, snow as well as wind. It is absolutely weather, water, and scratch-resistant

It is super easy to install and this can be done without much help from an expert. It comes at a reasonably affordable price and gives your truck a great look.

2. Revolver X4 hard rolling tonneau cover

this fits perfectly the 2008 to 2016 f250 and f350 heavy duty ford trucks. It is an awesome brand of tonneau cover for the f250 with amazing performance. It provides 100% protection against thieves and also gives the truck a great look. 


no matter the similarity between the two types of trucks, it Is erroneous to assume that both can use the same type of tonneau cover without first considering the dimension of their bed and the year of their manufacturing.

F150 and f250 may seem like really close trucks, the difference in their bed sizes and dimension disallow them from using the same tonneau cover. Ensure to do thorough research before settling for any given tonneau cover.

Choose from any of the options presented in this article and ensure the selected tonneau cover is designated for your truck model.

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