Will A 2020 F150 Tonneau Cover fit A 2021?

Being a brand of the same manufacturer but different production years, some of the parts should be interchangeable. This is why many truck owners interchange the tonneau cover when they buy the latest model of the same truck. It has, however, been observed it doesn’t work at times. Therefore, truck owners make research about the compatibility of some parts before they interchange.

Will a 2020 F150 tonneau cover fit for 2021? Well, being the same model and from the same manufacturer, one can easily assume that they will fit.

The truth is that there is a little modification in the truck bed of the 2021 F150 when you compare it to earlier models such as 2015 to 2020.

To answer the question, the tonneau cover might fit but the fact is that it will not be a perfect fit. Is it safe to go on with the installation? Keep reading to answer this question.

Reasons why you should not fix the tonneau cover of 2020 F150 on 2021

Interchanging the tonneau cover of some trucks of different years could be perfect. It has, however, been stated earlier that the tonneau cover of the 2020 F150 will not be a perfect fit in 2021.

Forceful installation of the cover and subsequent use of such could be risky. Below are some of the reasons why you should not install the tonneau cover of 2020 in 2021.

Easy damage

When a tonneau cover does not fit perfectly on the truck bed, such a tonneau cover is prone to damage. For instance, you could overstretch the cover in an attempt to make it work. Not only that, the parts could get worn quickly or miss. The truth is that you are potentially ruining a cover when it is not perfect on the truck bed.

Risk to the cargo

If your intention of installing the tonneau cover is to secure the cargo, you are likely going to experience something different when you install the tonneau cover of the 2020 F150 in 2021.

This is because there will be little space for thieves to access the truck bed. Moreover, moisture and air could penetrate the truck bed from any opening on it.

Difficulty in using

The tonneau cover must be a perfect fit for you to easily open it to access the truck bed and shut it. When it is not a perfect fit, there is a high chance that you will experience difficulty in using the cover.

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Likely problems with the tonneau cover

Apart from being loyal to a particular brand, many truck owners research before they finally choose the brand of tonneau cover they will be opting for.

This research includes the customer service of the manufacturer, the likely issues of the brand, warranty policy, and other useful information.

Are you a new owner of a tonneau cover? You are at the right place to know some of the likely issues you will have with the cover. Here is a list of some of the common problems with the tonneau cover.


Well, many users expect that the tonneau cover should be waterproof but the truth is that most tonneau covers are water-resistant.

After a while, you could notice a negligible amount of moisture on the truck bed. Over time, it could lead to bigger issues, especially when there is a heavy downpour. If you have cargo that could be damaged by water, you are at the risk of double loss.

In most cases, the water leakage could start from the corners, especially when the cover has been misaligned or the screws are worn.

Water leakage could also be caused by poor installation of the cover, heavy downpour, design error, failure to properly shut the tailgate, lack of maintenance, age, and a lot of factors.

To resolve the issue, you need to know the source. It is recommended that you should inspect the cover. Pay attention to the joints, the sides, screws and any other possible places where water could easily penetrate. To save time, you should focus on the area where you noticed the water.

If you notice any hole on the cover, get a weather seal and use it to block the hole. Nevertheless, for a perfect job, especially when you do not see traces of holes on the cover, you should seek the service of a professional. You can also contact the manufacturer if the warranty of the cover is still valid, especially when the issue is caused by the material of the cover.


Vehicle noise, when driving, is disturbing to many people. Therefore, they do everything possible to avoid such. Though many parts of the truck could lead to noise, one of the ones that will be disturbing is the noise from the tonneau cover.

Experts believe that the noise issue with the tonneau cover is mainly caused by possible holes on the cover, poor installation of the cover, lack of care, age, loose parts, and other conditions. The biggest threat with the tonneau cover noise is that it will be louder when you accelerate.

There are short term and long term solutions to the noise of tonneau cover. To resolve in the short term and get to your destination without disturbance, all you need to do is to reduce the speed of the vehicle. Doing this means you will spend more time on the road.

Moreover, in a situation where the issue is caused by misalignment of the cover, you need to reinstall the cover or go for a professional installation. If you suspect that the issue is caused by holes on the cover that serves as an entry point for air to penetrate the cover, you should block the hole. You can also contact the manufacturer for guidance.

Issues with the tailgate

To secure the cargo, you need to properly shut the tailgate. Not only that, a tailgate that is not properly shut means air and moisture could penetrate the cover.

This could also lead to noise when you are driving. Many users even stated that they lost some valuable cargo when they were unable to shut the tailgate.

The issue with the shutting of the tailgate arises from a poor job during the installation of the cover. Moreover, it could also arise after some period of usage. The cover could have been misaligned due to stress, handling, and wear. The weather could also cause it. When the material of the cover shrinks or expands due to the weather.  

Depending on what caused the issue, you could resolve it yourself or seek help. Whenever you experience difficulty in shutting the tailgate, you should moderately hit the cover on the side and see if it will align properly again.

You can also gently use your thumb to make the cover align. If you have done these and you are unable to resolve the issue, you should go to a professional for help. It could mean that the cover will be installed again or some parts will be retightened.

Faded color

When properly installed on the truck, the tonneau cover improves the look of the truck, especially when you get the right color that matches the paint of the truck. However, from complaints from frustrated customers, you will likely dislike the cover after some months of installation. This is because the color of the cover would have faded.

The issue of discoloration of the tonneau cover is caused by ownership and the cover material. What frustrates many people is that the discoloration of the tonneau cover might not be easy to resolve and the warranty of most brands does not include discoloration. Therefore, it is better to avoid discoloration rather than hope it could be fixed.

What you need to do to avoid the issue is to watch what you use to clean the cover. For instance, you should not use acid-based or alcohol-based soap. Also, you should avoid exposing the cover to sunlight for hours. Construct a garage, if possible or park in shady areas where bird droppings will not fall on the cover.

Broken release cable

To open or shut the tonneau cover, you need the release cable to be functioning optimally. It could be a big hassle when the release cable is not functioning the way it ought to. Can you now imagine what you will experience when the cable is broken?

Due to the latest trend by manufacturers to reduce the cost of production, most release cables are not as strong as they were in the past. After some period of usage, it could be broken. Some experts, however, believe that the issue is also caused by ownership. If you recklessly open or shut the cover, the release cable could be affected.

To resolve the issue, you have to replace the broken part. It is recommended that you seek the service of a professional when you want to do this. You can also contact the manufacturer.


Though it might work, the tonneau cover of the 2020 F150 will not be a perfect fit in 2021. To avoid having issues with the cover, it is recommended that you get the tonneau cover for the 2021 F150.

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