Will A Chevy Tonneau Cover Fit A Gmc?

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How Do You Fix A Ripped Tonneau Cover?

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So, Will a Chevrolet tonneau cover fit a GMC? A Chevy tonneau cover will only fit a GMC truck if the specifications are correctly matched. To know the correct dimensions of your truck bed before getting a cover for it, measure it properly. (Read Also: Will A Dodge Tonneau Cover Fit A Ford?)

Make sure that while measuring the truck bed for a cover,  take specifications of the length in inches at least twice, in order to get it right.

For effective and proper measurements, place the end of your tape precisely at the bulkhead or space where the bed of the truck connects to the rear of the cab and measure the closest point to the side of the bed too.

Ensure that you extend the measuring tape to cover the inside edge of the tailgate and record its dimensions too. Take the number of inches measured and divide them by twelve to ascertain the dimensions of your pick up length.

If after careful measurements, the Chevy bed cover has the same dimensions as the same specifications of the GMC truck, then it is a perfect fit and can serve just nicely.

Tonneau covers serve such functions that you can’t afford to use I’ll-fitting ones. If they fit in badly in cases where the dimensions are not the right size, you risk too many things.

It is because of all these possible complications that we are always required to be certain of the dimensions of our trucks before we make any attempt at getting truck bed covers for them. To make sure that there are no errors of installation, how can tonneau covers fit in if they are not the right size?

They just won’t. Though these truck bed covers are manufactured by different companies, they still have certain conventional specifications according to which they must be manufactured. That is why truck bed covers are produced in categories or classes according to dimensions, and consequently, every truck bed must fit in with these standard values.

Whatever the size of your truck bed, if you will but know its exact measurements, you are certain to get tonneau covers that are the correct fit, and which will serve you very well too. So, basically, we are talking of matching sizes here more than anything else really.

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How Should A Tonneau Cover Fit?

A tonneau cover should fit in very snuggly indeed. This means that it should fit in such that it leaves no spaces between the tub of the truck and the edges of the tonneau cover through which water or dust particles can gain access into the bed of the truck. (Read Also: How Tight Should A Tonneau Cover Be? Find Out Now)

When a tonneau cover is a correct fit, it glides into place nicely, both during opening and closing,  without any noise. Furthermore, it produces no noise at all even while driving at top speeds, except where there are other underlying problems.

List Of Tonneau Covers You Can Use For Chevrolet That Will Fit Perfectly On Your GMC

Below are some tonneau covers that will fit both a Chevrolet and GMC perfectly

What tonneau covers fit what truck depends on how the dimensions fit in well together. Most of these trucks and truck bed covers are produced with different dimensions and so, it is of paramount importance to exercise great care with the measurements before you venture into any purchase and installations.

Generally, however, there are three types of tonneau cover categories, each with its range of dimensions. This classification will come in handy in cases to do with making a more proper selection concerning which truck bed covers will fit what trucks.

As long as the sizes match accurately, the tonneau covers are likely going to fit in nicely, since that is the major obstacle.

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First, we have the short truck bed which measures  5’5″, 5’6″, 5’7″ and also 5’8″ and then there is the standard truck bed which measures 6’4″, 6’5″, 6’6″ and 6’7″. Finally, there is the long truck bed that measures 8′ straight up.

If after careful measurements, the figures match perfectly between the Chevrolet and GMC truck, then they are certain to fit in properly, otherwise, there will be complications.

Are Tonneau Covers Interchangeable?

In a way, yes they are. However, their dimensions must make a perfect fit before any interchange can be done safely. For example, you can’t think of using a 5’6″ tonneau cover on say, a truck bed that measures 5’8″.

The difference in specifications will not condone such interchange. Additionally, there is the issue of the position of the braces or clamps too.

While making a choice, take note of the position of the clamps by which you mount the tonneau cover onto the truck. Though this does not constitute an impossible problem as such, it is still relevant, just in case.

There are also tonneau covers that are said to be universal, which means that they can fit most truck beds due to the nature of their designs and the materials used in their production.

Are There Things To Note Down When Measuring A Truck Bed?

Indeed there are. The correct trick in measuring the truck bed correctly is to do so and in inches at least twice. Make sure to place the measuring instrument precisely at the bulkhead or space where the bed of the truck attaches to the back of the cab or the driver’s compartment.

Also, measure the closest point to the side of the tonneau and note down the figure too. Finally, extend your measuring tape to cover the inside edge of the tailgate and take its measurement too.

Doing this will ensure that you get it right, in order to prevent getting landed with a poorly fitting bed cover and its attendant complications.

How Do You Adjust A Tonneau Cover For GMC?

People improvise with these things in a number of ways. To start with, there are instances where tonneau covers are adjusted to fit certain trucks through tightening up the attaching ropes, while at other times, others are known to get the truck bed covers stretched either through warming them up in the sun or by applying heat to them through other means.

We do not in any way deny the fact that these measures may work out perfectly in the end. However, the best thing to do in order to avoid any complication is to make sure that you get a truck bed cover that is the perfect fit in every respect. This way you do not need to cut corners whatsoever, particularly since it can result in the damage to the items.

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Common Tonneau Cover Problems And Their Solutions

If a truck bed cover develops any problems, it can no longer serve the purpose for which it is intended. This makes it necessary for us to ask, ‘What problems do tonneau covers commonly develop?’

Regular sources of tonneau cover problems result from damage, wrong installation or fitting, depreciation with age, regular or persistent use and ill-fitting sizes.

When these problems manifest, they can cause leaking, flipping or even sticking of the truck covers to its bed.

1. Leaking Of Water

This commonly happens during stormy rainfall which forces water droplets into the truck bed. Tonneau covers are designed to be watertight unless they suffer some damage, except where pressurized water escapes into the truck bed while washing.

To prevent any leaking in tonneau covers, you are advised to use a tailgate cover seal that will plug the gaps or spaces along the bottom and sides of the tailgate.

You should frequently inspect the bulkhead or front of the truck bed to ensure that it does not sit at the same level as the sides of the bed before you install the cover.

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Slanting is known to assist water in running off and not pooling. Where these parts are at the same level, apply a little foam to the front part of the truck bed.

2. Noisy Truck Bed Covers

Tonneau covers are usually noisy when they are poorly installed or if there is a loose installation or any damage to the truck cover, which may allow air to gain access into the truck bed via cracks or vents.

When you hear noises, check to ascertain whether the gadget is fitted well and tighten up loose areas according to the instructions of the manufacturers. Installing mis-matched tonneau covers can also cause noises and where this is the case, get the correct truck bed cover for your vehicle.

Cracks or openings in the tailgate seals can also cause noises. These measures will be enough to eliminate any noises from the truck beds.

3. I’ll-fitting Covers

Truck bed covers are designed according to sizes and be sure to get the correct fit through measurements or user manuals. Where there are no issues with size, check the installation and if that is still not the problem, check both the tailgate seal and hardware.

4. Bad Or Missing Seal

Promptly replace or repair any tonneau cover with a bad or missing seal to forestall against any aggravation of the situation. Damaged tonneau cover seals lead to the flipping of the truck cover which will allow water, dust or air to penetrate into the truck bed and hence damage the hard retractable bed cover faster than usual. (Read Also: How To Fix Sagging Tonneau Covers With Steps In 2021)

5. Stuck Truck Covers

Whenever any tonneau cover is working perfectly, it should easily glide into place while both opening or closing, but it can start to develop problems with time and become difficult to operate.

When this happens, there may be dust or other debris in the driving mechanism. Apply some lubrication in all the places that are concerned with movements. Follow this up with a thorough inspection to look for other faults as well.

6. Poor Tonneau Cover Measurements

Before any purchase of tonneau cover, be absolutely sure that you know the measurements of your truck bed, which are usually indicated in the vehicle’s user manual.

Correct measurements can be taken with a tape that is more than ten feet and paper to note down these measurements.

Be aware that not all companies produce truck beds of the same dimensions. To obtain accurate measurements, place the end of the tape at the bulkhead or front of the truck bed and measure the closest point to the side of the truck bed. Record the readings.

Finally,  extend the measuring tape to cover the inside edge of the tailgate and note the values too. Conclude the process by dividing your results by twelve to get your truck’s length.


Will A Tonneau Cover From A Chevy Fit A Dodge?

Yes, it certainly can, provided adequate care is taken to make sure that you get the dimensions that match in every respect.

To do this properly, take the measurements of the truck cover correctly and make sure that it is exactly the same as that of the truck bed of the Dodge.

All things being equal, they should fit in nicely. Though the universal tonneau covers can be used in most trucks due to their natures and designs.

Will A Tonneau Cover From A Dodge Fit A Ford?

Where the dimensions correspond, most tonneau covers can be easily interchanged from one kind of truck to another.

This explains why there are repeated advice that measurements should be taken carefully before any attempt at tonneau cover purchase and installation.

As long as this is done and the measurements fit properly, the bed cover of one truck can indeed be used on another without any complaints.

Will A Chevy Tonneau Cover Fit A Gmc – Conclusion

If one goes about these issues with due regard to the bits of advice given, it is almost certain that they will prevent avoidable complaints and regrets.

Before you venture into buying any truck bed cover, conduct enough research to acquaint yourself with basic and necessary information about them.

Starting from their types, sizes, comparative characteristics, maintenance and down to proper uses. Knowing all these will enable you to not only buy right but also know what to do or where to go, should you have any problems afterwards.

So, please, know about these objects as much as possible. The knowledge will come to your rescue eventually.

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