Leer VS Are Truck Caps (An In-Depth Comparison)

When buying a new truck cap, some people ask for recommendations or go online to read about some of the popular products. At some point, the search might be narrowed down to two products.

Choosing one out of the two could’ve been a tough decision. This is because they wanted to be sure that they were making the right decision.

To make sound decisions, especially when you are considering the Leer and Are truck cap, this article will compare and contrast the two caps. Keep reading for more information. 

Leer VS Are

It is important to start by saying that Leer and Are have different series of productions. If you want to choose one between the two truck caps, you will be interested in knowing the similarities and differences in the product before you choose the perfect one.

This article will highlight the needed information that will guide you to choose the best one. Below are some of the similarities and differences in the Leer and Are truck cap. 

Similarities between Leer and Are truck cap

Well, all truck caps have similar functions but that doesn’t mean that all truck caps have similar features. For Leer and Are, some features make the two truck caps look similar. Below are some of the similarities between Leer and Are truck caps. 


No one is interested in buying a product that will not last long before they start thinking about replacement. Durability is even a major concern when you know that you will be spending a few bucks to buy the truck cap and the hassle of installing it. 

If you care about durability, Leer and Are belongs to the category of one of the best truck caps you can buy for your truck. Many users have good things to say about the product. To confirm that the products are durable, the producers of the two truck caps offer users a lifetime limited warranty. 


One of the factors that potentially determine the lifespan of a product is the material it is made from. The truth is if you are concerned about the material of the truck cap, anyone you opt for between the two is made from the same material. 

Most of the truck cap products from Leer and Are are made from fiberglass. So, if you do not love truck caps that are made from fiberglass, then both Leer and Are shouldn’t be part of your consideration. 

Advanced hardware 

The reason why the Leer and Are truck caps are the choices of many nowadays is due to the improved hardware of the caps.

Unlike some other types of caps, they require advanced hardware that makes the exterior more durable. Though they are not waterproof, both truck caps are water-resistant and you can be sure that the truck bed will always be dry. 


Do you love to install a truck cap on your truck that will look stylish? If yes, you can choose between the Leer and Are truck caps. Both truck caps have a timeless design that makes the truck look like an SUV after proper installation. 

Moreover, they are both designed with inside release and dark tint glasses. Also, both truck caps are not waterproof but they can always keep the truck bed dry when it rains or when you wash it, depending on their proper installation and how you care for them. 


Installing a truck cap is relatively difficult when you compare it to the installation process of a tonneau cover. This is because it is unlikely that you will be able to deadlift the cap or install it alone. However, both Leer and Are truck caps have a similar installation process. You can install them through the J-clamp installation. 

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Differences between Leer and Are truck caps 

You do not expect that both Leer and Are truck caps will be 100% similar without any differences. Well, the two truck caps have some features that distinguish each of them. Highlighted below are some of the differences between Leer and Are truck caps. 


Recall that it has been said earlier that both truck caps have a similar warranty. Well, that is true. They both offer a limited lifetime warranty on their products. However, the warranty differs a bit on some of the details in the warranty. 

For instance, the Leer lifetime limited warranty includes color and the structure of the truck cap. Meanwhile, the lifetime limited warranty of Are does not include this. Comparatively, you can conclude that Leer truck caps have a better warranty policy. 


There are times that you want to pick something or do other things on the truck bed at night. At this point, you need lightning for you to be able to pick the item with ease. This is one of the prioritized items on the checklist of many people when they want to buy a truck cap. 

This has been provided for when you buy the Leer truck cap. The cap is equipped with an interior light which is not available on the Are truck cap. Moreover, the Leer truck cap also makes provision for the third brake light. 


This is an obvious difference in the exterior design of both Leer and Are truck caps even though they both have tinted doors. The Are truck cap has a non-recessed rear door and a half slider window. 

On the other hand, the Leer truck caps are equipped with a recessed 50/50 window and a recessed frame door. Not only that, but the door also has a double T handle hook, which is not on the Are truck cap. 

Which is better between the Leer and Are truck caps

Since you will not be installing the two caps on your truck, you will have to decide on which is better between the two of them. This might be a tough call because both are durable and they have similar features. 

Choosing requires that you know about the experience of others. Not only that, you should consider other critical issues such as the warranty package. From users’ testimonies and the warranty policies of both truck caps, the Leer truck cap is considered the better one. 

Pros and cons of truck cap covers 

Have you seen a beautifully installed truck cap before? I am sure you will love it. Well, since there are alternatives such as tonneau cover, you should know that truck caps will also have some drawbacks. The following are some of the pros and cons of truck caps. 


The following are some of the pros of a truck cap

Keep the truck bed dry

Protecting the cargo against water damage is one of the reasons why many prefer to use the truck cap. Once installed successfully, the truck cap will shield the cargo against water when it rains or when you wash the truck. Except for maintenance issues or mishandling, it is unlikely that the truck cap will leak water to the bed. 


If you have valuables or you intend to transport valuables with your truck, one of the things you can do to secure the bed is by installing a truck cap. When properly locked, it is unlikely that it would be vandalized. 


Being a part of the exterior of the truck, the truck cap can enhance the overall look of the truck. When installed properly with the right color, stylish design, and maintained properly, the truck will look different. 


This might be hilarious but if the situation demands, you can sleep on the truck bed when you have installed the truck cap. You can open the window for ventilation and then enjoy your sleep. If you have cargo in the truck bed, you need to pack them aside before you sleep. 

Fuel economy 

The fuel consumption of the truck will likely reduce when you install a truck cap. This is because the cap will improve the aerodynamics of the truck. 


The following are some of the cons of a truck cap

Limited space

Unlike the tonneau cover that could be opened partially or totally to create more space when there is a need for it, the truck cap has limited space once it is installed.

Going beyond the space might mean you will have to open the door or the window. You are even subjecting the door and window to risk when you do this. Moreover, many enthusiasts believe that truck caps take more space in the truck. 


The installation of the truck cap could be exhausting. This is because of the processes involved. You need to have some tools, lift the cap on the truck, tighten it, and even test it. The truth is that you might not be able to install the cap yourself. This is also applicable when you want to remove it.


Whenever you want to buy a truck cap, you should not sacrifice quality for the price. Buying quality products will give you peace of mind later. 

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