Leer VS Century Truck Cap (An In-Depth Comparison)

Did you know that both Leer and Century truck caps are made by the same manufacturer? Despite that, many people are still faced with the dilemma of settling for one between the two.

This is due to the many similarities between the two truck caps. You are at the right place if you are one of such people. In this article, the similarities and the differences between the two popular truck caps will be examined and we will also suggest which one is better than the other. Keep reading for more information.

Leer VS Century – Which Should You Go For?

Though from the same producer, Leer and Century still have some differences and similarities between them. Knowing these differences can help you decide which one you will buy. The following are some of the areas where the two truck caps are similar.


Of course, it is expected that both truck caps will have the same warranty since they are from the same manufacturer. Buyers of both Leer and Century are offered a lifetime limited warranty of the truck caps. This includes the color and the structure of the cap.


The material of the truck cap is an utmost priority for many people when they are thinking about the type of truck cap they would like to buy.

Well, you shouldn’t expect much difference between the material of Leer and Century because they are made by the same manufacturer. The truth is that both covers have the same fiberglass material.

Though durable, fiberglass is not the choice of some people. So, if you do not like fibreglass material, then you don’t have any issue considering which truck cap you will buy between Leer and Century.


If you think about quality truck caps, the Leer and Century truck caps fall under your description, they are judged as two of the most durable truck caps you can get. No wonder the company offers a limited lifetime warranty on the two products.


Except you see the name, you might not be able to differentiate between the Leer and Century truck caps. This is because both trucks have trimless designs and inside releases.  

Differences between Leer and Century truck caps

While it is true that both trucks are produced by the same manufacturer, there is also a difference between the two. This difference is the reason why some people choose one of the truck caps over another. Below is one of the differences between the two covers.


The similarities in features do make many people think that the Leer and Century truck caps would fall under the same price range. This is also coupled with the fact that both caps are produced by the same manufacturer. By the cost of purchasing the two in the market, the Century truck cap is relatively cheaper. This is the major difference between the two caps.

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Which is better between the Leer and Century truck cap

Choosing the better truck cap between the Leer and Century truck caps is a tough decision. They both have the same features that make it nearly impossible to differentiate between the two. Not only that, both truck caps are produced by the same manufacturer. It is good to also note that both caps are considered durable.

Though the Century truck cap is cheaper than the Leer truck cap, price should not be the only yardstick to determine which of the products is better. Nevertheless, from reviews, comments, and public acceptance, the Leer truck cap could be considered the best of the two.

Functions of a truck cap

Installing the truck cap on the truck has a lot of functions. These functions are the reason why many people prefer the truck caps to the tonneau cover. Below are some of the functions of the truck caps.

Fuel economy

The fuel economy of a vehicle depends on a lot of factors. For instance, the state of the wheel is important. When you install the right truck cap, it will aid the engine’s performance, thereby, reducing the rate of fuel consumption.


Depending on the type of valuables you have in the truck bed, you need to secure it against vandals and theft. One of the ways you can secure the cargo is by installing a truck cap cover. Most truck caps come with a locking system that will make it difficult for thieves to access the truck bed.

Keep the truck bed dry

Apart from securing the truck bed, the truck cap is also designed to keep the bed dry always. Except if there is an issue with the truck cap, it is unlikely that you see traces of water in the truck bed when it rains or when you wash the truck.

Enhanced look

The reason why many people prefer to use the truck cover is the way it looks on the truck. If installed properly with a stylish painting that matches the paint of the truck and proper maintenance, the truck cap will give the truck a new look. To some enthusiasts, the truck looks like a stylish SUV when a truck cap is installed.

Occasional usage

There are times that occasion demands that you use the truck cap for another usage apart from securing the truck bed or keeping it dry. For instance, you can also sleep under the truck cap if there is no alternative. Just prepare where you want to sleep, open the window, and have a nice rest.

Likely drawbacks of the truck caps

There are still divergent opinions about the usage of truck caps. While many prefer its usage due to some of the benefits highlighted earlier, there are still several others that do not like truck caps due to their perceived limitations. The following are some of the likely drawbacks of the truck cap.

Installation process

Installing the truck cap could be a bit stressful, depending on how skilled you are. Unlike the tonneau cover that could be installed alone, provided you follow the instructions in the manual.

You cannot install the truck cap alone. For instance, how can you deadlift the cap without any assistance? This is the reason why many people do not like the truck cap. Removing the truck cap is also a difficult process just as it is difficult to install it.

Lager space

Though it might create more space in the truck bed, the truth is that the truck cap takes more space on the truck. Despite that, the available space in the truck is also limited unlike when you can open the tonneau cover partially or fully to create more space for the cargo.

How do I care for the truck cap?

Most truck caps come with a limited lifetime warranty. That, however, doesn’t mean that the truck is safe for life. The truth is they can get damaged quicker than you thought if you do not care for them. Below are some of the tips on how you can care for them.

Regular washing

One of the functions of the truck cap is that it improves the look of the truck. To maintain that look, you need to wash the truck cap regularly. Doing this will protect the paint of the cap and also makes it fit for the next outing. You should occasionally apply a UV protector on the truck cap.

Be mindful of where you will park

The locations where you park the truck often could determine the durability of the truck cap. Parking the truck under the direct sunlight for a longer duration could ruin the paint of the cap. It is recommended that you park the truck in shady areas.

If possible, you should construct a garage for your truck. Also, make sure you do not park under the tree to avoid bird droppings and sap.

Avoid scraper

Depending on your environment, it is likely that snow will settle on the truck cap during winter. In such a situation, you need to be mindful of what you use to pack the snow. You should not use a scraper to pack the snow. It is recommended that you make use of a soft brush to get rid of snow from the cap.

Do not clean with a dry cloth

Whenever you want to clean the truck cap, you should avoid the use of a dry towel. When dry, the cloth could scratch the paint of the cap. It is recommended that you clean the truck with only a wet clean cloth.

Apply lubricants

The truck cap is exposed to sun, rain, and other harsh weather. Due to this, parts of the truck caps could become stiff after a while. You can prevent this with the use of lubricants. Some of the parts that are prone to stiffness are the locks and the moving parts.


Leer and Century have different models of truck caps available in the market. Most of these models have similar features because they are produced by the same manufacturers. The information in this article should guide you when you want to choose one.

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