Leer Vs Are Tw (An In-Depth Comparison)

Truck caps have great comparative benefits. It has become the preference of many truck owners. Buying a new one is a difficult task for many people. This is because many of the truck caps have similar features.

That is why many people would like to have detailed information about the truck cap they want to buy before going to the market.

Leer and Are TW are one of the most popular brands in the market now. You are at the right place if you need more information about these two truck caps. Keep reading. 

Leer Vs Are Tw

Apart from being produced by different manufacturers, most truck caps perform the same functions when installed properly. However, some features make one truck cap better than another one.

Some of the truck caps have similar features while some differentiate them. This article will highlight the differences and similarities between the Leer and Are TW truck caps. 

Similarities between Leer and Are TW

It is important to note that Leer has different models of truck caps while the TW is one of the models of truck caps produced by Are. Despite this, the Are TW has some features that are similar to what you will see on any of the Leer models. The following are some of the similarities between Leer and Are TW truck caps. 


If you have narrowed down your search to Leer and Are TW because of durability, you might want to consider another feature. This is because both truck caps are durable. For instance, both of them are made from fiberglass, which is a durable material. 

Moreover, Leer and Are TW have advanced hardware that prolongs the lifespan of the cap. If you want a truck cap that will last for many years without any issue, both of them are recommended.  


Though they might be performing different functions, the fact that there are many manufacturers naturally should make all the truck caps have a different design, depending on each manufacturer. 

However, if you want to choose between Leer and Are TW, you are likely choosing from trucks made by different manufacturers but with similar designs. For instance, both track caps have trimless design, tint dark glasses, and inside release. 


The installation process of each truck cap differs, depending on the brand. While some require the use of a C-clamp for installation, others require the use of a J-clamp. The similarity between Leer and Are TW truck caps is that both require the use of the J-clamp for installation. 

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Differences between Leer and Are TW truck caps

Being truck caps from different manufacturers, some features will make each one unique. The difference in these features could be what will help you to make your choice. The following are some of the differences between Leer and Are TW truck caps. 


Just like other brands of truck caps, both Leer and Are TW have a limited warranty that covers the truck for a lifetime. The good news, however, is that the warranty of Leer truck caps includes color and structure. This implies that Leer truck caps have a better warranty package. 


With a similar timeless design, you might be expecting that both truck caps will have similar doors or windows. For the Are TW, it comes with a Single T lock door while the Leer truck cap is designed with a recessed framed door with a double T lock. 

As for the window, the Are TW has a window on the front and the side. The front is a picture window while the side is a half slider window. On the other hand, the Leer truck cap is designed with a recessed 50/50 window. 

Light fittings

For easier use when it is dark, some truck caps are equipped with lights. If you need such light on your truck cap, then the Are TW is not an option. Meanwhile, the Leer truck cap has a light for interior usage and another that could serve as a third brake light. 

Which is better between the Leer and Are TW truck cap? 

Are you still confused about the one you will choose? Well, it could be a tough call, especially when you remember the cost of buying any of the two and the likely consequences of buying the wrong one.

Nevertheless, you still have to choose one. If you consider the features that differentiate the two such as the warranty, lightning, and others, you will know that the Leer truck cap is comparatively better than Are TW. This, however, does not mean that Are TW is not a quality product. You still need to care for anyone that you opt for. 

How to put on the truck cap

The DIY movement has been teaching a lot of people how to simply carry out some tasks by themselves. The truth is you can install the truck cap yourself but you might need the assistance of someone. Are you ready? Highlighted below are some steps that you can follow. 

Get your tools ready 

You will not want to start the installation process and discover that you don’t have one of the important tools. The first thing you should arrange is the tools you will need for the project. Some of the necessary tools are C-clamps or J-clamps, depending on the brand of the cover, safety gloves, air drill, and others. 

Other prep work 

Getting the tools ready is not the only thing that you will do. You need to carry out other preparations. For instance, you need a flat surface for you to successfully install the cap. If there is no flat surface in your home, you need to drive to a location where the surface is flat. 

Apply wheel chocks 

Are you in a location with a flat surface now? You need to park properly. The next thing you will do before you start installing is to apply wheel chocks. Since you will be installing the cap on the rear wheel, you should apply wheel chocks on the front wheel. 

Place the cover

This is where you need help. Unless you have a cherry picker that you can use to lift the cap from the ground, you will need the assistance of someone to do it. Deadlifting the cap alone is very risky. You could injure yourself or damage the cap. To make it easier, it is recommended that you open the tailgate when you want to place the cap on the truck. Whenever you want to do this, you can ask any of your close associates for assistance. 

Place the clamps in the corner

Remember the clamps that were mentioned as part of the tools? It is now time for you to use any of them. For instance, if the cap requires the use of C-clamps, you should put one at the corner of the cap. You can then mark the area where you will secure the cap to the truck. 

Tighten the cover

Once you have marked the areas where you will secure the cap to the truck, you will need to drill holes to the surface of the cap which will serve as the point where the cap will be secured to the truck. You can then use a bolt to tighten the cap to the truck. However, make sure you tighten the bolts to the recommended level. 

Put it to a test

At this point that you have successfully installed the cap, you should not assume that you have finished the task. You need to test it for you to be sure that you have done a great job.

All you need to do is to close the window, shut the door, and then close the tailgate. Afterwards, you should get a hose and spray the cap with water.

You can then check the truck bed for any potential leakage. If the truck bed is dry, you have done an excellent job. If you notice any traces of water, you should tighten the bolts, and then put the cap to test again. 

Clean the place 

You should not leave the place unkempt once you have successfully installed the cap. You should stay by removing the wheel chocks and then pack all the tools you used for the job.

Make sure all the tools are complete before you put them in a safe location. In a situation where the place becomes dirty while you are installing the cap, make sure you tidy it up, if possible. 

Seek help

With the steps highlighted above, you can successfully install any truck cap. However, there are instances where you might not do the job accurately.

To avoid having issues, you should go to a professional for proper installation. Since you have installed the cap initially, you will likely get a reduced bill. 


Comparing and contrasting different truck caps before buying any gives you the information that you need to make a wise decision. All the information needed to guide you when you want to choose between Leer and TW has been provided in this article. 

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