Can You Drive With Truck Cap Open?

The truck cap has many advantages comparatively when you place it side by side with the tonneau cover. For instance, it improves the security of the cargo in the truck bed.

There are, however, some instances where you will put some items in the truck bed and it will be difficult to close the truck cap. In such a situation, some people are worried about whether they could go on with the trip while leaving the truck cap open.

When you want to carry big cargoes that make it difficult to close the truck cap, you are free to leave it open. Nevertheless, it is important that you know the traffic law of your state and also practices some precautions on the road.

What can you do when you leave the truck cap open? Keep reading for answers to this question and more information on the truck cap.

Precautions when you want to drive with the truck cap open

If the traffic law of your state permits it, you are free to drive with the truck cap open. However, for the safety of the cargo, the truck, and other commuters, there are some precautions you should follow. The following are some of the precautions.

Secure the cargo

More air will penetrate under the truck cap when you leave it open. This could affect the cargoes in the truck bed, depending on their weight.

If you have a cargo that could easily be tossed by air when the truck cap is open, you should find means to secure the cargo. Moreover, the big item that makes it difficult for you to close the truck cap should also be secured.

Secure the door

If you have opened the door or the window of the truck cap to allow the movement of a big item, it is recommended that you secure the window or door. This will ensure that the window is not easily tossed around and the paint gets scratched in the process.

Be vigilant

Leaving the truck cap open could invite thieves to the valuables in the truck bed. Not only that, some items could fall off the truck and you will not be aware. To prevent the loss of valuables, it is recommended that you stay vigilant throughout the journey. You can occasionally park the truck to inspect the items under the truck cap, if possible.

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Likely effects of driving with the truck cap open

You are free to drive with the truck cap open but there are some likely consequences, especially when you are not cautious. Below are some of the likely consequences of driving when the truck cap is open.


While the window or the door of the truck cap is tossed around due to the air, they will likely get ruined in the process. For instance, the paint on the door could scratch and you will need to touch it up when you get to your destination.

Risk to the cargo

Though the truck cap is meant to protect the cargoes, you are, however, subjecting them to a risk when you leave the truck cap open. For instance, thieves could have access to the truck bed, water could get leaked to the bed when it rains, and many more.


Since the door of the truck cap is open, then the air would be able to penetrate it. This implies that the truck cap could make noise when you are in motion. Depending on the type of material of the truck cap, the noise could be disturbing. The noise could make you have an uncomfortable driving experience.


The truth is that you could be spending money that you do not budget to fix the truck cap when you drive it open. For instance, if the door gets damaged in the process, you will have to repair it. Moreover, if the traffic law of your location does not permit it, you are likely to pay a fine.

Pros and cons of the truck cap

The truck cap is another way of securing the bed if you do not want to make use of the tonneau cover. It is the preference of many truck owners because of its comparative benefits. Nevertheless, the truck cap also has its drawbacks. Below are some of its pros and cons.


The following are some of the pros of the truck cap.

Enhanced look

You have likely seen many trucks with the truck cap. How do you feel when you see them? Does the truck look attractive? In most cases, if successfully installed, maintained, and styled properly, the truck cap could make your truck look like an SUV. Many people opt for the truck cap because of the way it looks on the truck.


There are instances where you could be stranded outside and you do not have any alternative but to sleep in your truck.

On such occasions, you can sleep under the truck cap comfortably, depending on the space and the size of the truck bed. In most situations, it could be better to sleep under the truck cap than to sit all night on the seat in the truck.

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Adequate security

Unlike the tonneau cover which could be vandalized easily, the truck cap is more secure, depending on the material and the design. You can even have a separate lock for the doors or windows of the cap. Vandals would be discouraged to attack the truck cap unlike how they would have easily attacked the tonneau cover.

Dry truck bed

There are many installation issues you could have with the tonneau cover which will in turn affect the performance of the cover. One of the issues that could arise after the installation and brief usage of the tonneau cover is water leakage. With the truck cap, you can be assured that the truck bed will always be dry.

More cargo space

Due to its height, which creates more space between it and the truck bed, you can carry more cargo in your truck than what you would have been able to carry when you installed a tonneau cover. Moreover, there are some types of cargo that you cannot carry when the tonneau cover is installed but you will easily carry them with the truck cap.


The following are some of the cons of the truck cap.

Difficulty to install

Unless you want to ruin the truck cap or injure yourself, you should never attempt to lift the truck cap alone. This means that it is unlikely for you to install the truck cap yourself unlike when you want to install the tonneau cover. In most cases, you will need at least the help of someone if you want to install it at home or if you hire a professional installer.

Restricted space

The truth is that the available space for the cargo is limited when you install the truck cap. You cannot go beyond the space under the truck cap. In a situation where you have cargo that will not fit under the truck cap, you will need to remove the truck cap or look for a truck with bigger space. Moreover, many enthusiasts believe that it takes more space in the truck.


The truck cap could look tacky on your truck if it is not installed properly or if you get a design that will not suit the needs of your truck. Moreover, the paint also matters. If you have installed the one with a different color from the paint of your truck, you will have to get it painted.


Depending on the height and the design of the truck cap, you could experience difficulty in cleaning the top of the truck unlike how it will be easy for you to clean the tonneau cover.

Maintenance tips for the truck cap

Most truck caps, irrespective of their design, are durable. Nevertheless, they need proper maintenance if you desire to use them for a longer duration. Below are some of the important tips on how you can care for the truck cap.

Wash regularly

You should always wash the truck cap any time you wash the truck. Washing it will make it look attractive for a longer period. After washing the truck, you can periodically use a good UV protector on it. Moreover, when you want to clean the cap, you should not make use of a dry cloth. During winter, you should not use a scraper to get rid of snow from the truck cap.

Be mindful of where you park the truck

Parking the truck under direct sunlight for a longer duration could ruin the paint of the truck cap. However, in a bid to avoid this, you should not park the truck under the tree. This is because sap and bird droppings can also ruin the paint.

Touch up

After some period of usage, some parts of the truck will likely get scratched. You should touch up such parts before it begins to corrode, depending on the material of the truck cap.

Apply lubricants

There are some moving parts of the truck cap. These parts include the window, locks, and others. You should always apply lubricants to such parts.


Since there are laws that guide traffic in each state, you should know about the traffic law before you leave the truck cap open. Nevertheless, you can drive with it, provided the law permits it.

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