Do Bakflip Covers Leak? (3 Leakproof Covers You Should Check Out)

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Tonneau covers are meant to be both weather-tight and waterproof. This is achieved by making sure that any avenue by which water and/or dust particles can gain access into the truck bed are essentially sealed. However, despite all these measures, there are instances when leaking cannot in actual fact be prevented.

So, do bakflip covers leak? Of course, they do but not all of them (Most notable among them that hardly leaks is the Bakflip Fibermax Cover).

Bakflip truck covers do leak, where defects prevail that compromise their effectiveness to keep both water and other contaminants such as dust from getting into the truck bed and its contents. Wanna learn more? Continue reading.

What Causes Backflip To Leak?

Truck bakflip covers leak usually due to a number of reasons such as defects or faults in their installations.

Ideally, they should be fitted onto the vehicles so perfectly that no gaps or spaces whatsoever are allowed between the covers and the tub of the truck, but when they are crudely or hurriedly mounted, spaces may be allowed through which water and contaminants can in fact get access through.

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There are also instances where the installation would have been executed correctly, but the screws or bolts have not been tightened enough to keep water out of the truck bed.

Sometimes, there may be a tear in the material of the truck cover itself. All these are reasons that can make the bakflip truck cover leak.

Are Bakflip Truck Covers Waterproof?

Under normal circumstances, bakflip truck covers should be both weather-resistant and waterproof to such an extent that water cannot gain entry into the truck bed cover easily, except maybe during the use of pressurized water while washing, otherwise, they should tightly seal water out of the truck bed and its contents.

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How Can I Prevent My Bakflip Cover From Leaking?

To keep your bakflip truck covers from leaking, you must first, make sure that they are perfectly installed without leaving any spaces whatsoever. This can only be done where the truck cover is mounted according to the manufacturers’ instructions.

When installing them, ensure that all screws and bolts are correctly and tightly secured in place,  either by using specialized tools or ordinary hands. Similarly, exposing them to harsh weather or the barrage of the sun can make them wear and tear easily.

Make sure that you always park your vehicle at such places where they will not be exposed to the onslaught of hot sun rays. In this way, you are essentially protecting them from getting torn, which inadvertently will guard against leaking.

You can further prevent leaking when you do not subject them to undue harm while driving, which implies that whenever you are driving, be sure to either close or open them completely.

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In this way, you are effectively reducing the chances of getting them damaged which will cause the leaking of water into the truck bed.

Where the truck cover leaks due to any damage or tear in its fabric, you should promptly get that repaired either through doing it at home or with the help of experts in the matter.

Finally, you should regularly inspect your truck bed cover so as to be able to detect any mis-alignment, loosened bolts or whatever is likely to compromise its integrity and functions.

What Do I Need To Fix My Leaking Bakflip Cover?

What tools you need to fix any leaking bakflip cover depends on the cause and that will enable you to solve it. All the same, you may need a pair of pliers, screwdrivers and bolt spanners to enable you to tighten up loosened screws.

In the case of leaking caused by a tear or hole in the truck cover, you will obviously need a hole repair kit, which of course comes with all that you may need to effect the repairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Them?

Of course, it does not cost much to fix a leaking bakflip cover. In the event that you plan to use a hole repair kit, you will have to buy the kit itself, which costs just a few dollars.

And for the tightening up of loose screws and bolts, you will have to incure the costs of these implements. In summary, fixing any leaking bakfkip cover may not cost you much more than anything from twenty dollars, though the costs of the repair kits depending on their types and qualities.

Which Bakflip Cover Is The Best?

There are different types of bakflip truck bed covers with different designs, shapes, qualities and durabilities. Chief among them is Bakflip Fibermax Cover manufactured by Bak Industries.

Fibermax is a sort of G2 truck cover with an FRP (Fiberglass Reinforcement Polymer) top layer, rather than aluminium,  just like all other good models. There is also the F1 Hard folding bakflip cover which has an FRP top layer and the Bak HD bakflip truck bed cover.

Another bakflip cover of some distinction is Bakflip MX4 Hard Folding that is compared by many to the F1 bakflip cover. The list of these bakflip truck bed covers is by no means exhaustive, but these are some of the most reputable ones on the market.

Which Is Better Between The Bakflip MX4  And F1?

Both the F1 and MX4 bakflip covers are among some of the best truck bed covers you can get anywhere, but the F1 has a slight edge over the MX4.

Unlike the MX4, the F1 bakflip cover is compatible with most other vehicles and is also stronger than the MX4 due to the  difference in the integrity of the materials used in their production.

The Fiberglass Reinforcement Polymer( FRP) and the aluminium panels of F1 confer on it exceptional strength and durability.

Is Bakfkip MX4 Secure?

Yes, the MX4 bakflip is as secure as any other tonneau cover for numerous reasons. To begin with, its materials are so strong that it can support a weight of about 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight without any fear.

The aluminium panels also make it both rustproof and very strong against any illegal invasion by potential thieves. Despite all these enviable features, you are still enjoined to be as careful as possible by parking at the right places and always keeping it securely locked too. All in all, MX4 bakflip covers are very secure indeed.

What Is The Difference Between G2 And MX4 Bakflip Covers?

Though the G2 and MX4 have a lot of things in common, they are still different in many aspects.The bakflip MX4 has a matte black finish which is compatible with most trucks’ OEM accessories, including bed and tailgate caps.

The bakflip G2 on the other hand, has a  glossy black finish. While the MX 4 can support a load of up to 400 pounds, the G2 can support only about 300 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

The MX4 is backed up with a three year warranty in cases of any production defects, but the G2 is covered by a 2 year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects.

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Also, the G2 has an action tailgate seal that allows you to both open and close your tailgate irrespective of the position of the tonneau cover.

Furthermore, the tailgate seal of the G2 overlaps the top of the truck’s tailgate, which means that you will need to close your tailgate with the cover open and then close the cover on top of it.

What Are The Common Problems Of Tonneau Covers?

Having studied tonneau covers thus far, we should equally regale ourselves with the problems that can result from using them either wrongly or maintaining them poorly.

This is particularly important if we take into account how expensive they really are, which makes it difficult to possess more than just one at a time.

1. Leaking Tonneau Covers

Because of the purpose for which they are intended, tonneau covers are expected to be both waterproof and weather resistant, in such a way that water cannot pass through and affect either the tonneau covers themselves or the cargo being carried. (Read Also: How To Fix Sagging Tonneau Covers With Steps In 2021)

Despite this obvious necessity, they still leak water into the truck bed in some instances. This can happen either because of poor installation, loosening screws or a tear in the truck cover.

The possibility of this happening informs the need to regularly check up on them in order to identify any fault that could make them leak water. In the event of any tear, we can always fix the problem using the readily available tonneau repair kit.

2. Noisy Tonnneau Covers

Noise is another problem tonneau covers develop regularly. They make noise while driving only when they have certain problems.

Tonneau covers commonly make noise when they are loose in situations where some screws or bolts have slackened, as it usually happens due to the bumps and stress they undergo especially while driving on bad roads.

Such loosened bolts should be re-tightened so that the problem will not be aggravated to something more serious. Again, you can see why it is important to inspect them every so often, as that will enable you to detect any such problems early before it becomes any worse.

Where you observe any loosened screws, promptly fix them either by hand or through the use of specialized tools.

3. Tonneau Covers Do Not Fit Correctly

Each tonneau cover is specifically produced to fit a particular truck bed size, this is much the reason why we were asked to always get the correct fit by taking correct measurements so that we can get the correct fit. (Read Also: How Tight Should A Tonneau Cover Be? Find Out Now)

Sometimes, the size of the tonneau cover may not really be the problem but wrong installation. Check to the see that first, the truck bed cover is of the right size and secondly, ensure that it is correctly mounted.

Where all these are not the fault, check the seals too. These three issues are the principal reasons why tonneau covers may not fit perfectly.

4. Faulty Or Missing Seal

If you notice that the seal is either damaged or missing, replacement must be effected immediately as soon as such is noticed. This is particularly important since a missing or damaged seal will obviously allow water or dust to gain access into the truck bed.

5. Cover Refuses To Open Or Is Stuck

If everything works perfectly, the tonneau cover should both open and close smoothly. However, when there is any problem, it could be due to dirt or rust in the operating mechanism, and in such a situation, you should apply lubrication to all moving parts promptly and also check for the possibility of any damage. (Read Also: How Do You Open A Tonneau Cover When Tailgate Won’t Open? )

6. Problems Associated With Taking Correct Measurements

To be able to purchase the correct truck bed cover, you must know its size with absolute certainty. Though the user manual can help you with this bit of information, you may alternatively take it yourself.

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To take correct measurements, place the end of your measuring tape at the bulkhead or space where the truck bed aligns with the back of the cab.

Then measure the closest point to the side of the bed and note down the figure, before you extend the measuring tape to the inside edge of the tailgate and take its measurements too. Divide the values of your measurements by twelve to arrive at your vehicle’s bed length.

 Do Bakflip Covers Leak – Conclusion

Tonneau covers, under ideal conditions, must not allow water or dust access into your truck bed. However, when they do, something is really the matter.

Start by checking to ascertain whether they were installed correctly. Secondly, if they were installed the way they should be, you may check to see whether any seal is broken and if none is damaged, look for loose screws or bolts in the installation set up.

All things being equal, you are most likely going to see what really is the matter after these efforts. Finally, you should be aware that buying the correct product for your truck both in its size as well as quality, will spare you most of these common complaints.

And where any occurs, the initial research you were advised to conduct, before purchase will come in handy. Please take all these with the seriousness it deserves, as without a doubt, you will find that invaluable in the end.

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