Will A 2014 F150 Tonneau Cover Fit A 2017 F150?

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To save some cost, some truck owners who have older models of a truck do install their parts on newer models of similar brands. There are instances where it would fit and on some occasions, it will not be a perfect fit.

To avoid having issues after the installation of the parts, truck owners ask questions or do extensive research. One of the popular questions concerning this is whether the 2014 F150 tonneau cover will fit on the 2017 F150.

Experimenting with the parts of F150 of different years is a common practice among truck owners, especially those that have different models. Concerning the question of whether the tonneau cover of the 2014 F150 will fit in 2017, the answer is relative no.

This is because the 2014 tonneau cover will not be a perfect fit for 2017. What is special about the 2017 model that the tonneau cover of the 2014 model will not fit? Check out this article for more information.

What are the reasons why the tonneau cover of the 2014 F150 will not fit on the 2017 F150?

The size, dimension, and width must be similar before a tonneau cover of a truck can be a perfect fit on another one. It has been stated earlier that the tonneau cover of the 2014 F150 will not be a perfect fit for the 2017 model. Here is a list of some of the reasons.


The size of the cover and the truck bed matters a lot when you want to interchange tonneau cover. A little difference in size means the cover will not be a perfect fit. The truth is that there is a half-inch difference in the size of the truck bed of both trucks. The truck bed of the 2014 F150 is shorter than that of 2017.

Ford design

Over the years, there is always a change in the model of F150 that Ford produced every year. The changes might be negligible in some models and be obvious in another model.

From 2015 upward, Ford made some generational changes in the production of the F150. Due to this, it is unlikely that the tonneau cover of the 2014 F150 will fit in 2017.

Reasons why you should not install the tonneau cover 2014 F150 on 2017

You have read earlier that the tonneau cover of the 2014 F150 will not be a perfect fit for 2017. You might want to go ahead to install it, believing that you could manage it for a while before you change it.

You will likely have a rethink once you read about some of the dangers that lie ahead when you do it. Here is a list of some of the reasons why you should not install the tonneau cover of the 2014 F150 in 2017.

Risk to the cargo

One of the prominent reasons for installing the tonneau cover is that it protects the cargo. When the cover is not a perfect fit, it means thieves could explore the loophole and steal the valuables in the truck bed.

Apart from thieves, you are also subjecting the cargo to the risk of water and air. If you have cargo that could be damaged by water, you need to have a rethink. It is unlikely that the truck bed will not be wet when you wash the cover or when it rains.


The tonneau cover, when installed properly, enhances the appearance of the truck. In a situation where it is not a perfect fit, the cover will look horrible on the cover. The truck will not be physically appealing again.

Frequent issues

Some of the issues experienced by truck owners with the tonneau cover are caused by the way the cover is installed on the truck bed.

If you go ahead to consciously install a cover that is not the perfect fit for the truck bed, you should expect to have frequent issues with the cover. This also implies that you will be spending money often to fix the issues and the cover could get worn quickly.

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Some complaints about the tonneau cover

It is unlikely that manufacturers will tell you some of the issues you will have when you buy their product. You will encounter some of these issues after you have installed the product. Asking for a recommendation is good but experience could differ.

What about change in the manufacturing process? From the experience of users of the tonneau cover, we have compiled some of the issues you could experience when you install the tonneau cover. Below are some of the likely problems with the tonneau cover.

Durability issue

Using a product beyond the warranty years depends on a lot of factors. Most tonneau covers come with a limited warranty but many users have asked questions about the durability of the cover beyond the warranty years.

Do you know the reason for this? Most tonneau covers begin to fail after the warranty years, irrespective of how you care for the cover.

The truth is that nobody is ready to take the blame for what is responsible for the quick-wear of the tonneau cover at the end of the warranty. Manufacturers believe that the problem is caused by ownership while many users believe it is a deliberate attempt by the manufacturer.

If you intend to use the tonneau cover beyond the warranty years, you should either anticipate frequent issues with the cover or care for it properly from the beginning. For instance, you should ensure proper installation of the cover and you should fix any issue with it once you notice it.

Installation problem

Attempting to install the tonneau cover yourself is good but hiring a professional installer could save you from a lot of hassles, especially when you are not skilled. Poor installation of the cover will not only ruin it quickly, but you will also experience different issues with the cover.

Installing the cover might seem simple but you should be prepared to use a few hours in the process. You can also ask your friend or family for help.

All you need to do is to follow the instructions in the manual. If you need practical guidance, you can watch Youtube tutorials. However, if you run into any problems while installing the cover, you should not hesitate to ask for help.

Water leakage

It could be saddening if you have cargo that could be damaged by water in the truck and you discover that the cover leaks water to the truck bed.

The truth is that most tonneau covers are only water-resistant and they are not waterproof. This implies that water could penetrate it under some conditions.

For instance, during a heavy downpour, you could notice water in the truck bed. Moreover, leaving a pool of water on the cover could also leak water. Apart from these, misalignment of the cover, age, holes, and poor installation could also lead to leakage.

Fixing water leakage requires that you first know the source of the problem. You could neglect the issue if it only occurs during heavy downpours or if you park in a garage when it rains.

If you have inspected the cover and you discover there are holes on it, you should get a weather seal and block such holes immediately. You can also seek help from professionals or contact the manufacturer.

Maintenance tips for the tonneau cover

The durability of the tonneau cover largely depends on the way you maintain it. That is why manufacturers will state that ownership is responsible for the durability issues experienced by users.

Maintaining the cover is not as important as when you do it the right way. Here are a few tips on how to properly maintain a tonneau cover.

Wash it regularly

You are doing a lot of good to the cover when you wash it often. For instance, it ensures that the cover maintains its look, gets rid of contaminants that could block the channel, and also makes the truck look attractive.

The ultimate goal is that the cover will last for a longer duration. However, you should be mindful of the type of cleaning material that you use. Any cleaning material that is not recommended by the manufacturer should be avoided.

Get rid of water

When it rains, the tonneau cover could retain water, depending on where you park the truck, the age of the cover, and the design. Leaving a pool of water on the cover could make the cover sag or lead to leakage.

Construct a garage

Long exposure to sunlight could ruin the paint, make the headlight foggy, and also discolor the cover. To avoid the issue, it is recommended that you construct a garage where you will be parking the truck, if possible. In a situation where that is not possible, you should park in shady locations.

Prompt resolution of issues

You can experience some of the issues that have been highlighted in this article. To prevent the issue from degenerating, you should fix it immediately.


There is always a difference in the different models of the F150, no matter how little. These differences will affect the compatibility of the different parts. 

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