Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover Leaking – 3 Causes & Fixes

Having peace of mind with the vehicle requires that you do the right things such as proper maintenance of the vehicle, using quality parts, and many others. To get a quality part for the vehicle, many enthusiasts believe that the OEM parts are of higher quality than the aftermarket.

Despite being factory fitted, you can still have issues with some of the OEM parts such as the tonneau cover. Do you own a Toyota Tacoma? If yes, you are about to learn about some of the causes of its leakage and how it could be resolved. Read on for more information.

Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover Leaking (Causes & Solution­)

As an old user of the Toyota cover, you might have noticed a negligible amount of water in the truck bed. You just dry the water and proceed on your trip.

If you do not resolve the negligible leakage, it could turn into a bigger issue in the future. As a new owner or prospective owner, you should also learn about the causes of the problem and how it could be resolved. The following are some of the causes.


There are many producers of the tonneau cover. In a bid to be unique and attract more clients to their product, most producers will come up with different designs. Some are designed in a way that drains water from the side panels while some work at the tailgate.

With the design of the Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover, you will likely experience leakage, especially after a heavy downpour.

Also, the seals are prone to quick wear when exposed to hot weather. Many users stated that the seal of their Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover got missing within the shortest duration. Below are the steps you can follow to resolve the issue when it happens.

Be sensitive

Now that you know that the Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover could leak water into the truck bed due to its design, you should be sensitive to avoid water damage to some of the valuables under the cover. If possible, you should not park the truck in open spaces.

Also, after the downpour, you should inspect the truck bed. Irrespective of the amount of water in the truck bed, you should dry it immediately.

Get a new seal kit

If the leakage is caused by a missing or worn seal, you can get a new seal kit from the manufacturer, depending on the validity of the warranty or you can buy a new one in a local store close to you. You then apply the seal on the affected part.

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Automatic washer

There are different cleaning methods you can follow to wash the Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover, provided it is recommended by the manufacturer. One of such cleaning methods is the use of a pressure washer.

When you use an automatic washer to clean the Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover, there is a high chance that it would leak water into the truck bed around the perimeter. This is due to the positioning of the panels and the alignment of the cover. If you notice this issue, you can adopt the steps below for prompt resolution.

Block the openings

Now that you have known the source of the leakage to be perimeter, you can resolve the crisis by blocking the openings on the perimeter. You can do this by applying a weather seal on the perimeter of the cover.

Proper positioning

How you handle the cover is very important. The side panels could become misaligned after a few months of using the cover. Whenever you wash the cover and you notice leakage from the side panels, you should gently shift the panels back to position. You can then retighten the screws.

Seek help

There are instances where you will not be able to troubleshoot the issue. In such an instance, you need the service of experts. Do not hesitate to visit anyone in your vicinity.


The proper installation of the Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover involves a lot of conditions. For instance, the right torque level of the screws, proper alignment of the cover on the truck bed, and others.

Doing that successfully requires some level of skill. In a situation where you are not skilled and you want to install the cover, you could make a mistake in the process. However, the manufacturer will provide explicit instructions on the steps you can follow to install the cover in the manual.

Alternatively, if the instructions are not explicit enough, you can go online to watch tutorials. A poor installation of the cover will cause many problems, including leakages. To resolve the issue, the following are some of the things you should do.

Reinstall the cover

Many signs will suggest that the cover has not been properly installed. If you believe that you can still do a better job by the second attempt, you can go ahead. If you need help or clarification in the process, you can contact the manufacturer.

Use a professional

It could take some hours before the complete installation of the Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover, depending on how skilled you are. Instead of staying there for many hours and risking the cover, you can hire a professional installer to do the job for a few bucks.

Other likely issues you can have with the Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover

Despite its numerous benefits, which make the tonneau cover the preference of many truck owners, you can still experience issues with the Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover. One of the issues is the leakage that has been highlighted earlier in this article. Below are other likely issues and what you can do to resolve them.

Faded color

The beauty that the tonneau cover adds to the truck bed attracts many people to the truck. With proper installation and maintenance, the cover would look nice on the truck. However, there are instances where the once beautiful cover would become ugly on the truck.

The ugliness of the cover is caused by the discoloration of the cover. At this stage, the cover will wear a new look and color. Discoloration arises from long exposure of the cover to UV and the type of cleaning material you use.

Resolving the discoloration of the cover is nearly impossible. Experts advise that you avoid the issue rather than think about resolving it.

To avoid the problem means that you should shield the Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover from direct sunlight and use only recommended cleaners.

The best way to protect the cover from sunlight is by constructing a garage where you can always park the truck. This act is also a good way to protect the paint of the truck.


This is one of the popular complaints of many truck owners. One of the priorities of many, when they are researching for a new cover, is to buy the one that doesn’t make noise. Despite that, the truth remains that the Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover could make noise.

In most cases, noise issues with the Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover are caused when there is a way for air to penetrate under the cover.

By the time you move at a higher speed or you run over a speed bump, you will hear a loud noise. The problem could also be caused by the way you install the cover. Many drivers have stated that the noise from the tonneau cover is always disturbing.

To resolve the issue, especially when it is disturbing, you should start by reducing the speed of the truck. Doing this in the short term will ensure that you have a smooth journey to your destination without the noise disturbing you.

Once you get to your destination, you should inspect the cover for any opening either by the perimeter or the cover itself. You can then get a weather seal to block such opening, provided there is any of such. You can also go to an expert for a quick resolution.

Issues with the seal

One of the important things that you should pay attention to when installing the cover is the seal. The seal on some parts of the cover ensures that it is properly aligned to the truck and also keeps it in place.

However, the seal could get worn or missing after a few months of installing the cover due to maintenance or weather. When the seal is missing, the cover would likely leak water into the truck bed or make noise when you are in motion.

Resolving the seal issue is very important. You can contact the manufacturer for a new seal kit or buy it from any store in your vicinity. Doing this yourself might not be enough to resolve the issue, it is recommended that you go to experts for a better resolution.


From reviews of the different brands of cover, the Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover is still one of the best you can get in the market. Any issue with it should be resolved professionally. 

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