Rev Tonneau Cover Leaking – 4 Causes & Possible Fixes

How Do You Fix A Ripped Tonneau Cov...
How Do You Fix A Ripped Tonneau Cover?

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Choosing the particular brand of tonneau cover that you want to buy could be exhaustive. You have to research the cover and know some of the likely issues you will experience with the cover.

One of the many brands of tonneau covers available in the market is the Rev tonneau cover. Though durable, there is a chance that you will experience leakage when you install the cover. Keep reading for more information.

Rev Tonneau Cover Leaking (causes and solutions)

Water leakage of the tonneau cover is not uncommon for many tonneau covers. This is because most tonneau covers are water-resistant.

However, you can potentially prevent the issue from happening when you know some of the causes of the issue. Not only that, but you will also read about some methods of fixing the issue in this article. Below are some of the causes of Rev tonneau cover leakage.

1. Poor installation

The truth is that you can successfully install the tonneau cover. This, however, depends on how skilled you are, the available time, and probably your experience in doing such a task. The poor installation of the Rev tonneau cover is responsible for a lot of problems you will experience while using the cover. Among many others is water leakage.

Poor installation could make it impossible for the draining channel to work properly. This could be the wrong positioning of some parts of the cover, worn seal, loose ends or screw, or an opening by the side of the cover.

The leakage could start when you notice a few droppings at the tailgate of the Rev tonneau cover when it rains or after a car wash. After a while, it will become a bigger issue and the truck bed will not be safe for cargo again.

Well, you should not panic when you notice water in the truck bed. The problem can be resolved with ease. You can undergo the restoration process yourself or you hire an expert. Below are some of the steps you can follow.

Weather seal

After some months of installation, it is likely that the seal gets worn or becomes less effective. This will cause an opening on the cover. You can correct the installation error by getting a weather seal to block such an opening. Also, in a situation where you notice holes on the cover, you can block such holes with a weather seal.

Reinstall the cover

Leaving a Rev tonneau cover that is not properly installed in position and seeking a solution to the problem could be a total waste of time.

You need to correct the initial error made during the first installation to resolve the issue. Tutorials are abundant online that could guide you through the process. You can also seek the help of a professional installer.

2. Pressurized washing

With proper installation of the Rev tonneau cover, you could still experience water leakage. You are wondering how possible is that? There might be traces of water in the truck bed after washing the truck. The chances that this will happen are very high when you use a pressure washer.

Remember that the Rev tonneau cover is not waterproof. This implies that the cover might not be able to withstand the pressure coming from the machine. From available reviews online, it is likely that you notice the leakage at the tailgate or by the sides of the truck bed. Highlighted below are some of the ways you can fix the issue.

Dry the truck bed

One of the things you should do after washing the truck is to inspect the truck bed. If there are traces of water there, you should get a dry towel, then clean the cargo and put them in a safe location. You can then thoroughly dry the truck bed before you return the cargo.

More distance

If possible, you should move back a bit from the cover when you are washing it with a pressure washer. Doing this will reduce the pressure of the water that touches the cover. You can also opt for other cleaning methods if the problem persists.

Seek help

Resolving the issue at times could require the service of an expert. If you have tried the step highlighted above and you are unable to resolve it, it is recommended that you go to any Rev dealer outlet in your vicinity.

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3. Heavy downpour

One of the functions of the tonneau cover is to secure the cargo and the truck bed when it rains. Depending on how you care for the cover, the job done during installation, and a few other conditions, there could be traces of water in the truck bed after a heavy downpour.

Though the draining system of the Rev tonneau cover is expected to drain the water once it rains but the system could be overwhelmed if there is a heavy downpour. This also depends on how you care for the cover and the level of alignment.

If you do not care for the cover, the draining system could be blocked. In a situation like this, the cover will likely leak water when it rains. To resolve the issue, below are some of the things you can do.

Inspect the truck bed

If you have items that could be damaged by water under the cover, it is recommended that you inspect the truck bed after the rain. If there is any trace of water under the cover, you should dry it immediately and clean your valuables.

Block openings

In a situation where there is an opening on the cover such as holes on the cover or an opening by the sides, you can get a weather seal to block such openings.

Go to a professional

Though the steps highlighted above could resolve the issue of experiencing water leakage when it rains, you can seek the service of a professional if the problem persists. The issue will be resolved with a few bucks.

4. Age

The Rev tonneau cover has a reputation for being one of the most durable in the market. The truth, however, is that the cover could become less effective after some years of usage due to wear. When the cover is worn, there is a high chance that it will leak water.

Just like other covers, the Rev tonneau cover is expected to get worn at some point. The time it will take to happen depends on the owner of the cover. If you notice that the cover leaks water and there are obvious signs that the cover is aged, below is what you can do.

Replace the cover

Trying to rectify a worn cover is not the best decision. Instead of wasting time on resolving the issue and subjecting your valuables to risk in the process, it is recommended that you get a new cover. In a situation where the warranty is still valid, you can get the aged one replaced at a discounted price.

Other likely issues with the Rev tonneau cover

There are other problems, apart from water leakage that you could experience when you install the Rev tonneau cover. One of the main causes of these issues is the way you install the cover. Highlighted below are some of the issues and how they could be resolved.


Maintaining the color of the cover for a longer duration is possible but it could be a hassle, depending on how prepared you are to care for the cover. The problem many truck owners have with the discoloration of the cover is that it becomes less attractive.

Two main factors cause the discoloration of the Rev tonneau cover. Firstly, the problem could be caused by the type of cleaning material that you use for the cover. For instance, when you use other types of soap apart from the auto-rated soap, there is a high chance that the cover will soon get discolored.

Also, exposure to UV for a longer duration is not only risky to the paint of the truck, but it could also discolor the cover. The best solution, however, to the discoloration problem of the Rev tonneau cover is to prevent it from happening.

To achieve this, you need to avoid the use of soaps that are not recommended by the manufacturer. Moreover, ensure that you do not park the truck under direct sunlight for a longer duration.


The next thing after the proper installation of the Rev tonneau cover is to begin to enjoy the cover and care for it. Some users have, however, stated that the cover could start making noise after a brief period of installation.

This type of issue arises from poor installation, misalignment, failure to shut the tailgate, and the presence of channels that serves as an entry point for air to penetrate under the cover. At times, you will only notice the problem when you are moving at a higher speed.

Resolving the issue, you could start by doing the appropriate installation. Also, if there are entry points for air to penetrate the cover from the sides and on the cover, you should block such channels with a weather seal.


Leaving issues with the Rev tonneau cover unresolved will quickly ruin it. Do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer if you are unable to resolve the issues yourself. 

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