Tonneau Cover Leaking At Bulkhead – 4 Causes & Fixes

Water leakage of the tonneau cover is always worrisome to many truck owners. Some of the commonest places where the leakage could occur are by the tailgate and the sides of the cover.

, however, doesn’t mean that the problem could not occur in other parts of the cover. Did you know that it could also be at the bulkhead? If not, you are about to learn what could cause the tonneau cover to leak at the tailgate and the possible solutions. More information is in this article.

Tonneau Cover Leaking At Bulkhead (Causes & Possible Solutions)

Apart from the tailgate, the bulkhead of the tonneau cover could also leak water to the truck bed. Due to its position, you might not be able to detect the problem earlier. The following are some of the reasons that could make the tonneau cover leak at the bulkhead and how you will resolve the issue.

Installation issue

You need some level of expertise for you to successfully install the tonneau cover. If you are skilled and have the proper understanding of the instructions in the manual, you can install the cover yourself.

Any mistake in the installation process of the cover could make it leak water. For instance, if the bulkhead is not positioned rightly, it will affect the draining system of the cover. Once there is a problem in the way the system drains the water, it will likely leak water into the truck bed. Below are some of the things you can do to resolve the issue.

Reinstall the cover

If you believe that you can still install the cover properly, you can go ahead to do so. You can seek more knowledge by consulting any of your close associates or you watch online videos. However, you should remember that you are stretching the material of the cover if you are engaged in the constant installation of the cover. This could lead to quick wear of the cover.

Contact the manufacturer

Rev is always willing to stand by its product and ensures that the customers are satisfied. Whenever you have issues with the installation, you can go ahead to inform the manufacturer. You will be guided on what next you can do to get the problem resolved. Doing this at times could take a few days before the issue gets resolved.

Go to a professional

For the prompt and permanent resolution of the issue, you can hire a professional installer. Not only will the cover be installed professionally, but it will also be quicker than the duration it would take you to fix the cover. Moreover, other likely issues could be detected and resolved in the process.


Successful installation of the cover and proper care for it subsequently are a good way to prevent premature age of the cover. The truth, however, is that the cover gets aged when you expose it to different conditions. After some years of usage and the cover is now aged, it will likely begin to leak water at the bulkhead.

 There are other likely issues that you will experience with the cover when it is aged. This is because the different components of the cover such as side panels, handle, vinyl material, and others cannot resist and drain water like they used to be again. To fix the issue, you can try any of the solutions highlighted below.

Contact the manufacturer

At times, the Rev tonneau cover could get aged quicker than you thought. If it has a warranty that is still valid, you can call the manufacturer. An assessment of the cover could get you a new one at a reduced price, provided you still want to continue with the Rev tonneau cover.

Replace the worn cover

Unless you want to continually endure water leakage and other likely issues with the Rev tonneau cover, it is recommended that you replace the aged cover. Doing this will be cheaper and safer. Not only that, a Rev tonneau cover that is aged will look ugly on your truck.

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Proper installation and maintenance of the Rev tonneau cover at times might not be enough to prevent it from leaking at the tailgate. This is because the weather could also affect some parts of the cover.

For instance, hot weather could affect the seal of the cover. This implies that there will be openings at the blockhead for water to penetrate the cover. The problem could become complicated if the weather had affected the seals in different parts. Below are some quick methods of resolving the issue.

Call the manufacturer

Though the obvious thing you need to do to resolve the issue is to get a new seal and block the openings. You could get free seal kits from the manufacturer when you contact them, provided the warranty of the cover is still valid.

Get a seal

The seal is also available in many local stores. You can get one in your area and carefully apply it to the affected part. If you are not sure of what could be the outcome, you can hire the service of a professional.

Pressure washing

Regular washing of the cover is needed to put it in good condition and to ensure that it lasts longer. You could, however, be experiencing water leakage at the bullhead when you wash the cover, especially when you use a pressure washer.

This problem will likely arise as a result of the proximity of the washer to the cover or other possible openings on it. In a situation where any of the seals at the bulkhead is damaged and you use a pressure washer for the cover, water leakage is inevitable. Highlighted below are some of the things you can do to resolve the problem.

Block all openings

If you must continually make use of the pressure washer, then you should block all openings where water penetrates from. A weather seal is enough for you to do this. Also, you should inspect the draining system of the cover for potential blockage, if there is any, you should get rid of such blockage.

Expert resolution

You might be doing a great job but it is unlikely that you do a better job than a professional. If you have not been able to resolve the issue yourself with the step highlighted above, you should hire a professional, who can handle the job better.

Likely factors that could ruin the Rev tonneau cover

The Rev tonneau cover should last for a few years before you think about replacing it. The truth, however, is that it could get ruined quicker, especially when exposed to some conditions. The following are some of the factors that could easily ruin the Rev tonneau cover.


The Rev tonneau cover comes with detailed information and instruction on how it could be successfully installed. A poor installation of the cover could easily ruin it if you do not seek resolution quickly.

For instance, the wrong installation could lead to water leakage, noise, and misalignment of the cover. If you use the cover continuously in this manner, it is expected to get worn quickly.

Lack of maintenance

No product is eternally durable except if you care for it. Successful installation of the Rev tonneau cover is not enough for you to get the best out of it for many years, except you care for the cover also. Simple washing of the cover ensures that it looks neat, keeps the draining system intact, and many more.


The way you drive the truck and handle the cover could also ruin it quickly. If you do not shut the cover rightly and you begin to drive, you are potentially harming the cover.

Not only will that ruin the cover, but shutting it wrongly and other handling issues could also reduce the lifespan. If you are fond of reckless driving, the tonneau cover will likely get ruined quickly.


You are free to drive the truck any time of the day but exposing the Rev tonneau cover to direct sunlight for many hours could ruin it quickly. For instance, parking in open spaces will expose the cover to UV. Doing this over time will lead to the discoloration of the cover. The use of the wrong cleaning material could also lead to discoloration.

Failure to resolve the issue

The causes of water leakage and the solutions have been highlighted earlier in this article. There are several other issues you could experience with the Rev tonneau cover. You need to resolve any of the problems quickly if you want to use the cover for a longer period.


All the parts of the truck, including the tonneau cover, could get ruined if the truck is involved in an accident. Though it is undesirable, it is the reality. To avoid being in this compromising situation, it is recommended that you observe every safety regulation on the road.


Water leakage at the bulkhead is one of the many issues you can experience with the Rev tonneau cover. It is recommended that you trust the service of a professional in your vicinity.

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