Lomax Stance VS Bakflip MX4 (An In-Depth Comparison)

Many people are sometimes confused about the brand of tonneau cover they should opt for, especially those that are buying for the first time or those that want an upgrade.

You will likely be confronted with different options of tonneau cover but with similar features. Hence, you will have to make a comparison about which one is better before you opt for any. In this article, we will compare two tonneau covers from two of the most popular brands. Check out this article for more information.

Lomax Stance VS Bakflip MX4

Are you having difficulty choosing between Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4? You are at the right place. Both are durable covers and they have some excellent features that might not be matched by other brands.

Some of these features are similar but they also have their differences. Below are some of the similarities, differences, and suggestions on which one is better.

Similarities between Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4

The reason why many people place the Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4 side by side is because of their similar features. Some enthusiasts even believe that both covers are the same but from different manufacturers. Some of these similarities are highlighted below.

Weight capacity

One of the important things that truck owners consider before buying a tonneau cover is the weight capacity of the cover. You will not want to buy a cover that will not meet your intended need. Nevertheless, when you buy either the Lomax Stance or Bakflip MX4, you are buying a tonneau cover that supports about 400 pounds of weight. However, this must be evenly distributed.


The material of the cover is an important consideration when buying a tonneau cover. The material will be exposed to different conditions often. This is why many truck owners opt for material that will likely last longer than others.

Both Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4 are made from aluminum material. This implies that both covers are durable, provided you can care for them. Moreover, the material of the cover, being aluminum, secures the truck bed better. Also, aluminum is believed to be anti-corrosive. You can use the cover for many years without thinking about rust.

Folding cover

The manner of opening and closing both Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4 cover is similar. Opening them is quite easier when you compare them to other covers. All you need to do is gently move the string latch. Once it opens, you can then fold the cover towards the direction of the cab.

Matte finish

The finish of both Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4 makes them look similar to many OEM covers and caps. They both come in a matte-black finish, which makes the covers look attractive on your truck after proper installation.  

Differences between the Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4

Despite the similarities and great features, the Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4 have different features also. Since they are made by different manufacturers, you should expect that the product will have some differences. Highlighted below are some of the differences between the Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4.


It will be better if we start our discussion around one of the most important factors that will determine the one you will likely opt for.

Haven examined similar features, you need to know the price it will cost you before you go to the market. Being a more popular brand, the Bakflip MX4 is relatively costlier than the Lomax Stance.


This is another point of convergence between the two covers. Though both offer different limited warranties for their product, Bakflip MX4 has a better package. Lomax Stance cover comes with a three years warranty while the Bakflip MX4 comes with 5 years limited warranty. This could be the reason why Bakflip is still a popular brand.

Bed access

Just like other types of covers, you can access the truck bed partially or fully. There is, however, a difference in the way you will do this in both the Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4. For partial bed access of the Bakflip MX4, you can either fold the cover to the last panel or fold it against the cab.

Once you have folded it, you will then lock it in place. On the other hand, partial access to the bed when you install the Lomax Stance requires you to fold up to the last panel for you to have up to 70% access to the bed.

Full bed access if you are using the Bakflip MX4 is very easy. You will start by loosening the two-star bolts. Afterwards, you will need to remove the cover from the rail brackets.

You can also reinstall it when the need arises by placing the cover back onto the rail brackets, you can then retighten the two-star bolts.

The full access to the bed when you install the Lomax Stance is also easy but it is a different process from that of the Bakflip MX4. All you need to do is to locate the string latch under the panel, pull it, and then remove the cover from the rails bracket. Replacing the cover is also easy.

Water resistance

Both the Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4 are not waterproof but they are designed to keep the truck bed dry by draining water easily. The water draining system is another difference between the two covers.  

The draining system of the Bakflip MX4 is designed with drain tubes. Once it rains or when you wash the cover, the water will be channeled out the cover from the rails and will be passed out via the drain tubes.

On the other hand, the draining system of the Lomax Stance consists of a seal that covers the full length of both sides of the cover. These seals drain water off the cover with the aid of the draining tube.  

Which is better between the Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4?

Well, the choice of which is better depends on you and your budget. Nevertheless, from the comparison of the different features of the cover and the testimonies of those that have used the two covers before, it will be safe to say that the Bakflip MX4 is better.

Apart from the fact that it was made by a popular brand, the cover also has a better warranty package than the Lomax Stance.

You will not want to buy a product that the producer is not willing to stand by. However, you should remember that the durability of any product, to some extent, depends on the way you care for it.

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Some likely problems with the Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4

It is unlikely that you buy a cover and you will not experience any issue with it. Though some of these issues arise from the lack of care for the cover or the way you install it. The following are some of the likely issues that you can experience with the Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4 cover.


Both covers are made with aluminum material and a matte-black finish. However, at some point after installation, depending on ownership, it is likely that you begin to notice a change in the color of the covers. This problem usually arises when you expose the cover to sunlight for a longer duration.

In the same way, UV can ruin the paint of the truck, it can also ruin the color of the cover. Not only that, but the type of cleaning material that you use for the cover is also another factor that could lead to discoloration. In a situation where you use harsh cleaning materials often, the color of the cover will likely get faded easily.

It is better to prevent the discoloration of the cover than to think about fixing it. The reality is that the warranty of both covers does not include discoloration.

Therefore, if you want to prevent it, you should always park your truck in shady areas. You can construct a garage or park under the tree. Parking under the tree also includes some risks. For instance, bird dropping and sap can also ruin the color of the cover or the paint of the truck.   

Water leakage

It has been said earlier that both covers are not waterproof though they are designed to drain water easily. At some point, however, you will likely begin to notice traces of water in the truck bed. This issue is caused by the way you install the cover, wear, broken seal, or if you use a pressure washer.

To fix the issue, you need to know the source of the leak. If it is caused by wear on the cover, you need to block the hole. If it is a poor installation, it is recommended that you reinstall the cover. You might need the service of an expert to get the best job. You can also contact the manufacturer for more guidance.


The information you need to make a wise decision when you want to choose between the Lomax Stance and Bakflip MX4 has been provided in this article. Nevertheless, you should properly care for anyone that you opt for.

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