Is Bakflip G2 Waterproof? Find Out

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One of the reasons for installing a truck bed cover is to protect the cargo against dirt, water, and possible theft. Well, most manufacturers would advertise their product as being the best in securing the cargo but it is better that you do your research. This is the reason why many people ask if Bakflip G2 is also waterproof.  

Bakflip is a popular brand when it comes to the production of the truck bed cover. Just like other models of Bakflip cover, the Bakflip G2 could be described as waterproof. T

his, however, doesn’t mean that the product is 100% waterproof. The good news is that the Bakflip G2 like other models of Bakflip will keep the bed dry when it rains. Check out this article for more information.

Situations where the Bakflip G2 would not keep the bed dry

The Bakflip G2 is not what you can consider as being waterproof but it can keep the truck bed dry. However, there are instances where you could see traces of water in the truck bed due to some factors. The following are some of the situations where the Bakflip G2 might not keep the truck bed dry.

Heavy downpour

There are times when there would be a heavy downpour and the Bakflip G2 cover will not have the ability to withstand such downpour. In situations like this, you will likely meet the truck bed wet after the rain.

Leaving a pool of water on it

When it rains and there is a pool of water on the cover, you should get rid of the water immediately. When you leave the water there for a longer duration, it might find its way to the truck bed.

Failure to clear snow

Leaving snow on the Bakflip G2 during winter is not safe for the cover and your cargo, especially when you want to open the cover. Make sure you first get rid of the snow on the cover before you open it. Some of the snow could find its way to the truck bed and wet it.


There are instances where the Bakflip G2 will not be in good condition due to years of usage, poor installation, and other factors. You might notice traces of water in the truck bed if the cover is not in good condition.

Reasons why Bakflip G2 is a good truck bed cover

It has been said earlier that the Bakflip G2 is a good product that would keep the truck bed dry. This is not the only reason why it is considered a good product.

There are other reasons why many people consider the cover as a good product. Here are some of the reasons why many people consider the Bakflip G2 a good product.

Easy to install

You might lose interest in a product if you experience difficulty with it initially, especially with the installation. For Bakflip G2, it is unlikely that you experience any difficulty with the installation, even if it is your first attempt. The instructions in the manual are detailed enough and you can watch video tutorials on how to install it.

Easy to care for

Unlike some other types of cover, it is easy for you to care for and maintain Bakflip G2. With proper cleaning and other maintenance, you can use the cover for many years without any problem.

Fits well

It is a separate thing for you to install a cover with ease and for the cover to fit well on your truck. If installed properly, the Bakflip G2 will sit well on your truck. Not only this, but it will also look attractive. You will be proud of the job you did.

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Likely drawbacks of Bakflip G2

Being a durable product, you can use the Bakflip G2 for many years but it doesn’t guarantee that you will not have challenges with it. Some of the challenges of the cover and what you can do to resolve the issue are discussed below.

Windy noise

Do you know how disturbing it could be when you are in motion and the truck cover begins to make noise? You could be frustrated to the extent that you might want to uninstall the cover immediately.

Well, in a situation like this, you have to inspect the cover for any possible passage of air to penetrate the cover. Aside from this, you should also check if the cover is in position or not.

The problem could also be from the latches. You should check if the cover is shut correctly, if not, do the needful immediately.

You should inspect it for any possible hole that serves as the entry point for air to penetrate the cover. If there is any, cover such with a weather seal. It could also be the time for you to visit a professional for assistance.

Difficulty in opening the cover

If you have done a good job during installation, you should not have any problem with the opening and closing of the cover.

Despite getting the installation right, there is still a chance that you will have a problem with either opening or closing the Bakflip G2 cover in the future.

This could be caused by rust, latches, wear on the cover, or when the cover is no longer in position. To fix this, you should start by checking the cover for any possible rusty parts. If there is any, you should lubricate it immediately.

You can also attempt to open or close the cover by gently moving it in different positions until you achieve your goal. If the latch is the problem, you can loosen the bolt a bit, gently shift the position of the latch and retighten the bolt. When the solutions here don’t work, you should go to a professional.  

Potential water leakage

Recall that it has been mentioned earlier that the Bakflip G2 is not 100% waterproof but it can still keep the bed truck dry.

Though this is true, there are instances where water could get leaked into the bed. This could be due to heavy downpour, wear of the cover, holes, and other plausible factors.

Whenever you notice traces of water in the truck bed, you should inspect the cover for any possible holes. You should block the hole immediately if there is any.

Apart from this, you should also check the sides for any possible opening. You can then gently push the cover back to shape and retighten the screws and bolts. If it is a problem you cannot fix, you can seek help from professionals.

How to care for Bakflip G2

The Bakflip G2 will be effective in keeping the bed dry after installation. Not only this, you will find it easy to open and shut, and it will look attractive.

For the cover to remain effective like this for a longer duration, you will have to care for it. Caring for the cover will even save you from the hassle of seeking help or contacting the manufacturer because you might not experience any problem with it. Below are some of the ways you can care for your Bakflip G2. 

Clean regularly

You can save yourself from a lot of troubles when you clean the Bakflip G2 regularly. For instance, it will maintain its original look for a longer duration and the draining channel will not be clogged.

To avoid discoloration of the cover, you should use only auto-rated soap to wash it. If possible, you should clean the cover at least once a week. 

Mind the way you handle it

There are instances where you would want to pick a cargo from the truck bed. In such a moment, you should be mindful of the way you will handle the cover. The latches could get damaged in a situation where you open or close the cover rashly. 

Avoid excessive UV

Though you can not prevent sunlight, you can control its effect on your truck cover. If you expose the Bakflip G2 to excessive sunlight, the color will likely fade quickly.

To avoid this, you should always park the truck in a shady location. Parking under a tree is not advisable because of bird droppings.

This can also ruin the color of the cover. If possible, you should construct a garage for your truck. Moreover, the use of acid-based or alcohol-based soap in cleaning the cover will ruin the color quickly. 

Prevent pool of water

You will likely meet a pool of water on the cover at times when it rains. When this happens, you should not leave the water there, especially if you have cargo that is not water-resistant.

Leaving the cover in that manner could make it sag or ruin the material. Just get a dry microfiber cloth and use it to dry the cover. 

Allow a professional

There are some problems you can fix with ease but it is recommended that you allow a professional to handle the job, especially if you have done it yourself and you are unable to get the right solution. You can contact Bakflip for further assistance if you still have a valid warranty. 


Just like other covers, the Bakflip G2 is not 100% waterproof but you are assured that your cargo is safe from water. With proper maintenance, you can use the cover for a longer duration. 

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