Lomax Tonneau Cover Vs Bakflip: Which Is Better?

Tonneau covers unlike bed boxes or other alternatives are currently in high demand, especially among truck owners and cargo drivers.

No other alternative does this job better than a tonneau cover, hence their popularity. Just like any other vehicle part out there, there are many brands, styles, types, and designs of tonneau covers that constantly cause a debate on which is the best.

One of such unending debates on the internet is regarding the Lomax tonneau cover and the bakflip tonneau cover.

These two have been compared on various grounds ranging from performance, durability, construction material, design, weather resistance, user-friendliness, lock system, amongst others.

While there may be a toe to toe competition between these two well-known brands of tonneau covers, one of the brands surely outplays the other in certain qualities and is considered the better option.

The primary aim article, therefore, is to compare and contrast the Lomax tonneau cover with the Bakflip tonneau cover and state which is best for truck owners to buy for their trucks. So sit back and enjoy the comparison.

Lomax Tonneau Cover Vs Bakflip

Similarities and differences between Lomax tonneau cover and bakflip. Here is a summary of the similarities and differences between the Lomax tonneau cover and Bakflip

Feature  Lomax Bakflip
Construction material  Aluminum alloy  Fiberglass-reinforced polymer and aluminum core 
Finish Matte black Textured finish
Weight supported 400Ibs 300Ibs
Design Exclusive and sleek simple and basic conforms with truck design
Weather resistance Waterproof Has an efficient drainage system
Lock system Basic Slam latches

What is the significance of this comparison?

One may ask the question what the significance of such a comparison between the two tonneau cover is and if this was truly necessary.

While the manufacturing companies for both types of tonneau are reputable companies that have stood out in the past for their quality product, there are striking differences between the two tonneau covers. Learning about such differences will help to intend buyers make an informed decision.

BAK industries, the manufacturers of bakflip tonneau covers are a reputation for making high-quality tonneau covers with exceptional durability and performance, Access on the hand, the manufacturing company which produces Lomax are known for making tonneau covers of a wide variety for various models of trucks while both companies are famous for the quality of their products, they still differ in terms of the general building of their product, unique features and many more.

Some of these qualities will make a significant difference in influencing the decision of a buyer as many buyers prioritize certain qualities over others while being willing to sacrifice certain others.

Becoming aware of these differences will therefore assist a buyer to decide what they want from a tonneau cover and which of the company product provides that.

Lomax Tonneau Cover Vs Bakflip: Similarities/Differences

Construction materials

So, let’s start our comparison with the type of construction materials used in making these tonneau covers. As for the Lomax tonneau cover, it is made from aluminum alloy, although simple and basic, it is lightweight and built to last.

Lomax is, therefore, one of such tonneau cover that a user will continue to make use of for a long period without any major complaints. Durability is a highly sort after quality in any product, making Lomax tonneau covers a highly desired tonneau cover. 

Lomax has an excellent finish made of matte black which adds to its durability and keeps the looks of the tonneau cover even after many years of usage. It can bear a weight of up to 400Ibs without damage.

So, how is the construction material of Bakflip compared to that of Lomax? Well, let’s say Bakflip took the lead in this aspect.

Bakflip tonneau covers particularly the FiberMax is made from fiberglass-reinforced polymer also known as FRP. There is no other construction material for truck tonneau cover more durable than FRP. It is by far the strongest construction material there is for a tonneau cover. 

In addition to the exterior of the Bakflip tonneau cover being made of FRP, its inside is made of a solid aluminum core, making this Bakflip tonneau cover the strongest and most durable tonneau cover there is.

Although Lomax is durable in its own right, when compared to Bakflip, it takes a bow. With the combination of FRP and aluminum, the Bakflip tonneau cover can provide wholesome protection for the cargo from break-ins as well as natural elements. 

One of the bonus advantages FRP gives the Bakflip tonneau cover aside from strength and durability is making the tonneau cover resistant to tears, dents, and wear.

The bottom of the tonneau cover is coated with powdered aluminum which protects the tonneau cover from rust and further adds to its durability. However, unlike Lomax, the Bakflip tonneau cover can only support about 300Ibs of cargo weight without getting damaged while Lomax supports about 400Ibs.

Design of the tonneau cover

Not everyone appreciates a shouting design, something that catches the eye on sight. When a list of tonneau covers with exclusive low-profile design is made, the Lomax tonneau cover will surely make such a list. Lomax finish is made with matte black, this is done so the tonneau cover can have a sleek and appealing outlook. 

I wouldn’t be quick to think Lomax will give a cool gentleman look to your truck, rather it gives a kind of aggressive outlook to the truck as its design include a diamond plate which makes the tonneau cover look rugged.

When installed, it can be said to have the lowest fit when compared to other tonneau covers by competitive companies as it sits about 1/2 inch above the truck’s bed.

Unlike the exclusive and sleek design of Lomax, bakflip tonneau covers are not designed in an eye-catching fashion, rather, the design is basic and simple compared to that of Lomax.

While Lomax has a matte black finish bakflip tonneau covers particularly the FiberMax’s finish is done with a textured design which gives the tonneau cover an appealing and beautiful look.

The diamond plate, matte black finish, and other aspects of the Lomax tonneau cover stand out. This makes the tonneau cover appear as an additional vehicle accessory that was not originally part of the car.

However, bakflip tonneau covers have a simple basic design and conform with the truck design thereby appearing to be part of the original parts of the truck and not an additional accessory.

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Weather resistance

Yes, tonneau covers are installed to keep natural elements such as water out of the truck bed to keep the bed and the cargo protected.

Many however fail in this duty and allow in some amount of water when the truck is parked or driven through the rain or when the truck is taken to the car wash.

To solve this inefficiency, many come with drains and gutters, constructed to help remove the water that gets in. With Lomax tonneau covers, you will neither fond drain hose nor gutters.

This is because the Lomax tonneau cover has found a way in its design to improve on the traditional craftsmanship of its contemporaries by improving on the waterproof property of the cover.

Part of the reason for the improved waterproof property of the cover is that the hinges are linked with vinyl unlike what is obtainable with other tonneau covers.

Additionally, the waterproof seals run the entire length of the tonneau cover without leaving any area uncovered. With this, the tonneau cover is made watertight as one of the commonest areas for leakage is the hinges. there is therefore absolutely no need for creating a drain hose or gutter for Lomax tonneau covers as water rarely gets into the truck.

Similar to Lomax, bakflip also has its hinges modified to prevent leakages, the modification is however not with vinyl but in the design of the hinges.

They are designed in a rounded fashion which keeps out water, snow as well as debris. It is well suited for the transportation of fragile cargo on account of its inside padding that provides cushion for the cargo, especially on bumpy roads.

Bakflip tonneau covers have a drainage system in place to tackle any water that makes it past the seals into the truck bed. It is designed with drainage tubes that receive the water channeled to it from the rails.

The drainage times then eliminate such water. It has a considerably high resistance against harsh weather conditions and can keep the cargo safe from rain, winds, snow, and other weather condition.

Lock system

The lock system of a tonneau cover is perhaps one of its most crucial properties. So, how is the love system of the Lomax tonneau cover compared to that of the bakflip?

As for the Lomax tonneau cover, its lock system is not of the sophisticated type, rather it is pretty basic. It is however not completely porous and affords the cargo some form of protection. Thankfully, the lock can be improved by installing tailgate locks by users who do not have those.

Bakflip makes use of slam latches. This locking system is very basic and also traditional and does protect the cargo to a considerable extent.

Final Thoughts

Before going for any of these tonneau covers, ensure to go through the comparison between them based on the various features mentioned to enable you to make an informed decision. 

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