What Size Staples For Jet Ski Seat Cover?

Jet Ski is a personal watercraft manufactured by a Japanese-owned company, “Kawasaki”. Due to its huge success, it has become the name and face of most personal watercraft.

Because of its popularity, many seat cover sizes have been produced for Jet Ski. Many people are, therefore, curious about the size of the seat cover that will staple for Jet Ski. 

It might seem difficult to choose the perfect staple size for the Jet Ski seat cover. There are a couple of staples for the Jet Ski seat covers like the T50 staples etc. The best staples for the Jet Ski seat cover are the 22ga, 3/8, or 1/2 leg stainless staples. Read on for more information. 

Why should I staple the Jet Ski seat cover? 

Many people might think it is not necessary to staple Jet Ski seat cover or they don’t know the reason why they should staple the seat cover. Here is a list of some of the reasons why you should staple the Jet Ski seat cover. 

  1. Protect from dirt and bugs: When the seat cover is not stapled or not stapled properly, you are exposing it to bugs and other organisms that would reduce its lifespan. 
  2. Makes you feel comfortable: You will likely ride for a longer duration. In such a situation, you need to be comfortable. With a staple on the seat cover, you can ski for a longer duration in comfort. 
  3. It holds the vinyl in place: It could be dangerous when the vinyl is not in the right place. When you staple the seat cover, it ensures that the vinyl is continually in the right place. 

When should I replace the jet ski seat cover? 

Jet Ski seat cover is very important in Jet Skiing. It needs proper maintenance to keep it in shape. You should change it periodically.

There are obvious signs that you will notice before you change the jet ski seat cover. Here is a list of signs that will suggest when you should change the seat cover. 

  1. Tear: When the Jet Ski cover is torn due to overuse, it is an obvious sign that you should replace the seat cover. 
  2. Mould: In the process of stapling the seat cover, there might be some loose end that will allow water to penetrate the original seat. With time, you will begin to notice the growth of moulds and bugs there. At this point, you should change the seat cover. 
  3. Faded colour: You should not wait till when the seat cover is torn or there is a development of mould under it. With continuous exposure to the sun, the colour of the seat cover will fade. When you notice this, you should change the seat cover. 

How can I replace the Jet Ski seat cover? 

You need to get back to Jet Skiing as soon as possible. When the seat cover is torn or faded and it needs replacement, you can do it yourself or you take it to a professional that will do it for you. Highlighted below are the steps you can follow when you want to replace the Jet Ski seat cover yourself. 

Know when to replace the seat cover

It might be worrisome when you have to change the seat cover often than necessary, therefore, the need to know when to change the seat cover. The signals you should watch out for have been stated earlier in this guide. 

Get your tools

Before you attempt to change the seat cover, you should have the necessary tools handy around you. 

Remove the seat

It is unlikely that you will replace the Jet Ski seat cover without removing the seat. Remove the seat and take it to the desired location where you intend to change the cover. You can check the manual of the Jet Ski to know the appropriate way to remove the seat. 

Strip off the old seat cover

You can turn the seat upside down when you want to remove the old cover. With a screwdriver, you will be able to remove the staples that hold the old cover. Once you remove the seat cover, you will have the original seat lying in front of you. 

Dry the seat

You should check the foam of the seat to know if it is wet. If you notice that it is damp, you should place it in sun and allow it to dry. 

Cover the seat

You can also place the new seat cover in the sun for a while to stretch. Carefully place it on the seat to have an excess of it hanging around it. Watch out for any logo or design you want to place in appropriate locations. 

Staple it

You can then place staples in key areas of the seat, such as the back, front, and sides of the seat. 

Make necessary adjustments

Once you have placed staples in the key area, you can then make some adjustments by repositioning or tightening the seat cover properly. You can then begin to staple the seat cover. Make sure the material is perfectly fit before you staple it. 

Cut out excess

After you have stapled everything in place, you can then begin to cut down the excess of the material into shape. If the excess material is not cut down properly, it might be a bit difficult to put back the seat in shape on the Jet Ski. 

Replace the seat

Once you are through with the process, you can then return the seat to the Jet Ski. You should read the manual for information on how to replace the seat. 

How fun is Jet Skiing? 

You are missing a lot if you have not been jet skiing or you have stopped it. Well, you might decide to go back to jet skiing after reading this guide. Read on for the reasons why you should consider jet skiing. 

It ensures family harmony

You can jet ski alone and you can do it with your family members. When you do it with the members of your family, it brings everybody together and you will all be happy. 

Easy to control

You don’t need a special skill before you control a Jet Ski. However, you might need someone that will guide you if you are doing it for the first time. Just a little instruction, you are already jet skiing. 

Improves endurance

When you are on water jet skiing for a longer duration and it seems fun to you, you are also improving your endurance. All you focus on while you jet ski is the fun with little or no attention to the discomfort you might be feeling. 

Helps blood circulation

I am sure you know that physical exercise is good for your physical and mental health. When you jet ski, virtually all the parts of your body are involved, in this way, you are improving blood circulation in your body. 

It burns calories

If you are looking for a way to burn the calories in your body with less stress, you should consider jet skiing. Within a few hours of being on the water, you have burnt down calories in the body. 

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Safety tips when jet skiing

It is relatively safe to ride Jet Ski but you should be cautious also. Here is a list of some of the safety precautions you can follow when you want to ride a Jet Ski. 

  1. Consider the weather: All weathers are not good for skiing. You should consider the weather before you begin to ski. 
  2. Consider the water: There is a minimum depth of water where you can ski. The recommendation is 24 inches deep. 
  3. Wear protective equipment: Before you mount the jet, make sure you wear all your protective equipment such as eye protection glass, a life jacket, a whistle, footwear and gloves, and a wetsuit in colder weather. 
  4. Know the condition of the Jet Ski: You should not start skiing without knowing the condition of the Jet Ski. Make sure it is functioning optimally before you begin to have fun. 
  5. Age limit: Many states have legislation about age requirements before you can ride a Jet Ski. For instance, the minimum age requirement in some states is 16 while adult supervision is approved for 12. 
  6. Ride during the day: It is safer to ride during the day than at night. Irrespective of your skills, you should only ride during the day. 
  7. Do not over speed: You might be having fun and you want to increase the speed of the Jet Ski. The dangers of speeding are not limited to being on the road, you can also over speed on the water. 
  8. Avoid alcohol: If you have a plan to ride a Jet Ski, do not take alcohol. You can wait until you are through with riding. 

Final Thoughts

Size 22ga or 3/8 staples for Jet Ski. Nevertheless, you should replace the seat cover often so that it will be in good shape. In addition, you should exercise some safety precautions when you ride a Jet Ski. 

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