Why Do Pilot Seats Always Have Sheepskin Covers?

One thing is common in every cockpit of aircraft if you have had the opportunity to be in one before. The common thing you will notice is that most of the pilot seats have sheepskin covers. This general feature of pilot seats has got many people wondering about the reasons why pilot seats always have sheepskin cover. 

Pilots likely sit in the cockpit for several hours, therefore the need to be comfortable throughout the journey. The sheepskin offers the comfort that is needed.

In addition, the safety of the pilot is also important. Read on for more information on why the pilot seat always has a sheepskin cover. 

Reasons Why pilot seats have sheepskin cover? 

It has been said earlier in this guide that pilot seats always have sheepskin cover. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Highlighted below are some of the reasons why the pilot seats always have sheepskin cover. 

Fit for all-weather

What you need to stay fit during the wet season is different from what you need during the dry season. The sheepskin cover is fit for all-weather, unlike the leather seat cover that will be difficult to use during the dry season. The sheepskin cover will be warm when the weather is cold and fairly cold when the weather is warm. 

No odour

It is less likely you get to the cockpit of any aircraft and you perceive an offensive odour. The sheepskin cover unlike other cover materials will ensure that there is no sweat odour coming from the cockpit. 

Resistance to fire

Aircraft operators don’t joke with safety features, hence the reason for the use of sheepskin cover on the pilot’s seat. It is very rare before you see a sheepskin go up in flames. Therefore, the sheepskin cover is used as a safety feature inside the aircraft. 

Ability to absorb moisture

The pilot will be in the cockpit for a longer duration, eat, drink, and talk with the co-pilot. In the process, it is likely there will be a drop of water and other liquid substances on the seat. The sheepskin seat cover will absorb this immediately and the seat will look neat and dry as if nothing has dropped on it. 


Sitting in a particular spot for a longer duration could be stressful. Therefore, you need something that would ease the pain in your back. With a sheepskin cover, you can be assured that your back will get the right support that would make you feel comfortable throughout the journey. 

It is hypoallergic

Some people are allergic to the smell, taste, or texture of something. When such people come in contact with what they are allergic to, they could feel nauseated or at times lose consciousness. However, a sheepskin cover is fit for everyone. It is rare before you see someone that will be allergic to the look and texture of sheepskin cover. 

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Can the sheepskin cover be used in another place apart from pilot seats? 

It is very rare for you to see a pilot’s seat without sheepskin cover. This, however, doesn’t mean that sheepskin seat cover cannot be used for other purposes. Highlighted below are some of the places where sheepskin seat cover can be used apart from the pilot’s seat. 

  1. Car: The interior of any car is very important. You can enhance the look of the interior, protect your original seat, and makes yourself comfortable with a sheepskin seat cover. In addition, it will fit for all seasons as you cruise in your car.
  2. Motorcycle: You can also protect the seat of your motorcycle with a sheepskin cover. It will make you feel comfortable while you ride. 
  3. Home: The sheepskin cover can also be used for upholstery at home. You can get it if you have little children at home because it is easier to clean. 

What are the benefits of a sheepskin seat cover? 

There are many options you have when you want to buy a seat cover, you can buy the leather seat cover or fabric seat cover. It has been stated earlier in this guide that the sheepskin cover is what is usually used for a pilot’s seat.

Therefore, it will have its comparative advantages over other seat cover materials. Here is a list of what you might benefit from when you use a sheepskin seat cover. 

Easy to maintain

You don’t have to sweat before you clean a sheepskin seat cover. With thorough shaking and brushing, you can remove dirt and dust from the sheepskin seat cover. 

It retains value

Sheepskin cover retains value over a long duration of time. The leather seat cover could peel while a fabric seat cover could tear over time. A sheepskin seat cover would retain its value for a longer duration if you maintain it properly. In addition, it is less likely that the colour of a sheepskin seat cover will fade over time. 


The interior of your car should be a priority to you. You should not use a seat cover that would look tacky in your car. A sheepskin seat cover will enhance the look of the interior and offer you the kind of comfort you need for your back when you cruise in it.

In addition, you will like to stay in your car for a longer duration because the sheepskin seat cover does not have an offensive odour. 

Saves money

You likely spend money often on changing seat covers. A leather seat cover might become a problem during the hot season, therefore, the need to change it when it is the hot season. You can use the sheepskin seat cover in all weathers, last for a longer duration, and it cannot easily catch fire. 

Serves purpose

The essence of a car seat cover is to enhance the beauty of the car, make you feel comfortable while you sit, and protect the seat cover. The sheepskin seat cover will serve all these purposes for a longer duration. 

Maintenance tips for sheepskin seat cover

The sheepskin seat cover is durable but it needs proper maintenance like other seat covers. Highlighted below are some of the maintenance tips for the sheepskin seat cover.

Clean regularly

Cleaning the sheepskin seat cover is not a difficult task. You can shake it thoroughly, use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to clean it. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t allow it to be too dirty before you clean it.  

Wash when you have time

The sheepskin might not dry easily when you wash it and it is not recommended that you use a dryer for it. You should only wash the sheepskin seat cover when you will give it enough time to air dry.

Also, depending on how often you cruise your car and the type of passenger, you should wash the sheepskin seat cover once in 6 months. 

Do not wash in a machine

In a situation where you want to wash the sheepskin seat cover, do not wash in a machine. The machine could affect the wool, thereby damaging the look and the texture of the seat cover. In addition, when you want to wash the sheepskin seat cover, you should wash it with warm water. 

Wash with woolskin rated detergent

The sheepskin seat cover is not what you can wash with any type of detergent. When you want to wash it, make sure you use a detergent that is woolskin rated. This will preserve the colour, the wool, and the texture of the seat cover. 

Avoid liquid substances

The sheepskin seat cover will absorb all moisture but if you are not careful with it, you are potentially damaging the seat cover.

Do not allow your passengers to drink in the car. If it is compulsory you bring a liquid substance into the car, make sure you use the can holder. 

How can I clean the sheepskin seat cover? 

It has been stated earlier that it is very easy to clean the sheepskin seat cover. You can clean it in the car or you remove it totally to wash it. Here is a list of how you can clean a sheepskin seat cover. 

  1. Spot cleaning: You don’t need to remove the sheepskin seat cover totally before you clean it because it might be difficult to fix it back or air dry it. In a situation where you are in a hurry, you can clean the dirty spot and use a vacuum cleaner on the rest of the seat cover. 
  2. No direct sunlight: When you remove the sheepskin seat cover completely to wash it, do not dry it under direct sunlight. It might affect its wool. It is recommended that you spread it on a hanger and allow it to air dry. 


The sheepskin seat cover has numerous advantages and that is the reason why it is used for almost all pilots’ seats. You can however use it in your car or at home. With proper maintenance, the sheepskin seat cover will retain its value for many years. 

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