Will A Dodge Tonneau Cover Fit A Ford?

How Do You Fix A Ripped Tonneau Cov...
How Do You Fix A Ripped Tonneau Cover?

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Tonneau covers are of different designs and specifications, but when dimensions are taken with absolute care, the bed cover of one vehicle can perfectly fit another without any qualms. All the same, where there are differences in designs or features, they may not be readily interchangeable even when the dimensions are the same.

In other instances, tonneau covers can even be stretched just to make sure that they fit any truck they may be intended for. The question, however, is whether there are actually truck bed covers that are universal, or rather whether there are truck bed covers that can fit all makes or models of vehicles? We shall see whether that is possible or not soon enough, in this article. To answer the question in the topic,

So, will a dodge tonneau cover fit a ford? Short answer, No. The truck bed cover of a dodge will not in any way fit a ford and the reason is because of the differences in taper ends of the truck beds. Read on to learn more. (Read Also: Will A Chevy Tonneau Cover Fit A Gmc?)

Why Wouldn’t A Dodge Cover Fit A Ford?

A Dodge tonneau cover will not fit a Ford for different reasons of conflicting designs. Specifically, the truck bed cover of a Dodge has a taper at its tailgate end while that of a Ford does not, because of this difference in design, the truck bed cover of a Dodge will not fit onto the tonneau of a Ford, even when the beds have matching dimensions. In a nutshell, the cover of a Dodge will not fit a Ford.

What Tonneau Covers Will Fit A Dodge 8′ Bed?

There are a couple of tonneau covers that fit a Dodge 8′  bed, one of which is BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover which fits 2009-2018, 19/20 Classic Dodge Ram 8′ Bed (96.3″).

Another cover that will fit a dodge 8′ bed is the Toyota Tundra 8′ tri-fold adjustable soft trunk bed tonneau cover, which is described as quite capable of keeping your gear protected without really slowing you down and has all the convenience of easy installation and removal.

Other tonneau covers can also fit Dodge 8′ bed, so long as the dimensions and designs are a perfect fit.

Would Tonneau Cover From 2009 Ford F150 Fit 1999 Dodge Ram Short Bed?

No, it would not and that is basically because the dimensions of the bed rails, which determine the size, are a little different. However, the bakflip G2 part( Bak 2620) is a perfect fit for a 1999  Dodge Ram 6-1/2 footbed, though it is quite unlikely to fit a newer Ford truck.

What Brand Of Tonneau Cover Does Ford Use?

To start with, an F1 model tonneau cover will fit a Ford since it is known to be perfect for most brands. Additionally, other truck bed covers may also fit a Ford truck provided the dimensions match perfectly.

These tonneau covers that will fit a Ford are the Soft club truck bed tarp cover for long bed(8′ box) which is a fit for Ford F150 GMC, the Coverify truck bed cover standard bed(6.5 boxes) for Ford F150, F250, F450 and so on.

Others are The Tuxedo Lo Pro Soft roll-up truck bed cover, bakflip MX4 hard folding truck bed, Rugged liner E- series soft-folding tonneau cover, bak revolver X4 hard rolling truck bed tonneau cover, Extant Encore hard folding truck bed, Lund Genesis TDI fold soft folding and the Max Liner A0246/B0246 which will all perfectly fit Ford trucks.

Do Tonneau Covers Fit All Trucks?

Not all tonneau covers fit all trucks, though the F1 tonneau cover is believed to fit most. This is because tonneau covers come in varying sizes, and for them to fit perfectly, the sizes must match.

There are also instances where the sizes may be compatible but the uniqueness in designs may not permit any interchange from one vehicle to another. This kind of discrepancy is seen in the tonneau covers for Dodge and Ford vehicles.

Can I Adjust A Tonneau Cover To Fit Any Truck?

It is quite possible to adjust a tonneau cover, either by stretching it or manipulating the ropes, to fit certain vehicles, but definitely not all vehicles. It is therefore important to note that, you can adjust a tonneau cover to fit some vehicles, but certainly not all manner of vehicles, particularly those with widely varying dimensions.

Will A Ford Tonneau Cover Fit A Tundra?

Yes, it is in fact possible for the tonneau cover of a Ford to fit a Tundra, provided the dimensions are carefully taken and are found to match perfectly. However, even in cases where this can be done, it depends on the models involved.

How Should A Tonneau Cover Fit?

Tonneau covers are meant to completely seal the truck bed of any vehicle from prying eyes, inclement weather and also dust or other contaminating agents around.

This means that all the edges where the truck sidings and bed cover align must be perfectly sealed. It also means that tonneau covers should tightly fit the truck so well that nothing gets in when not required.

However, to do this perfectly will demand some expertise or the ability to install them properly by making sure that the bolts and screws all fit in nicely and are equally tied as needed.

Failure to accomplish this is fraught with problems ranging from noisy truck bed covers while driving to premature damage of the truck bed cover itself. It is therefore important to get it right from the beginning. (Read Also: How To Fix Sagging Tonneau Covers With Steps In 2021)

Will A Tonneau Cover Fit A Bed Liner?

Yes, a tonneau cover can very well fit a bed liner provided the dimensions are a perfect match too. Like in all other cases, the tonneau covers can even be adjusted or stretched in order to get them to fit the bed liner.

How To Install A Tonneau Cover With A Bed Liner

Having known that a tonneau cover can in fact fit a bed liner, we should also endeavour to explain to you how tonneau covers can be thus used with a bed liner.

Installing a tonneau cover with a bed liner basically has three parts to it,  which are bed liner installation, side rail installation and tonneau cover installation. I will try to explain all of them as best as I can.

1. Bed Liner Installation

The first thing to do is to open the tailgate because closed tailgates decrease access to your truck bed and may also interfere with the installation itself. After that,  you should remove the obsession like screws and handles inside the tonneau.

Where your truck is compatible with the tonneau cover, it will be provided with holes and also caps to fit the screws. but where it doesn’t, you may have to simply drill them yourself. Clean the truck bed with either spray of either vinegar or alcohol, and then soak up any excess moisture with a dry cloth or sponge.

Next, place your bed liner inside the truck bed and through the holes, fit the screws and handles. To make it look like one piece,  you should cover the screw holes with their caps.

Do the same thing with the tailgate too. You are now essentially done with the bed liner installation and next should be the installation of the side rail on the bed rail before you install the cover on it.

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2. Side Rail Installation

To install the side rail, you begin by putting it wobbly on the bed rail. By default, many bed covers are equipped with double side rails. If they are not provided, it means your bed cover should have clamps that are fixed from below, the moment the cover is closed.

When you are done with placing the side rail symmetrically, proceed to fix the side rail with the aid of the clamp just beside the cab.

The best-known clamp is the toothed type, which increases the surface area of contact as well as stabilizes the side rails too.

You may add shims if you wish because they close the gap between the side rail and the truck and also assist with stability too.

Now, put an additional clamp at even distances from each other and tighten them up securely. Repeat this whole process with the second rail too. You should then adjust the clamp until the rails are more or less flat and standard.

Take as much time as is necessary for this stage, otherwise, you will end up installing a loose and insecure tonneau bed. Finally, adjust and tighten all the clamps by hand or tools, where necessary.

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3. Tonneau Cover Installation

Any weather-proof cover comes provided with rubber seals for maximum effect. You should install the rubber seals on the side rails too. The side seals protect the area between the cab and its cover.

Next, place the cover on the bed rail, a procedure which in most cases will require two people at least. Then proceed to place the folded or rolled truck cover over the rail right beside the cab area. It should perfectly fit the rail.

Sometimes, however, you might have to push it in order to get it securely in place as needed. Finally, unfold or unroll the cover before you close the tailgate. In the end, you may have to adjust the cover tension with a screw.

Finally, bolt the cover onto the rails properly and for the benefit of double assurance, you may also tighten the clamp once again, since you can never be too careful. Always take note of the following after taking delivery of any such kit:

Weather-proof covers are provided with rubber seals to plug the gaps between the cover and the cab. Wipe down this area with either alcohol or vinegar in order to provide a good bonding surface.

Be sure to peel off the backing paper and stick it onto the cab between both side rails, beginning with the driver’s side before the other. Cut off and discard any excess.

There are tonneau covers that come with extra seals for either the sides of the tailgate and/or bigger corner plugs to weatherproof the corners at the back. Other installation kits have parts that may be easier to install before you place the cover.

To ascertain this, check your kit for the following: storage straps, which are fed through holes in the cover; tension adjuster screws, for cover tightening by hand, which are usually attached to the side rails and could be provided pre-installed; hinged covers and some hard folded covers that may include a rod to prise the cover open, which ought to snap or screw into place somewhere on a side of the rails, while the other end should rest on a small cradle.

Will A Dodge Tonneau Cover Fit A Ford – Conclusion

Certainly, the uses and aesthetic values of tonneau truck covers make them deserve whatever attention they get. Though there are standards in the production of these truck covers, there are some that still come with unique or unusual designs, which make them suitable for only the trucks they are meant.

In cases of such tonneau covers, you can’t use them with other trucks,  even when the dimensions are exactly the same. That is the situation between the tonneau covers of a Dodge and  Ford. This peculiar design has made the tonneau covers for the Dodge unsuitable for most other vehicles.

Despite all these differences, other tonneau covers can in fact be used on a variety of trucks with the correct adjustments.

To further facilitate this universality of use, people have tried to improvise ways and means by which tonneau covers can be transferred from one vehicle, for which it was specifically produced, to another. In making these adjustments, tonneau covers have been subjected to heating in the sun or cloth dryers, soaking with water or vinyl shiners and all that.

This underscores how important truck bed covers are especially with regards to their interchangeability. You can in essence, protect yourself from all these hassles if you will but only take the time to make sure that you buy the correct ones.

All in all, do not venture into any tonneau cover purchase and/or use without knowing, at least, the basics you should about them and the user manuals or the manufacturers’ websites will be of help here. When you do that, you have immense benefits to reap.

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