Why Are Tonneau Covers So Expensive?

In case you are wondering what tonneau covers are, they are car accessories used by vehicle owners, particularly trucks to cover the open end. Depending on the type, tonneau covers have a high price tag, causing many truck owners to wonder whether they are worth buying or not.

So, we are here to find out why they are mostly expensive and why you should go for the expensive type irrespective of the price.

So, why are tonneau covers so expensive? The simple reason why tonneau covers are so expensive is primarily because of the type and quality of construction material used in their making.

However, after one considers the uses of the tonneau cover, one will come to realize their worth and how much money they save truck owners in terms of the repair of the truck’s bed. It is at this point you will realize that while they may be expensive, they make up for this in terms of the crucial role they play.

Whatever is paid for a tonneau cover is repaid in terms of cargo safety, fuel economy, flexible hauling, and many more benefits tonneau covers confers on the truck. Let’s take a proper look as to why tonneau covers are so expensive. 

Reasons why tonneau covers are so expensive

Some vehicle owners even after acknowledging the many benefits of tonneau still find it outrageous that they are so expensive and prefer to choose cheaper types.

Unfortunately, avoiding buying the expensive type of tonneau covers will not in a long run save any cost as the cheaper types are less durable and will require to be changed in no time. 

One of the major reasons tonneau covers are expensive is due to the quality of materials from which they are manufactured.

Note that not all tonneau covers are expensive, there are tonneau covers at affordable prices, but can you trust the quality of the construction material or its durability?

Durability is everything with products like this, especially if the truck is used for heavy-duty assignments such as hauling cargo.

Some tonneau covers are made of plastic with a flexible joint that allows for easy opening and closing. They are of strong and durable quality and will last for a considerable period irrespective of what the truck is been used for.

Tonneau cover manufacturers also have to find ways of making the tonneau cover more resistant to environmental elements such as rain, snow, wild wind, and other outdoor elements.

The hard type of tonneau cover for example is not only made of flexible joint form user-friendliness but it is also designed to be waterproof, thereby keeping water away from the tuck’s bed.

If, however, a truck owner decides to go for the less expensive soft tonneau cover, yes, this will cost less, however, it lacks durability and is not 100% water-resistant.

Therefore, the inside of the truck’s bed is constantly exposed to rain, snow, and other elements. With time, the coating of the bed wares off from dragging the cargo on the bed, subsequent exposure to rain or snow thereby causing rusting of the tuck’s bed.

Eventually, the truck owner will have to repaint the truck’s bed or risk further damage. So, the money saved on buying a cheaper soft tonneau cover is spent anyway, but this time, in many folds.

Nowadays, tonneau covers in diverse forms, and with diversity comes a price increase. Although having a diverse style and brands of tonneau cover allows the potential buyer to choose from what he likes or fancies, this may be one of the contributing factors to the expensive price of tonneau covers.

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Are our tonneau covers worth it?

There has been so much talk about how expensive tonneau covers are, with this sort of discussion comes the heavy question, are tonneau covers worth it?

Is spending such a significant amount of money on tonneau covers worth it or is it just a waste of your hard-earned money?

The sincerest answer to this question is that tonneau covers are worth every penny spent in purchasing and installing them, this is especially true for vehicle owners who go for the best quality tonneau covers and use them appropriately.

Without tonneau covers, how else do you intend to protect your cargo as well as the vehicles’ bed from snow, rain, dust, or debris?

Whenever you have a cargo at the back of the truck, without the tonneau cover, whenever it starts to rain while on the highway with to where to park for cover, then, you will suddenly realize that whenever is paid to get a tonneau cover is worth it, especially with cargos that are susceptible to water damage.

Similarly, the truck bed is equally protected from rain as well as snow which could cause it to rust later on. Aside from rain and snow, tonneau covers also protect the cargo from getting blown away as you drive at top speed on the highway. It keeps your cargo secure and safe.

Remember the saying “out of sight out of mind”? well with a tonneau cover, whatever you have at the truck’s bed is completely hidden from the eyes of the public, hence helping you to maintain some privacy as well as dissuade possible criminals who may want to steal from you.

Additionally, most tonneau covers especially the hard type, fortunately, come with a lock system that further protects your cargo and makes it difficult for thieves to steal from you.

Soft covers are not left out in protecting cargos from criminals as well, this is because, even though they may sometimes not have a lock system, in and out thieves do not appreciate any hindrance and therefore would rather avoid going through opening the tonneau cover to get to the cargo as this risk their been caught.

How much does tonneau cover cost?

So, how much do you think a tonneau cover cost and how where can it be bought? The cost of tonneau covers varies depending on the type, brand, and style of the tonneau cover.

Generally, the hard type of tonneau cover is more expensive, this is justified by its durability and sturdy construct. The soft type is less durable, cheaper, and yes, easier to install.

Currently the prices of the soft type from around $100 to $500. This depends on the brand, design, and style of the tonneau cover.

Regarding the hard type, its price ranges currently from around $500 to $2000. Again, this depends on the brain and style of the tonneau cover.

The covers can be bought from online stores or the official website of the manufacturers. Ensure to buy from trusted stores to avoid falling prey to an internet scam artist who is out to swindle people of their hard-earned money.

One of the ways to reduce how much is spent on tonneau covers is by installing the covers by yourself. Most of the covers are made in such a way that anyone can attempt to install them without needing or paying an extra amount of money to professionals to get them installed.

On average, it may take about 30 to 60 minutes to install a tonneau cover. This is easier and quicker with soft tonneau covers.

Ensure to install the tonneau cover properly, as the poor installation is one of the causes of a noisy tonneau cover especially when driving on the highway.

Before buying, ensure the tonneau cover is the proper size for your truck. They come in generic sizes and may sometimes not fit properly. To avoid buying a non-fitting tonneau cover, it is preferable to go for one customize for your particular truck.

Also, do enough research about what you want and make your decision based on that. If for example you wish to save money or you do not have enough, then a soft tonneau cover may help you achieve that, remember, however, they are less durable and are likely to break down in no time, causing you to need another.

Also, if you are not willing to sacrifice any of your truck’s bed space, then avoid tonneau covers such as the tri-folding type.

Reasons why you need a tonneau cover

There are so many reasons why tonneau covers are needed. Aside from their general role in protecting the cargo as well as the bed from outdoor elements, it keeps the truck’s bed clean from dust and debris.

It is easier to clean the tonneau cover than clean all nooks and crannies of the truck’s bed. So, if you are as lazy as me, and hate all the stress involved in trying to clean the bed, then, this will do you a lot of good.

Tonneau covers cannot be replaced by using a floor mat for your truck bed or by anything else. The cover also ensures a smooth and flawless movement of the truck and helps some amount of fuel. It improves the truck’s general outlook and does not impede the installation of other accessories.


Yes, tonneau covers are expensive, but they are for good reasons. The expensive types are pricy on account of the quality of material used in their making which makes them durable and worth every penny. It is undeniable that you save more money buying the expensive type than the cheaper less durable type in the long run.

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