My Tonneau Cover Cable Broke – Here’s How To Fix It

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Tonneau covers are quite capable of breaking suddenly with different manifestations such as the inability to release any of the latches or even to open the tailgate, especially where the cable breaks at the the latch,  without anything to pull and activate it. How then should you fix such a broken cable cover? We will discuss it in due process.

To fix a broken cover cable, you should first take off the plastic inner tailgate cover and then carefully pry away the black liner, after which you will see the 2X 10 mm hex nut, which you should also remove.

On the outside of the of the tailgate, remove the upper 2X Torx screws too and then, proceed to loosen one of the clamps of the connecting rod which is between the latch and the handle.

In pulling out the handle, which is required to clear the mechanism from the sheet metal, you will be able to carefully remove the complete door handle component. There will still be one wireloom attached to the handle, which is the cause of the problem. (Read Also: Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Problems (Plus Possible Fix))

This is the actuator switch that needs only a small amount of lubricants such as WD 40 or any good lubricant. Sometimes, removing the switch and pushing it several times to full stroke after lubrication may do the magic.

The rear window may unlock every time by means of the door handle rather than the wireless remote. The entire operation shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes really. The following is the operation in steps for ease of execution.

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Expert Steps To Fixing A Broke Cover Cable

Step 1

Disassemble the rotation pull cables and actuating latches. To do this, you must disassemble the top from the case which is held together by four pins that are mushroomed.

Step 2

Slice off the four pins and open up the case to enable you see the discs inside.

Step 3

The two discs inside are the outer one which actuates the cable and an inner one into which the key gets inserted. Also, there is a tab on the inner disc that may break and thus prevent the rotation of the outer disc.

Epoxy these two discs together in order to enable the key actuates the cables and also keep the inner disc keyway orientation in reference to the cable pockets.

Step 4

Thereafter, you can re-assemble the case, using epoxy buttons to weld it together just like it was originally done. In some cases, you may have to shave the pins a little or open up the top holes using a drill to get them to fit back together. It should now take only about 1/4 turn of the key to release the latches.

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What Do I Need To Keep In Mind Before Fixing Broken Cover Cables?

Before you attempt to fix up any broken truck bed cover cable, reach out to the manufacturers and find out how such operation will impact on your warranty or guarantee agreements, so that you will be aware if doing that will void them.

Do Tonneau Cover Cables Break Easily?

No, they actually don’t. However, poor and irregular maintenance,  which are often associated with lack of lubrication can in fact cause them to break easily.

To this effect, you are required to ensure that you lubricate them as often as possible and make  sure that you do not delay maintenance for whatever reason.

What Causes Tonneau Cover Cables To Break?

Notable among the causes for tonneau cover breaking are frequent driving with the cover either partially or wholly opened.

They are also expected to break easily if they are poorly maintained as well, since a lot of friction is generated as there isn’t much lubrication. Tonneau cover cables also break easily if they are allowed to rust by keeping them in contact with water or moisture too often than is healthy for them.

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How Can You Stop Tonneau Cover Cables From Breaking?

To stop tonneau cover cables from breaking, always make sure that you travel with them fully closed, and lubricate them as often as possible too.

After washing, make sure that they are completely dry and use recommended shiners to polish them. In this way, even though you may not be able to stop them from breaking entirely, but you should be able to slow down the process as much as possible.

Are There Tonneau Covers With Cables That Are More Prone To Breaking Than Others?

As a rule, all tonneau cover cables are produced from very refined materials that can withstand stress and the common forces of nature.

However, where they are not well maintained or are poorly lubricated, they are susceptible to getting broken easily. To make sure that this does not happen, make sure that you lubricate them regularly and also use them carefully.

In essence, they may not be cables that break easily, but you can make that happen when you either use them roughly or fail to lubricate them regularly as you should.

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How Long Does It Take To Repair A Broken Tonneau Cover Cable?

To completely fix a broken tonneau cover cable does not take more than between thirty to forty five minutes provided you have all the required tools at your disposal and you know how to go about the process too.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Tonneau Cover Cable?

It does not cost more than a couple of dollars to repair a broken tonneau cover cable since all you may require are a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, lubricating oil and a razor blade or scissors.


How Do You Unlatch A Tonneau Cover?

You can manually unlatch a tonneau cover by tugging at the emergency release cable or alternatively by using a screwdriver to pry the lever, which is attached to the cable in order to release the latch.

How Do You Change Velcro On A Tonneau Cover?

To change Velcro strips, simply drill out the fasteners that are holding the hook on the truck cover with a 1/8 inch drill bit.

After that, remove the old hook from the bed cover and slide in the new hook into the channel. After it has been fully installed into place, proceed to self drill the screws tightly. You may cut the strips to what sizes you want either to fit a big or a small tonneau cover.

How Do I Fix Missing Or Defective Seal In Tonneau Cover?

For a missing truck cover seal, the only available option is its replacement and luckily, parts are available for purchase at most auto shops.

However, the same cannot be said of defective seals which are present but faulty. To repair any defective seal, you may have to use very good and recommended adhesive materials or possibly use shims at the exact places where the seals are bad. When this is done, leaking which is the major manifestation of most seal defects,  can be stopped promptly.

How Do I Fix A Stuck Tonneau Cover?

Though this operation depends on the side where the truck cover is stuck, but it will do for any of the sides. To release the truck bed cover when it is stuck, open the trunk first and look up in the top corner on the affected side of the truck.

You are likely to see a tiny opening into the soft upper compartment. Reach it using a clothes hanger and try to locate a black cable.

This could be a bit challenging but accomplishable. This cable which you have located connects the handle to the latch mechanism and after finding it, give it a firm and rigorous tug.

This should be enough to disengage the latch and release the hold on it. Alternatively, you can attach zip ties around that cable which connects the handle to the latch mechanism on each to make it easy to pull from the trunk anytime your truck bed cover gets hooked.

An important advice is to make sure that during installation, the soft top is all through downwards while the latching handles are positioned at the lowest point. After doing this, the cover will not latch as it usually does.

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Tonneau Cover Cable Broke – Conclusion

Any implement or object that is put to use on daily  basis is bound to develop faults one way or another. This article is basically meant to look at complaints related to broken truck bed cover cables.

You were told how that happens and its possible causes, as well as how to fix such problems whenever they arise. The operation of fixing broken cables in tonneau covers was treated in successive steps for a fuller understanding of the entire process.

Other accessories in truck bed covers were also not left out such as the Velcro strips, cover seals and latching mechanisms.

If you are adequately informed about these things, chances are that you will both save yourself from wasteful expenses as well as avoid the frustration and disappointments that accompany any malfunctioning gear.

Tonneau covers do not just break of their own accord, they do so mostly due to poor maintenance, negligence and wrong use. On these counts too, you have been regaled on what to do, what to avoid and how best to take care of them.

For instance, driving with your tonneau cover opened may not really constitute a legal offence in most, if not all places, but it is in your best interest to avoid that since your truck bed covers will certainly be at the receiving end, and to worsen matters, these truck bed covers do not come cheap.

All in all, everything lends credence to the need for you to take absolute care of your truck bed cover.

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