Do Bakflip Covers Leak? (3 Leakproof Covers You Should Check Out)

Do bakflip covers leak

Tonneau covers are meant to be both weather-tight and waterproof. This is achieved through making sure that any avenue by which water and/or dust particles can gain access into the truck bed are essentially sealed. However, despite all these measures, there are instances when leaking cannot in actual fact be prevented. So, do bakflip covers … Read more

Will A Dodge Tonneau Cover Fit A Ford? Find Out

Will a dodge tonneau cover fit a ford

Tonneau covers are of different designs and specifications, but when dimensions are taken with absolute care, the bed cover of one vehicle can perfectly fit another without any qualms. All the same, where there are differences in designs or features, they may not be readily interchangeable even when the dimensions are the same. In other … Read more