Do Tonneau Covers Stretch? If YES, Which Type Can Be Stretched?

Do tonneau covers stretch

Tonneau covers are produced from different materials such as vinyl, fibreglass and aluminium and they can also be described as either soft or hard. Your choice of which one to buy depends on what use you plan to have for them. There is the problem of tonneau covers, particularly the soft variety, shrinking after some … Read more

What Size Staples For Motorcycle Seat Cover?

What size staples for motorcycle seat

The seat of a motorcycle is very important because it is one of the factors that determines how comfortable you will be when you ride, therefore, the need to protect the seat with a seat cover. Nevertheless, it is always worrisome for motorcycle owners when the seat cover is not stapled properly. Hence, most of … Read more

Should I Wash Car Seat Cover Before Use?

Should i wash car seat cover before use

A car seat cover will not only protect your original seat and increase its lifespan but will also enhance the beauty of your car interior. Ensuring that car seat covers serve this purpose perfectly, many car owners do consider washing the car seat when they newly buy it. Can you wash the car seat cover … Read more

Can I Put Car Seat Cover In Dryer?

Can i put car seat cover in dryer

You cannot leave a car seat cover without washing it for two months, especially when you cruise regularly with it. In such a situation, you will have to remove the car seat cover, wash, allow to air dry, and then fix it back. Due to the time it will take for a car seat to … Read more