5 Hidden Truxedo Titanium Problems & Possible Fixes

How Do You Fix A Ripped Tonneau Cov...
How Do You Fix A Ripped Tonneau Cover?
Truxedo Titanium Problems

Proper maintenance of a cover is one of the ways you can avoid having problems with it. However, there are instances where some truck covers would still have issues, irrespective of how you care for them. These problems are common to the product and it is unlikely that you will have a different experience when … Read more

Weathertech Alloy Cover Vs Lomax: Which Is Better?

Weathertech alloy cover Vs lomax

It is always a confusing moment when a truck owner attempts to choose between two tonneau covers without diligent homework covering the similarities and differences between the two and the advantages (if any) of one over the other. Comparison between two products brings out their best qualities and points out what feature different products that … Read more

Lomax Tonneau Cover Vs Bakflip: Which Is Better?

Lomax tonneau cover Vs bakflip

Tonneau covers are essential car parts and are considered a must-have by many truck owners.  They play crucial roles which include protecting the cargo and bed, adding to the truck design, fuel economy, and many more. The unpredictability of weather conditions wherein a sunny day can turn suddenly into a rainy one further stresses the … Read more