5 Hidden Leer HF650M Problems & Possible Solutions

How Do You Fix A Ripped Tonneau Cov...
How Do You Fix A Ripped Tonneau Cover?

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Buying a quality product and proper maintenance is one of the ways of avoiding problems. There are, however, instances when doing this would not be enough.

This is because the product has common problems that previous and current users have experienced. For leer HF650M reviews online, many users have stated similar problems about the truck cover. Some of these problems and possible solutions will be discussed in this article. Keep reading.

Leer HF650M Problems

Just like other truck covers, the leer HF650M is advertised as being durable, water and weather-resistant, and many more.

Though this might be true, it is, however, possible that you experience some problems with the cover. Some of the popular problems on the cover are highlighted below and the possible solutions.

1. Movement

After installation, you will expect that the leer HF650M cover remains in position, except when you want to remove it. Well, this is what the manufacturer told us but you could experience something different from this when you install the leer HF650M on your truck.

In most cases, the problem is caused by poor installation or wear on the hooks, rods, and bolts of the truck. When this happens, the cover would drift from its original position and it will likely make noise when you are in motion.

It could lead to quick wear of the cover or expose your cargo to risk if you do not fix this quickly. The following are some of the things you can do to fix the problem.

Retighten the bolt

The bolts, screws, rods, and some other parts of the cover are there to keep leer HF650M in place, irrespective of the speed of the trucks.

Whenever you notice that the cover is drifting from its original place, you should get the right tools, gently push the cover to position, and then retighten the bolts. Also, if there is any worn part, you should change such a part immediately.

Go to a professional

If the leer HF650M truck cover has been poorly installed, it is unlikely that you will not experience this problem. A professional installer can solve this problem for you.

Moreover, there are instances that this problem would be due to the size of the cover. The professional would guide you on what you can do to resolve the problems.

2. Water leakage

Though the cover is water-resistant, which is one of the reasons why leer HF650M is popular in the market. However, after some duration of using the cover, the cover would likely begin to leak water into the cargo.

In most cases, the leakages could be from the edges, especially during heavy downpours or when you leave a pool of water on the cover for a longer duration. You can fix a leaking leer HF650M with the solutions highlighted below.

Ensure proper installation

If you have done a poor job during installation or the installer didn’t do thorough work, the cover will likely leak water on the edges of the cargo, especially when there is a heavy storm.

To correct this and prevent future occurrences, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional. The cover would be installed the way it should be.

Block all openings

After some years of using the cover, it would become worn and there might be holes on it. If this is the situation of your leer HF650M cover, it will likely leak water into the cargo.

You can detect such an opening by looking into the cover. Any part where you notice the presence of light means that the spot has an opening on the cover. You can fix this yourself by getting a weather seal and applying it on such spots.

Contact the manufacturer

In a situation where your leer HF650M cover still has a valid warranty, you can contact the manufacturer for replacement of the cover. You might be required to send pictures of the problem. While the company might agree to replace the cover, you might have to wait for a few weeks before the cover arrives.

Replace the cover

Some truck owners do not like risking their cargo, especially if the cargo could be ruined by water. If you are in such a category and the steps highlighted above cannot resolve the issue, it is recommended that you change the cover. Doing this is even the best option if you do not have a valid warranty. 

3. Shutting problem

The safety of the cargo is very important. This is one of the reasons why many truck owners buy truck bed covers. The sad truth here is that many users of the leer HF650M cover have stated that they experience difficulties with closing the cover, especially at the tailgate.

In such a situation, the cargo in the truck is not safe. This problem is mostly caused by poor installation and the age of the cover. Below are some of the things you can do to fix the problem.

Adjust the cover

If the cover is not in the right position due to an installation problem, you will experience this problem. You can resolve the problem by gently hitting the cover by the side until it shuts appropriately.

Seek help

If you have done the solution highlighted above and you are unable to resolve the problem, you should seek help from a professional. The problem could deal with adjusting the whole cover or reinstalling it.

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4. Disturbing noise

The last thing you would want to listen to when you are driving is the noise of the cover. It has, however, been observed by many users that their leer HF650M makes noise when they are on the road.

The level of the noise increases as they increase the speed of the truck. At times, the noise would be disturbing and it would sound as if the cover wanted to disintegrate from the cover.

This noise is mostly caused by air that penetrates inside the cover or the side due to openings. Also, when the cover is not closed or secured properly to the truck. You can resolve the problem with the following steps.

Park the truck

To avoid any danger due to the disturbing noise, it is recommended that you park the truck. You then look inside from the tailgate.

If there are any traces of light on the cover, you should seal such spots immediately. You can use a weather seal to block such an opening. You should also ensure that you close the cover correctly.

Tighten the bolts

If any of the bolts or screws feel loose, you should get the appropriate tools and retighten them. You should check the user’s guide for more information on the torque level.

Seek for help

It could be the time for you to talk to a professional when you experience this. You can go to a nearby auto workshop and explain the problem.

5. Discoloration

The cover will look shiny and attractive after installation. Other truck owners could even admire it. After a while, you will begin to notice changes in the color of the cover.

Many users stated that they began to notice that the cover looked less attractive after a few months of installation. Don’t even think about the warranty. leer HF650M warranty does not cover this.

The best solution to this problem is to think about how it can be prevented. Below are some helpful strategies for preventing it from happening.

Construct a garage

Where you park your truck often, especially for a longer duration, would determine how soon the color would fade. For instance, if you park it in a space where it is exposed to sunlight for many hours, the color would soon fade. It is recommended that you construct a garage for your truck, if possible. Alternatively, you can park the truck under a shade.

What are the things that could reduce the lifespan of the leer HF650M cover?

When you want to buy a leer HF650M cover, make sure you invest in quality ones, if indeed you want to use the cover for a longer duration.

When you know some factors that could ruin the cover, you will likely enjoy the cover for a few years after the end of the warranty. The following are some of the factors that could ruin the leer HF650M cover.

Poor maintenance

The way you care for a product is an important factor that determines its durability. Your leer HF650M cover will not last if you do not care for it.

The care includes the way you wash the cover and where you park the truck. For instance, you should not wash the cover with acid-based soap.

Improper installation

You can install the leer HF650M cover with ease if you follow the instructions. A poor installation will not only make you have problems with the cover later, but it will also reduce its lifespan.

Therefore, when you want to install your leer HF650M, make sure you get it right. You can seek the service of a professional installer to avoid the problem.


Some of the problems of leer HF650M cover have been highlighted in this article and ways of fixing them. If you have issues, do not hesitate to contact the customer number, especially when your warranty is still valid. 

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