Jeep Soft Top Leaking (Causes & Possible fixes)

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The jeep convertible does not need an introduction, especially among jeep owners. While it might be popular, many people do not consider it a substitute for the hardtop. This is because many users have complained that the soft top leaked water into the jeep.

Can you imagine how horrible this would be? Many users do not even know the causes of this problem and how it could be fixed. Check out this article for some of the reasons and some possible solutions.

What are the causes of a jeep convertible leak?

If you have done thorough research before you buy the soft top, you will likely notice that many users have complained of water leakage.

The confusing part is that many of these users cannot say precisely the reason why the soft top leaks. We have taken the time to study the problem and below are some of the reasons why it leaks.

Possible holes

When last did you inspect the jeep convertible? If you have not been doing that, you should take the time to check it now that it has begun to leak water.

There is a high chance that the leakage is caused due to holes in the soft top. In most cases, holes on the soft top are caused by age, worn, or lack of maintenance.

Alignment problem

The jeep convertible should be properly aligned to the frame of the jeep. In a situation where the soft top is poorly installed, it might not align. The implication of this is that it will leak water into the jeep.

Apart from this, misalignment of the soft top could also arise after you have used it for a while. Probably some parts of the soft top are not properly secured again.


The weatherstripping of the soft top is there to prevent water leakage into the jeep. It is usually along the sides of the jeep. Over time, the weatherstripping could get worn out and become less effective. This means that the soft top could leak water into the jeep.

Drilled holes

There are instances where you have to drill holes into the corner jeep when you want to install the soft top. The holes will serve as the point where the soft top will be secured to the jeep with either screw. The holes could serve as the entry point for water into the cover. The drilled hole is likely bigger than the screw.

Blocked drain

The jeep convertible is designed to have a draining channel. When the drain channel is not effective, the soft top will likely leak water into the jeep. The presence of debris in the drain channel could block it. In such a situation, there is a high chance that the soft top would leak.

Lack of care

The jeep convertible needs proper care for it to be shining and drain water easily. When the soft top lacks proper care, it will likely leak water into the jeep.

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How do I fix a leaking soft top?

Some of the causes of a leaking jeep convertible have been discussed earlier. Knowing the causes is good but how do you resolve the problem? You don’t have to panic if you have this problem because it can be fixed.

Well, some people recommend that you keep a towel in the jeep. This is hilarious, right? The following are some of the ways you can fix a possible leaking jeep convertible.

Use silicone

While installing the soft top, you have likely drilled bigger holes into the frame of the jeep. The holes could serve as the leaking point. To fix the problem, you can use silicone to block the drilled holes that have created the problems.

New weatherstripping

Over time, the weatherstripping could become worn out and become less effective. If this is the reason why your jeep convertible leaks water into the jeep, you can fix the problem by replacing the weatherstripping with a new one. If you want to do this yourself, you will need adhesive removal, adhesive, and new weatherstripping.

Ensure proper installation

If the jeep convertible leaks water due to poor installation. You can still correct the problem. All you need to do is to reinstall the soft top. You can go through the manual again or watch tutorials on YouTube. To ease the problem, you can hire a professional installer.

Consequences of an unfixed jeep convertible that leaks water

From the accounts of many users, the jeep convertible can leak water. The causes and how you can fix them have been discussed earlier.

However, some users do not see it as a threat and they will continue to use it in such a manner. There are some consequences if you continue to use the jeep convertible in this manner. Below are some of the consequences.

Damaged seat

Car seats can be made from different materials. The durability of each car seat depends on the material. Sheepskin wool, fabric, and many other car seat materials could get ruined quickly when the jeep convertible leaks water and you do not fix it quickly. Not only this, but it could also damage some other parts of the car such as the electric system.

Bigger problem

The problem could be negligible at the beginning. It could start with small leakage. However, if you do not fix it when it is small, it will lead to a bigger problem.


Have you ever experienced a leaking jeep convertible before? It could be frustrating, especially for the first time. You will likely get confused.

Additional expenses

Fixing a minor leak on your soft top is easier and cheaper than when it becomes bigger. Not only fixing the leakage, have you thought about fixing the potential damage it would cost? For instance, the cost of fixing the damaged upholstery, electrical system, and many more.

What can I do to protect my jeep convertible from leaking?

Installing the jeep convertible could expose you to different problems. You should not panic because of this because it is preventable. If you don’t want to experience leaking soft tops, the following are some of the things you should do.

Install it properly

You do not need any special skills for you to install the jeep convertible. However, a mistake in the process could ruin the soft top and it could result in leaking.

It is recommended that you diligently follow the instructions in the manual or you watch tutorials online. If you have any problem, you should not hesitate to call for help.

Care for it

Proper installation is not enough to prevent the soft top from leaking. Hence, you should ensure that you care for it properly. There are some dos and don’ts which you must follow. 

Regular inspection

Regular inspection of the soft top will allow you to detect any possible holes, blockage, and other means through which water could leak into the vehicle earlier. Once you discover any problem with the soft top, it is recommended that you fix it immediately.

Quality matters

You have many options when you want to buy a jeep convertible but quality matters. If you want a soft top that will give you peace of mind, it is recommended that you buy a quality OEM. Though it might be costlier, you will be happy if you buy it.

Switch it

If possible, you should switch to hardtops during severe weather such as winter. Doing this will protect the soft top and prevent potential leakage.

Care for jeep convertible

If you want to prevent your jeep convertible from leaking and other problems, you should care for it. Below are some of the ways you can care for a Jeep convertible.

Avoid the use of harsh materials

You should not use harsh materials and washers whenever you want to clean the jeep convertible. For instance, you should not use acid-based soap or a high-pressure washer. You can wash it gently with auto-rated soap and water. Then dry it with a microfiber cloth.

Do not use a hard brush

In a situation where you want to get rid of snow from the soft top during winter, it is recommended that you avoid the use of the hard brush. This is because the material would be fragile in such a situation and could get damaged easily.

 Protect it from the sun

Long exposure of the jeep convertible to UV could change its color. Not only will the color be ruined, but the quality of the material will also be reduced and prone to rust. You can avoid this by parking your jeep in shady locations. For instance, you can construct a garage, if possible. 

Jeep Soft Top Leaking – Conclusion

A leaking soft top is a source of concern to many jeep owners that use it. The leaking top could cause unwanted damage to the vehicle. Some of the possible solutions to this problem and other information are in this article. You should read it for insight. 

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