How Much Snow Can A Jeep Soft Top Hold?

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The jeep convertible is designed to serve as an alternative to the hardtop. Not only is it attractive when installed properly, but it can also withstand different weather conditions. However, questions have been asked about its ability to stand during winter. Hence, many users want to know how much snow it can take before it wears out.

Winter is not only harsh on humans, it can also affect materials such as convertibles. To answer the popular question on the amount of snow that a jeep soft-top convertible can hold, it can hold up to 10 inches of snow.

However, you should ensure that the HVAC heating system is functioning optimally before you allow snow to settle up to 10 inches on it.

Well, there are other things you should know about convertibles and winter. Keep reading this article for all the information you need.

What could happen when I allow a larger quantity of snow on the convertible?

It has been stated earlier that you should not allow more than 10 inches of snow on the convertible during winter. If you allow it to hold more than that, you are potentially ruining the convertible. The following are some of the things that will happen when you allow more than 10-inch snow.

Freezing temperature

Remember that leaving snow on the convertible could affect it when it reaches freezing temperature. This is because the vinyl material of the convertible is flexible. Once you leave more than 10 inches of snow on it, the material could become frozen and thereby crack.

Snow scraper

Getting rid of the snow could become a problem once it is more than 10 inches. Though it will be easier with the use of a snow scraper, recall that you are not dealing with a hardtop. The convertible could be damaged while using the snow scraper.

Preparing convertible for the winter

Unlike the hardtop which could hold a higher amount of snow, the convertible could get damaged when it holds more than 10 inches of snow.

If you desire to still keep your convertible for the winter, then you should prepare for the task ahead. Here is a list of some of the things you can do to prepare the convertible for winter.

Inspect the convertible

People make a lot of preparations in anticipation of winter. You should also include the convertible in your preparations if you do not have the plan to switch to the hardtop.

To ensure that the convertible survives winter, you should inspect it thoroughly. You should check the bolts, frames, zipper, window, holes, and other parts of the soft top. If there is any part that is not in good condition, you should fix or replace it before winter.

Check the heating system

If you are sure that the convertible is in good condition, you should also check the heating system. Ensure that it is in good condition. If you are not sure about how effective it is, you should seek the assistance of a professional.

Care for the convertible during winter

The truth is that the winter will be harsh on your convertible. Hence, you must protect it with adequate care. However, there is a difference in the way you will care for the convertible during winter and summer. Below are some of the things you can do to care for the convertible during winter.

Limit the snow

Just like what has been said earlier in this article, you should not allow more than 10 inches of snow on the convertible. You can achieve this by getting rid of the snow regularly. You should, however, be careful when you want to get rid of the snow. This is because you can ruin the convertible if you use the snow scraper and other hard material.

Don’t unzip the window

The zipper, the vinyl material, and some other parts of the convertible are very flexible during the snow. This means that they could get damaged quickly. Apart from this, some of the snow could find its way to the jeep when you unzip the window before getting rid of the snow.

Don’t pour hot water

You must have read it somewhere or heard that you can use hot water to get rid of snow. Well, this is relatively true but you should not do this when there is snow on your convertible. Recall that the material is fragile and could get cracked due to a sudden temperature change.

Heating system

During the cold season, you need the heating system of the jeep to protect the convertible. You should also ensure that the heating system is functioning optimally throughout the season.

What are the problems with soft tops?

The hardtops and the convertibles have their respective comparative advantages. Most manufacturers will not tell you the likely problems you will have with the product. The following are some of the likely problems you will have when you install the convertible on your jeep.

Windy noise

Do you hear wind noise when you install the hardtop? You might be experiencing something different when you install the convertible. In a situation where you have installed the convertible wrongly, you will likely experience windy noise when the jeep is in motion.

Other factors could cause it also. For instance, misalignment of the convertible, holes, wears, age, and other factors. To resolve the problem, you should inspect the convertible for any possible holes.

You should fix it immediately with a weather seal or any other type of seal recommended by the manufacturer. If there are no holes in it, you can go to a professional for assessment and proper installation.

Faded color

The reason why many users install convertibles on their jeep is the stylish design and look. The color of a quality OEM is always shiny and attractive.

You might be uninterested in the convertible after a few months when you notice a change in the color of the convertible. In most situations, the problem is caused by the type of cleaning material you use and exposure to sunlight for a longer duration.

Fixing the problem might be easy but you can avoid it. All you need to do is restrict the washing of the cover to the use of auto-rated soap and you also park the jeep in a location where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Water leakage

The threat of water leakage is the reason why some people do not use convertibles. There is a high chance that the convertible will leak water into your vehicle when it is not installed correctly, there is a hole on it that passes water into the jeep, and other factors.

The first thing you can do to fix the problem is to inspect it for any possible holes. You should then seal the holes immediately.

If that does not resolve the problem, you should seek help from a professional. The convertible has likely been poorly installed or it has been misaligned.

Durability issue

Though there are different manufacturers of the convertible, they all claim that it is durable and can withstand the pressure of any season.

You could have problems with the convertible during winter, especially if you have not prepared well for it. The convertible could get ruined easily, despite the numerous things that have been said about it. To avoid the problem of getting the convertible ruined easily, you should install the convertible correctly and also maintain it the right way.

Maintenance tips for Jeep soft tops

If you have a convertible installed on your jeep, you should care for it the way you would have cared for the hardtop. Below are some of the things you can do to care for the convertible.

Clean it

Cleaning the convertible will do more than make it look neat. For instance, you will get rid of the debris that would have blocked the drain channel and potentially increase its lifespan.

However, you must ensure that you only use recommended cleaning material. If you want to wash it, you can start by rinsing it, and then applying the cleaning material.

Once you are through with that, you can use a soft brush to wash it before you rinse it and then dry it with a neat microfiber cloth.

Regular inspection

Caring for the convertible also entails periodic inspection of its current state. You should check the bolts, the frame, the panels, the drilled holes, and other parts. You should not hesitate to replace any part or tighten loose bolts.

Make use of a garage

To protect the color of the convertible, you should not expose it to sunlight for a longer duration. To do this, you can construct a garage.


Snow is inevitable during winter but the maximum your convertible can hold is 10 inches. You should prepare for winter if you intend to use the convertible and also care for it. If possible, you can switch to hardtops during winter to avoid some of the hassles mentioned in this article. 

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