How Many Car Seat Covers Do I Need?

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When you buy a new car, the outward appearance of the car is as much as important as the interior even though the former takes precedence most of the time. the invention of seat covers has made it possible for car owners to be able to customize the looks of their car’s interior to likeness.

So, how many car seat covers do I need? Given that the primary aim of car seat covers is to protect the original fabric of the car seat, all seats, therefore, deserve a cover. The number of seats, therefore, determines the number of covers you will need for your car.

For personal cars, the front seats are the most used in the car, therefore, they are the first to show signs of deterioration.

If you do not plan to get seat cover for all the seats in your car, then prioritizing the front seats is perhaps a better alternative. 

However, for the sake of uniformity and aesthetics of your car’s interior décor, it is best to get cover for all seats. Parents and pet owners are more in need of seat covers than any other person.

With taxis, the driver’s seat and every other seat in the car are in constant use and therefore have an equal need for a seat cover. 

Why do I need car seat covers?

While seat covers have been around for a considerable number of years now, some still consider them unnecessary. There are however lots of benefits in using car seat covers especially in maintaining the resale value of the car. Here are some of the many benefits of car seat covers


This is perhaps the most important use of seat covers. They are designed to protect your car seats and prolong their lifespan.

Car seats deteriorate over time primarily as a result of continuous exposure to the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. with repeated exposure, the seats begin to dry out and eventually develop cracks which open up room for further deterioration.

The sun’s rays also affect greatly the color of the seats as it causes them to fade away quicker than expected. This explains the difference between the interior of a car that is always parked outside, right under the sun, and that which is always parked in a garage or under a shade, well protected from the sun.

Aside from the sun, car seat covers also protect the seats from spills, stains, dirt, sharps, crumbs, and debris.  Depending on the nature of the seat, stains or spills may prove difficult to clean out making your seats appear older than they are. This affects the overall look of the car and its resale market price.

When you have the habit of eating in the car or have children as parents, the car seats will be constantly littered with dirt, crumbs, and debris.

Children may also play around with sharp objects in the car which could damage the seats. Car seat covers to protect the seats from being directly affected by any of these.


Another primary reason why people get seat covers for their cars is to improve on the looks of the car’s interior. The interior decoration of your car may not meet your taste especially if you are an aesthetic person, but with seat covers, you can turn this around and demonstrate your taste by designing the interior of the car with matching colors of seat covers.

Different seat covers give a different impression about your taste, there are some which are designed to give a luxurious and classy look, while others are simply elegant and nice looking. For the expensive-looking type which makes you feel like a celebrity, leather seat covers are best at showcasing luxury.


Seat covers make the seat more comfortable and provide an enjoyable experience for both the driver and other passengers.

Depending on the construction material, seat covers are usually cosier than the original seat and adapt more to whether condition. They ensure that the seat does not get uncomfortably cold during winter or heat up during summer months.

Whether it is for their smell, comfort, looks, or protective abilities, seat covers will improve all these aspects of your car and help maintain a reasonable resale value in case you intend to sell off the car later on.


Seat covers are much easier to clean than the seat. When stained from a spillage or other sources of stain that may prove difficult to remove, the cover can be removed and washed thoroughly or treated with the right chemical to remove the stain.

Car seats getting stained is a common finding especially with car owners who eat or drink in their cars. Such individuals need seat covers to keep their seats protected.

Slow the  depreciation

A lot of factors contribute to the deterioration of a car seat, accumulation of dirt, the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun, spills, stains, and sharps are the commonest examples of the factors that damage the car seat and its resale value.

If the car seats are covered up with a seat cover, whenever these covers are removed, the seats will appear brand new and add to the resale value of the car.

Customize appearance

With seat coves, you can make the interior of your car look exactly how you want it. The original design of a car seat usually prioritizes functionality overlooks.

If, however, a car owner would like the interior of the car to appear elegant or classy or to give a luxurious vibe, seat covers can help achieve such.

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How to choose the best car seat cover for my car

The ultimate guide in choosing the right seat cover for your car seats has to do with selecting the best car seat cover based on the quality of the construction material and also based on the colour, design, and style of the cover.

Currently, there are diverse construction materials for seat covers, some of these include; leather, polyester, vinyl, neoprene, and others. each type of construction material has advantages or merits over the other.

Fabric (cloth) type of seat covers provide maximum protection for your seats, are very comfortable, and blend well with the interior décor of the car.  is easy to clean when compared to other types, however, they tend to fade with continuous exposure to the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays.

If what you want is a seat cover that improves the looks of your car’s interior, something that will make your car appear more elegant, classy, or luxurious.

A styling that is eye-catching and continuously wins you tons of compliments, then the pure leather type of seat cover is exactly what you need. It is considerably durable but may heart up especially during hot summer months or when the car is parked outside without a shade.

There is also a synthetic leather type of seat cover known as PU art leather. Compared to the pure leather type, it is less thick and clean more easily than other types of the seat cover.

It is stronger than most and resists wear, tear, and water. However during hot summer months, without AC, the seats could become sticky.

Depending on your taste and preferences, each of these types of covers serves a particular purpose and has advantages over one another.

Make sure to engage in enough research about the seat cover and choose based on the type of construction material that fulfills your criteria. 

Another important factor to consider when getting your car seat cover is the color, style, and design of the car seats. Choosing seat covers with an elegant color that matches the color and design of the car will change the entire look of the car and make it unrecognizable but in a good way.

Features to look out for in any seat cover therefore include;

  • Durability and long-lasting quality
  • Scratch resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Quality of construction material
  • Design, style, and color of the seat cover
  • Comfort amongst others.

How safe are car seat covers?

So far, it would seem seat covers are a must-have for every car owner out there. Up until recently, this was a general notion, however, with the advent of cars that have protective airbags installed in their seats, this is no longer the case.

Sensors in the car detect when the car is involved in an accident and send signals which bring about the deployment of these airbags to protect the driver and front-seat passenger.

The seats stitching over the area of the airbag are made in such a way that it does not hinder the deployment of these airbags. Seat covers have however been shown to hinder their deployment.

Most seat covers are designed without taking into account these seat airbags. Except one can find seat covers that are perfectly compatible with seats that have airbags, it is not safe nor is it advisable to make use of seat covers that are not recommended by the car’s manufacturer.

How Many Car Seat Covers Do I Need – Conclusion

Prolong the lifespan of your car seat by covering them up with the appropriate seat cover that will not only protect them from harsh and damaging conditions but also add to the design of the interior of the car.

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