Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Problems (Plus Possible Fix)

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The Extang solid fold 2.0 covers are simply great in all candour. However, problems are bound to occur where their installation is poorly executed. In some instances, these truck bed covers suffer a lot of hardship during transportation resulting in multiple damage and complaints.

We shall look at some of the commonest problems these trucks cover – Extang solid fold 2.0 have and also try to explain how best to solve them when they eventually occur.

Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Problems & Easy Way To Fix Them

  1. The cover is not tight
  2. Cover scratches and dent easily
  3. Cover Leaks

1. Cover Is Not Tight Enough

It is quite common for one or more of the panels to refuse to sit nicely during installation and when this happens, they may protrude by up to about two inches at the back of the box rail and tailgate. (Read Also: How Tight Should A Tonneau Cover Be? Find Out Now)

In order to latch it down, you may have to push it down very hard on the rear corner of the cover and also compress the spring in the tail clamp to the limit.

The force of the cover while trying to spring back up, may leave a space or gap of some inches around the rear of the panel. Sometimes, the front clamps tighten really well, but the rear clamps do not.

There is also the issue of shortness, where the cover which should be long enough to enable it to seal the tailgate and front of the bed, happens to only sit on the front rail channel, but barely on the tailgate.

2. Cover Scratches And Dent Easily

The extang cover also faces dents usually accompanied by scratches of its paint finish. Complaints of left-over glue on its surface are also very common.

The wrong installation can also manifest in both the front and rear panels not aligning properly, thereby having one end raised higher or lower than the other. (Read Also: Can I Paint My Bakflip Tonneau Cover? Things To Note Before Painting)

Regardless of whatever problems one may have with it, there are easy ways of attending to them. For instance, in the case of scratches, you can smoothen the place up with sandpaper and a touch of putty before giving it a paint touch up. This will do nicely. 

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3. Leaky Cover

The Extang solid fold truck bed cover also leaks, particularly at the hinges. Where there are leakages, you will do well to re-install properly after diligently reading the user manual or with the help of a skilled technician or someone who has used this cover before. (Read Also: Do Bakflip Covers Leak? 3 Leakproof Covers You Should Check Out)

Where you do not wish to do any of this, you may request for either a full refund or replacement of defective products, provided they are not tempered.

Are There Any Problems Installing Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Covers?

Yes, there are. It is quite common for one or both panels to be wrongly installed and this may manifest in either the front or the rear of the cover to be raised or lowered abnormally.

Additionally, poor installation may also result in spaces or gaps in the braces of these truck covers and when this happens, leakage of water is bound to occur too.

In some instances, both the leakage and any abnormal sound may not really have anything to do with the wrong installation but that of failure to tighten the necessary screws. It is thus extremely important to ensure that all screws are tightened up properly to guard against this happening.

How Long Does It Take To Install Them?

There isn’t any specific time frame as such, since how long one takes to fully get them installed is dependent on several factors such as how skilled the person is on the matter and whether all the required tools are available.

In summary, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to fully install an Extang solid fold 2.0 truck cover properly. Little wonder it is said that its installation takes shorter than it does to remove it from the supply pack. How hilarious!

How To Install Extang Solid fold 2.0 The Right Way To Avoid Problems

All Extang solid fold tonneau cover tops come fully assembled. However, always look out for either damaged or missing components before any attempt at installation.

If everything is enclosed, proceed to wash up the truck bed and then place that assembled truck cover over the cab end of the truck box.

Then carefully refold the truck cover without moving its position on the truck bed. Unfold the cover fully and adjust its position over the truck bed for correct alignment.

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Thereafter, pull the rear clamp down and hook it under the bottom edge of the bed wall flange, before you slide the rear clamp out onto the bed wall.

Finally, remove any snow or other foreign materials before folding the cover, but ensure that the clamp is positioned under the bed wall flange.

Hand tighten until all contacts are secured properly. Trim only enough of the truck bed cap edge liner wall so that it will not contact the bottom of the metal flange.

With your tailgate open and the front clamps secured, close the cover. The is because it is more secure to travel with a closed tonneau cover than an opened one.

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How Do I Take The Solid Fold 2.0 Cover Off?

The solid fold 2.0 provides a fast and simple installation and removal by just releasing the clamps at the tail, fold cover and loosening the clamps at the cab.

We shall endeavour to give you more details in the following steps. The tools required for this removal operation are centre punch, hammer,  steel driver, tore screws and safety goggles.

Step 1

Get the cover to lie flat and supported before you remove the 120 tore screw from the hinge and caps on one side.

Step 2

Keeping the panel at an angle of about 45 degrees, slide the free end of the hinge towards the missing end cap.

Step 3

Now, rotate the hinge slightly and then slide it free of the centre panel and rotate for the middle panel and second hinge as well.

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Step 4

The seals are able to move back and forth in the extrusion slots. Next, you should make sure that both seals are centred with the hinge extrusion. If it is centred, each seal should extend beyond both ends of the hinge extrusion by about 3mm.

Step 5

With the seals in position, put the hinge extrusion upside down on any solid surface, which should be firm, but also be careful not to tear the hinge surface.

With the aid of safety glasses, a hammer and a centre punch, strike the edge of the extrusion so that you will create a dent that will prevent the seal from sliding in the groove. Repeat this in 4 places, two on either end.

Step 6

Reassembly is simply a reversal of disassembly. Therefore, it can be done by just sliding the panels and hinges and finally re-attaching the end caps.

However, note that, when tightening the screws, only hand tighten to make sure that you do not over-torque. Also, when sliding the hinges and panels together, make sure that they are flush before attaching the end caps.

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Is It Possible To Use The Solid Fold 2.0 With A Truck With Utility Track In The Bed?

Of course, it is. However, the specifications must match to be able to do that. In essence, the dimensions of the truck cover must precisely be similar to those of the truck bed on which you want to install it.

Note that the solid fold 2.0 cover is equipped with a supplementary clamp kit which can be used to mount it inside the track system, but the dimensions must fully match.

Are The Solid Fold 2.0 Panels Any Good?

These panels come with designs you don’t easily find anywhere else. These include patented jaw grips and EZ-lock clamps, 1″ thick Endura Shield panels.

The panels have an automotive-grade polymer that resists dents, scratches and any UV light-mediated fading much better than both aluminium and fibreglass panels.

They are also very light for ease of handling and transportation. So, yes the solid fold 2.0 panels are not just only good but are reputed to be better than all their competitors on the market.

 How Secured Is The Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Cover?

The Extang solid fold covers are as secure as any other, if not more so. To assure this, they are produced using a lightweight 1-inch thick EnduraShield panel with an automotive-grade polymer skin that has a polypropylene core which provides reliable protection from dents and scratches, as well as fading from exposure to sunlight.

How Durable Are They Compared To Other Tonneau Covers?

Of the three major tonneau covers, the hard type are known to be the strongest and this is where the Extang solid fold 2.0 cover belongs. This means that with adequate care and regular maintenance, they can serve you for as long as possible without any complaints.

What Are Some Of The Stand Out Qualities Of The Extang Solid fold 2.0 Tonneau Covers?

The Extang is known for its incomparable properties when placed side by side with other truck bed covers. Notable among these is their lightweight and the one-inch thickness of the EnduraShield panel that confers on its durability and strength.

It comes in a matte black finish with powder-coated aluminium frames and hinges for excessive resistance to wear and tear.  Its clamps attach directly to the bed flanges without the fear of any damage to your bed caps.

Finally, its re-engineered and patented EZ-Lock Clamp needs just minimal effort to operate and it self-locks in position as well. Enclosed in the supply pack is a user manual that is designed to avail you whatever you may require to use it successfully.

What Are Some Common Tonneau Cover Damages And Repairs?

We cannot entirely stop our truck bed covers from developing faults of different natures, even though we can both slow down the process as well as fix it if that inevitably happens.

Some common problems, especially with the fibreglass type is getting torn in its fabric. In addition to getting it repaired at auto workshops that specialize in this kind of issues, you can also do it yourself at home.

To do this effectively, you may require to have some bodywork done on it, get an Expoxy fibreglass repair kit, sanding, repainting and reapplication of clear paint coating.

All these may depend on your creativity and how you want it to look, in addition to how much you are willing or are able to spend too. Whatever the cost may be, it would be much better than having to replace the entire truck bed cover.

Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Problems – Conclusion

Tonneau covers are basically produced to provide security to our cargo from theft as well as protect them from the harmful effects of dust particles and the sun.

It is for this reason that several types of materials are used in producing them such as vinyl, fibreglass and aluminium.

Of all the types available, the Extang solid fold 2.0 covers have special qualities that mark them out and are usually supplied with a three-year warranty for optimal customer protection.

Irrespective of their qualities, you must augment that with proper and regular maintenance, if you want to fully benefit from them. Avoid the use of chemical agents that may injure or compromise them while cleaning.

Be sure to strictly follow all instructions given during installation. This has become necessary because most of the complaints are as a result of poor or wrong installation rather than any defect in the product itself.

Where you are not sure of doing the right thing, it is highly advisable that you seek the help of qualified persons rather than risk your truck covers to any premature harm.

Should you hearken strictly to these instructions, chances are pretty high that your truck covers may not need any replacement for a long time.

Finally, when it comes to applying any shining or polishing chemical agents after washing, use only acclaimed tonneau cover shiners which are approved by the manufacturers.

Where you are not certain of this, refer to the user manual or consult the manufacturers through their website or customer care services. No effort should be spared in this, to save you from any avoidable expenses.

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