Are There Dog Kennel That Fits Under Tonneau Cover?

The tonneau cover is installed for different reasons. For some, it is for aesthetics while some install it to protect their cargo. After installation of the tonneau cover, you will likely experience restrictions on the type of things that could be kept in the truck bed.

One of such restrictions that people experience is the size of cargo that could be under the cover. Therefore, many people wonder if there are dog kennels that can fit under the tonneau cover.

The little space between the cover and the truck bed will determine what you can keep under the tonneau cover. This implies that the size of the cargo will determine if it will fit.

To answer the question, most dog kennels are big and it is unlikely that they fit under the tonneau cover. However, smaller sizes such as the T1 Dakota and Dakota 283 dog kennel will fit. Keep reading this article for more information.

What are the conditions that will make a dog kennel fit under a tonneau cover?

Once you cover the truck bed cover, there is a restriction on the size of the cargo that could go under the tonneau cover.

Dog kennels are made in different sizes, hence, some will fit while some will not. Below are some of the conditions that will determine if a dog kennel will fit under the tonneau cover or not.

Profile of the dog kennel

Not all dog kennels will go under the tonneau cover. If you have one that you desire to put under the tonneau cover, you should consider its profile. If it is made of low profile, there is a high chance that it will fit.


The design of the dog kennel you want to put under the tonneau cover is also important just like the size. Recall that it is going under the tonneau cover, therefore, it must be designed in a manner that will make the dog comfortable under the cover.

Any model of a dog kennel that is light will likely fit under the tonneau cover more than the heavy ones. Not only that, any dog kennel with a rear handle will fit. This is because the rear handle will make it easier for you to move and lift the kennel.

Ventilation holes

Irrespective of the duration it will take for the dog to stay under the tonneau cover, it needs proper ventilation. If you want to put a dog kennel under the tonneau cover, you should consider the ventilation holes. The type of dog kennel recommended earlier has large side ventilation holes.

Things you must do before you put a dog kennel under a tonneau cover

Getting a dog kennel that meets the conditions stated above is not enough to keep the dog safe under the tonneau cover. There are other necessary things you must do. Highlighted below are some of the things you should do before you put a dog kennel under the tonneau cover.

Inspect the truck bed

Before you put the dog kennel under the tonneau cover, you should first inspect the truck bed. Check for possible things that could be a threat to the dog and things that could be damaged by the kennel.

Moreover, if you have other cargo in the truck bed, you should check the available space to know if it will be convenient to put the dog kennel there.

Clean the truck bed

After inspection of the truck bed, it is recommended that you thoroughly clean it. Get rid of remnants and other dirt that could affect the dog or the dog kennel. If possible, you should wash the truck bed before you put the dog in the kennel. 


The climatic condition when you want to put the dog kennel under the tonneau cover is very important. For instance, if the climate is hot, you should reconsider putting the dog kennel under the tonneau cover. This is because the hot climate could potentially ruin the dog kennel or affect the dog.

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Implications of putting a dog kennel under a tonneau cover

One of the many advantages of the tonneau cover is that it protects the cargo against theft, water, and other risks. While you are free to put anything under the tonneau cover, the available space and the type of cargo will restrict you.

Hence, there are implications when you put some of these restricted cargos under the tonneau cover. Below are some of the likely implications of putting a dog kennel under the tonneau cover.


Though a smaller size dog kennel will fit under the tonneau cover, it could ruin the cover. You might experience difficulties while trying to put the dog kennel under the cover.

If you forcefully put it in, it could scratch the cover or damage it in the process. Moreover, the dog in the kennel could also scratch the truck bed or damage other cargo under the cover.

Frequent washing

The longer the dog kennel stays under the tonneau cover, the frequency you will have to wash the truck bed. In a situation where you only keep the dog kennel there a few times, you will have to clean the truck bed.

Safety of the dog

If you have gotten the size that will fit under the tonneau cover, you have to consider the size of the dog also. Will the dog fit in the dog kennel you have bought?

If yes, will the climate be conducive to putting a dog under the tonneau cover? Will the dog get enough ventilation under the cover? These are some of the things you will consider. If these things are not properly checked, you could be subjecting the dog to risk.

Inability to shut the cover

For the dog not to be affected due to lack of ventilation, many truck owners do not shut the tailgate of the truck once they have the dog kennel under it. This implies that another cargo in the truck bed is at the risk of being stolen or damaged.

Maintenance tips for tonneau cover

When you invest in a quality tonneau cover, you can use it for many years without thinking about replacement. One of the things that will ensure it lasts longer is when you care for it properly. Do you know how to do that? If not, below are a few tips on how to care for the tonneau cover.

Wash regularly

The tonneau cover, just like the rest of the exterior of the truck, is exposed to dirt, dust, and other contaminants. This implies that you must wash it the same way you wash the wheel and the body of the truck. You can use all the cleaning materials you use for the truck on the tonneau cover.

If possible, you should get a clean towel to dry it when you are through with washing. Washing the cover will not only make it attractive, but it will also get rid of debris that could block the drainage channel.

Install properly

Many users of the different tonneau covers have one complaint or the other about the brand of their tonneau cover. The truth is that many of those issues they have are caused by poor installation.

To care for your tonneau cover, you should ensure proper installation at the beginning. If you are in doubt about what you have done during installation or you run into problems in the process, you should hire a professional installer.

Clean water residual

There are instances where there could be a pool of water on the tonneau cover when it rains. If you notice a pool of water on your truck bed, you should get rid of the water immediately. Leaving the water there for a longer duration could lead to sagging or the cover leaks water into the truck bed.

Inspect regularly

After some period of usage, it is likely that some parts of the cover get worn, loosened, or missed. If you do not detect this early, it could lead to further damage. It is recommended that you inspect the cover weekly, depending on how often you use the truck.

Use a garage

The color of the tonneau cover could fade after some period of usage. This implies that the cover will no longer be attractive. To avoid this, you should avoid exposing the cover to direct sunlight for a longer duration.

One of the ways you can achieve this is by constructing a garage in your home where you will always park the truck, if possible.

In a situation where you cannot construct a garage, you can opt for an alternative by parking in shady areas. However, make sure you do not park where bird droppings could fall on the cover.

Trust someone

Running over speed bumps, potholes, and moving at higher speed also affects the tonneau cover. It could lead to issues such as noise, misalignment, and others. If you experience any of these issues, you can trust a professional around you to properly fix the problem.


You can put a dog kennel under a tonneau cover but it depends on some conditions. Before you go-ahead to do it, you should consider the safety of the dog. 

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