Do Car Seat Covers Void Warranty?

A car warranty is more like an agreement between the car makers and the owner of the car. Through this contract, the car makers agree to fix for free any defect in the car, malfunctions, or replacements for a specified period under certain conditions. Expiration of this agreed time or violation of any of the conditions will enable the car makers to deny car owners the benefits of the warranty.

So, do the car seat covers void the warranty? Seat covers are perhaps the most common change most car owners do to their cars after buying them. While this may be considered a harmless modification, some car manufacturing companies frown against using any accessory that is not produced by the company or recommended by it.

However, simply installing a car seat cover in your car does not deny you the benefit of having your car seat replaced when it is damaged in an accident for example. The car company is mandated to show that the seat malfunctioning such as the airbags not deploying is due solely or indirectly to the seat cover.

If it is established that the malfunctioning of the seats has to do with any accessory such as covers, then the car owner will be denied the benefits of the warranty. 

How car seat covers void warranty

The car company regards any car accessory not tested with the car as non-genuine for the car. This way, they discourage you from using any accessory not manufactured or recommended by them. One of the accessories most car owners seem to be greatly concerned about is the car seat cover.

Millions of car owners make use of covers on their seats. The covers keep the seats shielded from the direct impact of the sun’s ultraviolet light, prologs its longevity, prevents the colours from fading, protects it from spills and stains, and makes cleaning the seat easier and faster. 

Although the many benefits of the covers for car seats are undeniable, there is also a drawback to using car seats. Car seats that completely the seat including its sides where the airbags are located may hamper the deployment of the front seat airbags. 

Given that these covers were not crash tested with the seats, the car company feels within their rights to deny the car owner the benefits of the warranty policy. Using such an unlicensed accessory that could potentially contribute to the damage can invalidate the warranty policy.

If you must install covers for your car seats, ensure they are those designed for seats with airbags if your car seats have airbags installed on their sides.

Covers for car seats may not necessarily be classified as one of those car accessories that will cost car owners the car’s warranty, but if after investigation, there is clear evidence that the cover has something to do with the damage, whiter this is directly or indirectly, the company is well within their rights to deny the replacement of the seats.

What are the things that cannot void your car warranty?

Some car owners are super concerned about every little modification done to their car as they fear this may deny them the car’s warranty.

Whether it is about changing or replacing something in the car or going for car maintenance at the owner maintenance shop other than the dealer’s, some of these concerns are not considered as things that the car warranty void.

Here are some of the car modifications and accessories that will not cost you your car warranty.

Seat covers

As mentioned earlier, seat covers are the easiest way to give your car a personalized look. it gives you control over how the interior of your car looks and allows you to decorate it to your taste.

This is in addition to other cool benefits that th cheering your seats such as increasing your car’s resell value, protecting the seats from the sun, stains, spills, and sharps.

The appropriate seat cover for your car seat which does not cause the seats to malfunction such as stopping the deployment of the seat airbags or similar malfunctioning is okay and will not void the car’s warranty.

Denial of the warranty by the car company is simply based on the fact that these accessories are untested may not be genuine or compatible with the car.


While driving, one of the things that spice up driving time is listening to good music. Most music lovers have developed such strong love for music that makes them unable to stay away for a moment from music.

The quality of sound an audio device produces determines how much the music is enjoyed. For this reason, most car owners usually installed aftermarket speakers in their cars to improve the car’s audio.

During the installation process, as long the car’s original wiring is not tempered with, speakers are not considered one of the car accessories that makes the car’s warranty void.

However, if for any reason, the electrician or whoever installed the speakers decides to tamper with the car’s original wiring, then the company may invalidate the car owner the benefits of the warranty.


Car headlights are also one of the car parts some owners wish to personalize. Installation of LED bulbs without actually changing the entire headlight is a trending modification among most car owners. Certain bulbs however possess a great challenge to other road users due to their blinding effects. 

Similar to speakers, as long the car’s original wiring is not messed with, there is no problem with the warranty.


While seats are the go-to whenever people wanted to redecorate the interior of their cars, rather than repainting the car, wrappings are a much easier way to change the outward appearance of your car. Wrappings are not amongst car accessories that the car’s warranty.

tyre and alloys

One of the ways to give your car a sleek look is by using tires and allows with great designs. This must however be of standard quality and inappropriate size in order not to be too large for the suspension.

When a buy a car, it usually comes with an owner’s manual or a warranty manual, must of these manuals contain a clear statement from the car manufacturer about the terms of the warranty, that is, the obligations of the company to hold their end of the warranty and what they expect from the car owner as well as things that the warranty.

Ensure to go through your car’s warranty manual to acquaint yourself with what the manufacturer says about how to retain your warranty and things that can cost you the warranty.

This is because the policy varies slightly amongst different car companies. Most car company’s such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, and others deny car owners the warranty if the installed accessory is directly or indirectly responsible for the damage in any way.

If this is true, you will not be able to lay any claim or sue the company. While it is true that most companies disallow the use of aftermarket car accessories not produced by them just to promote their product, it is equally true that there exist substandard products which are untested and which can potentially put your life in grave danger.

Some car owners for instance have complained about the malfunctioning of their seat warmers after which it was discovered that the seat cover could have been responsible for this. non ventilated seat covers trap the heat and may cause the seat warmer to heat up leading to its malfunction. Ventilated seat covers are much better for seats with warmers.

Seat covers are however the least factor that can cause damage to the seat warmer. Its grid is most damaged by direct forceful pressure on it most commonly by pressing the knee against it while kneeling on the seat.

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What can void your car warranty?

Certain practices and car accessories can void car warranty. Car warranty can be voided as a whole or in parts. For example, the warranty for your car engine can be voided when you used non-recommended engine oil leading to engine failure.

You however can retain a warranty for other parts of the car if the engine failure does not lead to further damage of other components.

So, here are some of the things that can make your car warranty void

Driving recklessly

When it is shown that the damage was a result of reckless driving, the company can invalidate the warranty and refuse to repay or replace the damaged parts


Damages resulting from overloading cars do not fall within the warranty policy. The car owner can lay any claim or sue the car company for not paying for damages.

Natural disasters

Similarly, natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, fires, tornados, etc. are not also covered by the warranty. Car insurance is responsible for such cost

Poor maintenance

If the damage is a result of poor maintenance practices such as not changing the engine oil and lubricants at the right time, then the warranty can be denied without reparation. Damages resulting from using improper oil for car maintenance or other fluids also fall within this category.


as long as the car seat does not directly or indirectly cause the damage, then this does not void the car’s warranty. If cars with such car covers are involved in an accident, the car company is obligated to change the car seat. Remember to read your warranty manual for more information on the subject.

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