Do Car Covers Cause Paint To Bubble?

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Over the years, a lot of bad reviews have been thrown at producers and suppliers of Car Covers. The major been that Car Covers do more harm than good to a Car’s exterior. One of the reviews says that “a cover causes a car’s paint to Bubble. What then is a Car Cover and how true is this allegation?

A car Cover is a material, whose sole use is to protect a Car’s exterior parts and the painting being the most. When a car is no longer in use, develops a fault or the user is away, a Car Cover is a protective measure they go for in other to maintain its color. 

So, Does car covers cause paint to bubble? Depending on the type of car cover, car covers have been implicated in causing car paints to bubble. Other causes of this incidence include heat, moisture, bad paintwork. To prevent this from happening, ensure to make use of breathable and well-fitting car covers.

Choosing the right cover for one’s Car should be a car owner’s priority but a lot of Car owners, go to the store to purchase cover for their car because they want it protected from Sun, Rain, droppings, scratch, discolouring, etc.

They end up selecting one because of its attractive colour, texture, and design; They forget to note that a car’s cover is produced for specific weather conditions.

With harsh weather conditions, there are bound to be some cars developing moisture bubbling which is more often than not blamed on the car’s Cover when the right Cover is not used.

During the rainy season, the anti- waterproof cover is the most efficient cover to be used. The anti-raindrops which are best used during the rainy season,  the car from raindrops and bird droppings. 

The anti-sun cover protects the car’s paint from discolouring, bubbling caused by the Sun. The breathable Cover, allows air between the car and a cover, thereby preventing it from moisture and dew.

Imagine when a Car owner buys a waterproof cover when it’s summertime, when this is the case, a car cover’s job won’t be to protect the Car.

According to Salva fix (2020), an Auto painting Company, gave a review on what causes damage to a Car’s paint. 13 causes were mentioned and the Car Cover was not mentioned in the publication.

Another Auto Company fixes USA (2019), gave a detailed review on 9 reasons why a Car’s paint bubbles and car cover was not mentioned. So, what then causes a car’s paint to bubble? 

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What causes car paint to bubble?

According to Da Saliva auto, paint bubbles are the result of moisture entering the paint.  During application, droplets of moisture are trapped inside and below the surface of the paint.

This moisture then migrates to the surface, where it emerges and releases; the release is what is called a bubble. This dents a paint job. When a paint bubbles, there are suitable reasons to explain it, all having a mutual condition of “trapped Moisture”. 

When the paint is applied in hot, humid conditions, the paint will undergo fusion thereby leading to the Bubbling of the paint.  Also, using a low-quality paint thinner causes the paint to Bubble.

Corrosion is another factor that causes paint to Bubble; in the case of corrosion, moisture is a culprit because the metal below the paint needs to be exposed to air.

When the exposure is absent, it rusts and causes the paint to Bubble. In addition to the aforementioned reasons why a car paint bubbles are Delamination.

Due to constant exposure to the Sun, the coat and paint below the break, this time, the paint will peel and bubble before flaking off.

When a car is painted under the protective umbrella of Cover bubbles, the aforementioned reasons (dirt/ debris trapped in the paint, low-quality paint, moisture, weather condition) should be looked into as the cause.

In conclusion, as the saying goes, there is no smoke without a fire, for a car paint to Bubble, there must have been an error with the paint application but choosing the right car cover will reduce/ stop the severity.

A breathable car cover protects the car from a lot. A breathable car cover, allows trapped moisture to evaporate. It is safe to say that Bubbling is not caused by a Cover but by NEGLIGENCE and IGNORANCE.

How to keep paint from bubbling

Aside from the role of some car covers in causing paints to bubble, the most implicated cause as discoursed above is a bad paint job.

Therefore, to avoid this ugly menace, ensuring that your car is repainted by professionals who will do the best job on your car becomes one of the top ways of avoiding paint bubbles.

The type of covers implicated in causing car paint to bubble is waterproof. while they can efficiently keep water away, they can also trap water within, that is, underneath the cover, keeping the paint constraint in contact with water, which could lead to the formation of paint bubbles.

Irrespective of the weather condition, whether it is completely dry outside, these covers can create a moist or damp environment underneath them and cause problems such as bubbling, mould formation, or similar deteriorating conditions.

The “trapped moisture” by such cover creates a lot of problems, including bubbling, water spots, moulds amongst others. this is especially through when the cover is left for a prolonged time over the car, as seen with car owners that park their cars for a while to wait out unfavourable weather conditions such as winters.

Such owners are become furious upon removing the cover only to discover such an ugly unexpected sight. These types of covers are why a lot of car owners are beginning to believe car covers do more harm to cars than the protection which is promised by their manufacturers.

When incidences of this nature occur, the car owner can decide to report to the manufacturers of the car cover with nd demand a refund of the cost of the cover as well as payment for the damage incurred.

Remember, however, there are more cases of paint bubbles resulting from bad paintwork than from car covers. If the bubbles are discovered following a new paint job, then it is most likely a result of pinholes left in the paint when it was applied. This hole allows air and moisture in the form of solvent from the paint leading to the formation of bubbles.

One of the strategies to prevent paint bubbling aside using a breathable is cover that ensures no moisture is trapped underneath the cover, is also by waxing the car. This is a proven way to keep away paint bubbles.

How to repair car paint bubble

The general causes of paint bubbles include heat, moisture, or both. When it comes to waterproof car covers causing paint bubbling, it is not simply a result of the trapping of moisture underneath the cover, it also has to do with the flapping of the cover whenever the wind blows.

One of the ways to prevent this from happening aside from getting a breathable type is to get a cover that fits properly and secure the ends of the cover to prevent this flapping movement.

There are records by some car owners claiming when they first discovered the bubbles, they simply uncovered the car, kept the car in the garage for a while until the trapped moisture dried out.

Rather than bursting the bubbles open, which may further ruin the car paint, leaving the bubbles to dry out is a much more conservative approach.

Paint bubbles do not however repair themselves or simply disappear. Once these appear on your car, then know some amount of bodywork and repainting is necessary to your car’s former glory.

The repair process involved may not be something every car owner can carry out on their own, this involves visiting a repair shop to make sure a good job is done in fixing the car. Ensure to get the right paint quality and to use the best repairers in the business. 

The repair process involves first scratching and sanding out the old paint, if the new paint is done over an old one, this may constitute a reason for paint bubbling. Therefore, before re-spraying or repainting your car, ensure the painter removes the old paint by scratching and sanding it out.

Next is to use pressure washing to wash off the entire paint and to make the car’s body is clean free from the old paint, debris, and dirt.

Once the car is properly washed and dried out, then the new paint can be carefully and properly applied. Ensure no pinholes are left in the paint as this may become a gateway for the paint to bubble later on.

Best car cover for your car

The best cover for any car is one that fits perfectly, is breathable, and does not trap moisture underneath it. It also should be painted friendly, not to cause scratches.

When a cover is not properly secured, the flapping movement whenever a wind blows by could cause scratches on the paint. Do not be swayed by the design or attractive nature of any car cover, always set your priorities right, and this should be based on a cover that will constitute more harm than good.

Do Car Covers Cause Paint To Bubble – Conclusion

Depending on the type of car cover, car covers have been implicated in causing car paints to bubble. Other causes of this incidence include heat, moisture, bad paintwork. To prevent this from happening, ensure to make use of breathable and well-fitting car covers.

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