Do Car Covers Cause Rust?

Do car covers cause rust

There is a lot of reluctance by some car owners in using a car cover for their car as they are unsure whether the car cover causes more harm than the benefits ascribed to it. One of the issues raised in association with a car cover is whether it causes rust or not. This is … Read more

Do Car Covers Protect From Acorns?

Do car covers protect from acorns

There is no doubt that the sun has a terrible adverse effect on both the exterior and interior of a car, therefore, parking the car directly under the sun may not be a good idea. however, how safe is parking your car under the shade of a tree, especially trees such as oaks on a … Read more

Do Car Covers Cause Paint To Bubble?

Do car covers cause paint to bubble

Over the years, a lot of bad reviews have been thrown at producers and suppliers of Car Covers. The major been that Car Covers do more harm than good to a Car’s exterior. One of the reviews says that “a cover causes a car’s paint to Bubble. What then is a Car Cover and how … Read more

Can I Put Car Cover On When Car Is Wet?

Can i put a car cover on when car is wet

There is no doubting the many benefits of using a car cover for your car, however, many car owners are not aware of the possible harms that could come from using a car cover. The possible harms that may arise from car covers are usually due to inappropriate usage such as covering the car up … Read more