Bakflip MX4 Scratches (Causes & Possible Fixes)

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Bakflip is not a cover that needs an introduction in the market again. Many people have used the product over the years and they have voiced one complaint or the other about it.

Meanwhile, some people who are using the product now have similar experiences. One of the most popular complaints about Bakflip MX4 is that it scratches easily.

While this is a drawback, it is worthy to note that it is a durable truck bed cover. Hence, many people would like to know the causes of these scratches and what could be done to fix the problem. Keep reading for more insight on this.

Causes of Bakflip MX4 scratches

Though being a durable product attracts many people to Bakflip MX4 but some people cannot withstand an unattractive truck bed cover.

At times, you will not know what caused the scratches as they might just appear on them without you noticing them a few minutes ago. The following are some of the causes of Bakflip MX4 scratches.


Is it not surprising that most people that use Bakflip MX4 have similar complaints about easy scratches on the cover?

Well, nothing else could be responsible for this problem apart from defects in the design. Some of the materials used in the manufacturing of the product could be prone to scratch or the way the product is designed.

When folded up

It is unlikely that you will not fold the Bakflip MX4, except if you do not make use of the truck bed. Though you are free to do this, the frequency of doing this would determine how soon the cover will scratch. For instance, the cover is prone to scratch anytime you fold it up.

Resting on itself

Apart from folding it up, the Bakflip MX4 is likely to scratch when it is resting on itself. In a situation where the cover is open and one part of it is resting on another, you will likely see traces of scratches on it once you close it again.

Sharp object

The Presence of a sharp object on your Bakflip MX4 could also make it scratch easily. For instance, stones could suddenly come in contact with it while the truck is in motion. In such a situation, it is unlikely that the cover will not be scratched.

Installation and maintenance

Many of the problems users likely have with Bakflip MX4, including scratching, are caused by poor installation. For instance, if the cover is not installed correctly, some parts would likely rest on another. If it is in this state for a while, it will scratch quickly. Apart from this, the way you also care for Bakflip MX4 will also determine how soon it will scratch.

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Possible fix of Bakflip MX4 scratches

It has been stated earlier that Bakflip MX4 is prone to scratches. This is why you should know some quick fix to the problem. The cover would look unattractive when you do not fix scratches on it. The following are some of the things you can do to fix scratches on Bakflip MX4.

Paint pen

Some users who have had the same problem in the past and they contacted Bakflip stated that they got a paint pen from the manufacturer as a quick fix.

While this might work in the interim, you will likely have a problem with the color matches. If you want to use the paint pen, make sure that it matches the color of your cover.

The use of foam

If you seek the service of a professional installer when you want to install Bakflip MX4 on your truck, the installer would likely make use of foam.

This would reduce the chances of scratches when the cover is rubbing against each other or when you fold them up. Once you begin to notice scratches on your Bakflip MX4 cover, you can install foam to prevent future happening.

Nail paint

If you have nail paint that matches the color of your Bakflip MX4 cover at home, you can use it to fix minor scratches on the cover. Just clean the point of the scratch and gently apply the product. Allow drying before you touch it.

Pros and cons of Bakflip MX4

Not only is Bakflip MX4 one of the most popular covers you can get in the market, but it also has numerous benefits. While this sounds interesting, it is important to note that the product also has a few challenges. Highlighted below are some of the pros and cons of Bakflip MX4.


Below are the pros of Bakflip MX4:

Weather protection

Many covers in the market would get ruined after a few months of installation due to exposure to severe weather. However, in the case of Bakflip MX4, the product is designed to withstand different weather conditions. You don’t have any problem during summer and your cargo is protected during winter.

Easy installation

You don’t have to go through a rigorous process to install Bakflip MX4. Even if it is your first time, you can easily install Bakflip MX4 with little guidance. The pictures and steps in the instruction manual are easy for you to understand.

Quick access

If installed correctly, you won’t have any problem accessing your cargo. The cover is easy to open and close. You can quickly pick up anything from the cargo without any hindrance.


Here is a list of some of the drawbacks of Bakflip MX4.


One of the major criticisms of the Bakflip MX4 cover is that it is prone to scratching. Some of the factors responsible for this and how you can fix them have been discussed earlier.

Low profile design

Though the Bakflip MX4 is durable, there is a high chance that you will have problems with it, especially scratches. This is due to its poor design.

Limited theft protection

Except if you want to buy an extra lock for it, the Bakflip MX4 comes with no secured lock system. The implication of this is that the cargo is prone to theft.

Other likely problems of Bakflip MX4 cover

Apart from being prone to scratch, the Bakflip MX4 also has common problems that have been experienced by many users. Below are some of the problems and how you can fix them.

Loud noise

Most drivers do not want distraction when they are on the road but you could be disturbed by Bakflip MX4. This is because the cover could make loud noise while the vehicle is in motion.

This problem is usually caused by holes on the cover, improper latching, and poor maintenance. You can fix this by inspecting the cover for any possible hole. If there is any, you can fix it with a weather seal or other types of seal. Alternatively, you can also visit a professional for further assistance.

Water leakage

You should be careful when you have cargo that is damaged by water in your truck. While the Bakflip MX4 is known for being water-resistant, it could, however, leak water into the cargo if there is a hole on it due to age or loose-fitting. You should regularly inspect your cover to avoid this problem and fix any hole once you notice it or seek help.


Once installed, the Bakflip MX4 should stay in place. There are, however, instances where the cover shifts from its original position.

The reason for this is poor installation, loose screws and wear on the cover. You can take the cover to a professional for proper installation if it is still new or if you retighten a loose screw.  

How to care for Bakflip MX4

Caring for Bakflip MX4 is easy the same way it is easy to install it. For instance, you do not need any special cleaning product or expertise before you clean it. Below are some of the ways of caring for Bakflip MX4.

Get a shade

Not only is the cover prone to scratch, but it could also get discolored quickly if you do not care for it. To avoid this, you should always park the truck where it won’t be directly under sunlight. For instance, you can construct a garage for it.

Inspect it often

Do not wait until you start experiencing problems with Bakflip MX4 before you inspect for sources of the problem. You should always inspect the screw, check the position of the cover, look for potential holes, scratches, etc. If there is any, you should fix it immediately.

Wash regularly

Leaving debris on the Bakflip MX4 for a longer duration is one of the easiest ways of ruining the cover. You should always clean the cover with auto-rated soap, then dry with a microfiber cloth immediately.

Do not hesitate to call for help

Instead of guessing the likely problems of the product, and applying the wrong fixing method, it is recommended that you seek help from professionals. You can contact Bakflip for assistance or a professional in your vicinity.


Some of the methods of fixing scratches on your Bakflip MX4 have been highlighted in this article. You should maintain the cover correctly to avoid other problems.

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