5 Hidden Bakflip F1 Problems & Possibe Solutions

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There are a lot of problems associated with Bakflip F1 ranging from installation problems to fitting as well as folding problems. Truck owners using the Bakflip F1 tonneau cover in their trucks as bed cover often complain about some of these problems.

While some may be age-related, that is, seem when the tonneau cover begins to get old, others have nothing to do with old age and are seen even in the brand new tonneau cover.

Here in this article, we shall cover the commonest Bakflip F1 problems and possible solutions to these problems. We shall also attempt to see whether the Bakflip F1 tonneau cover is worth your money irrespective of the few problems associated with it. This list of problems is derived from a survey of reviews from the current users of the product.

Common Bakflip F1 Problems & Solutions

Bakflip F1 similar to other BAK products is not free of a few drawbacks. BAK tonneau covers are to this day one of the best tonneaus covers out there, but they are not without a few problems. Potential buyers need to learn about these problems are decide afterward whether the tonneau cover is worth spending on or not.

Thankfully, there are various types, designs, brands, and styles of tonneau covers available today, and truck owner can make their choice from these varieties.

No single tonneau cover can satisfy all the requirements of an ideal tonneau cover, some however have more benefits than problems. So, here are some of the problems of Bakflip F1 after a careful survey of the reviews given by some of the current users of the product.

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1. Fitting problems 

There are reports from many of the users of bakflip f1 about the general fitness of the bed cover. Some of the covers do not run the whole way and only cover a part of the tailgate which disallows the rubber water seals from adhering to the tailgate.

None fitting tonneau covers, therefore, do not allow the water seals to serve their function causing the cover the leaking water into the truck’s bed.

Many users complain of their Bakflip F1 tonneau cover being too short and inadequate for the tailgate.

One of the factors causing the Bakflip F1 tonneau cover not to fit properly is the thickness of the grommet. While the grommet is designed to keep water out, its thickness poses a significant challenge as it forces the rear of the cover to be proud of the tailgate.

Fitting problems beget water problems. When the cover does not fit well, it’s hard to drive through the rain without getting water into the truck’s bed. This will not only the cargo at the rear of the truck but may also affect susceptible electrical parts such as batteries.

For those having a bed rug, having water come into the rear of the truck and getting the rug wet could be a big issue as this may come with some awful smell until the rug is completely dried out.

Most cases of none fitting Bakflip F1 does not seem to be as a result of customers missing measurement of the bed’s dimension, it is usually more of the cover not being customized for a particular truck.

2. Folding problem

While folding types of tonneau covers are great for their ergonomic design and for allowing full access to the truck’s bed, Bakflip F1 tonneau covers are known for their incomplete folding.

This is in their innate design. You cannot just get them to fold up completely. After the 3rd folding, the latches can prevent any further movement causing the folded parts to just rest upon the rear window.

While the company claims this is to keep the brake light visible, a lot of users do not appreciate this and want the company to improve on its design.

The greatest concern from customers about what they feel is a flaw in the design is the safety of their windows. The company on the other hand reiterates how safe the cover is and there is nothing to be afraid of.

In their history of producing and marketing Bakflip F1 tonneau covers, there has never been any report inside of the cover damaging the truck’s window. There are concerns of ageing latches losing their grip on the cover leading to an unintended accident.

There are various suggestions on how the company could try to improve on the current design of the tonneau cover and this includes arching the front edge of the cover to conform to that of the truck’s bed.

Such modification will allow the tonneau cover to fit the bed more. This will also add to the finishing as well as create the look of a professional product.

3. Fading and discolouration

Even those who can escape leakage problems with their Bakflip F1 and are generally pleased with the functionality of the tonneau cover may still at some point deal with issues such as fading and deterioration. Many have noticed the poor finishing of Bakflip F1 as its exterior begins to deteriorate after a couple of months.

Soon after, the cover becomes a shadow of itself as it quickly loses the alluring shine that attracted the buyer in the first place.

Although this is less common when compared to leaks and fitting problems, it, however, causes the buyer to question the worth of the tonneau cover or to believe it is overpriced.

Thankfully, the company offers a 36-month warranty for users who experience a fading problem. 

Sometimes, the problem is not limited to fading or discolouration but an actual deterioration that causes the composite material to become exposed.

Yes, constantly parking the truck outdoor without shade to keep away from the harsh UV rays of the sun could haste fading and deterioration similar to a bad waxing.

However, fibres from the composite materials popping out of the cover imply a defective design and not necessarily manhandling.

Although the company does not claim the cover is resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as UV rays from the sun, acid rain, or certain chemical substances in the form of detergent or was, users however expect their money worth of performance.

4. Leak

Bakflip F1 similar to other covers made by BAK also suffer leak problem. While the tailgate area of Bakflip F1 may not be involved in this leak as seen with other BAK tonneau covers, the joints that allow for folding of the cover, especially the first joint is usually implicated. Leaks are noticed even with light rainfalls.

Having your cover leak water into the truck’s bed defeats the sole purpose of using a tonneau cover in the first place and that is to protect the cargo and the truck’s bed from harsh environmental elements such as rain.

The cover is at least good at keeping your cargo shielded away from prying eyes. With some, the leak comes from at least three of the hinges or more. Sometimes, these leaks are present from day one of buying the cover.

5. Installation problems

Some owners of certain models of trucks have laid complaints of Bakflip F1 Forming dimples in the rails of the truck bed as they attempt to clamp it down during the installation process.

While this complaint has been sighted by more than a few users, the etiology however may be traced to the over-tightening of the bolts, that is, those used in securing the rails to the bedside. If these bolts are loosened a bit, the dimples may disappear but not in all cases.

There are those how suggest moving the c clamp towards the center clamps.

Solutions to Bakflip F1 tonneau cover problems

The easiest way to get your Bakflip F1 fixed whenever you noticed any abnormality is to have it returned to the company and request for a replacement.

The process of filing your complaint involves taking photos of the tonneau cover to show the reported problem. The company’s customer service is not the greatest, but they at least communicate via email and will get your replacement sent to you in due time.

This is only possible however if the complaint is filed within the warranty period and if the product was bought from an authorized BAK product dealer.

It is for this reason that all users of any car part product should endeavour to get them from an authorized dealer and also to keep the purchase order.

Most companies will not honour the warranty policy if the product is not blighted by their dealer. Also, without the purchase order, it may be impossible to get a replacement for your defective Bakflip F1 tonneau cover. Buying from online stores such as Amazon is therefore not a completely good idea.

Bakflip F1 Problems – Conclusion 

Problems such as leaks are relatively common and can be found with many tonneaus covers out there although, in different degrees, Bakflip F1 however suffers more than that. There is no tonneau cover completely free of limitations, it is however best to be aware of these limitations to make an informed decision.

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