Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Problems (Plus Possible Fix)

Extang olid fold 2.0 problems

The Extang solid fold 2.0 covers are simply great in all candour. However, problems are bound to occur where their installation is poorly executed. In some instances, these truck bed covers suffer a lot of hardship during transportation resulting in multiple damage and complaints. We shall look at some of the commonest problems these truck … Read more

Can I Paint My Bakflip Tonneau Cover?

Can I paint my bakflip tonneau cover

The continuous glare of ultraviolet rays from the sun is known to gradually weaken and degrade the materials of most, if not all, substances. It also makes even the best varieties of paints fade. This necessitates the repainting of various items from time to time, in order to maintain their physical appeal or restore their … Read more

Do Bakflip Covers Leak? (3 Leakproof Covers You Should Check Out)

Do bakflip covers leak

Tonneau covers are meant to be both weather-tight and waterproof. This is achieved by making sure that any avenue by which water and/or dust particles can gain access into the truck bed are essentially sealed. However, despite all these measures, there are instances when leaking cannot in actual fact be prevented. So, do bakflip covers … Read more

Are Tonneau Covers Easy To Break Into? (3 Covers That Are Breakproof)

Are tonneau covers easy to break into

Tonneau covers are used in trucks primarily to protect cargo from contamination by dust, secure it from theft and also protect the truck bed and also its content from the elements of inclement weather. Additionally, they also add to the beauty and value of the truck. In discharging these functions, they must be analyzed on … Read more