Are Gator And Bakflip The Same? Find Out

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Much as tonneau covers have similarities, they equally do have differences, ranging from the materials used in their production, their designs, features and down to their sizes. In this article, we shall look at what differences there are between the gator and bakflip tonneau covers.

Are gator and bakflip the same you may want to ask? Well, the answer is a capital YES. Both the gator and the bakflip have basically the same specifications and features. They are also manufactured from more or less the same quality and types of materials.

They are also the same when it comes to other vehicle accessories such as tie-down rings, utility track systems, truck racks, bed extenders and lots more. Conclusively, therefore, the gator and the bakflip are the same in every respect, except maybe a negligible few.

Basically, the bakflip truck bed covers rest squarely against the cab of your truck in the bull open position, so as to provide you with more space for cargo accommodation and improved fuel efficiency.

In the first place, installing the gator is both easy and fast, which can be achieved in just minutes without the need for any tools.

Furthermore, when the cover is fully retracted or pulled, a certain mechanism inside the canister spins to roll out the cover along the grooves on the railing. Simply secure its Velcro and you are assured of a safe and weather-tight seal around its shell.

It has weather sealing throughout the entire perimeter of its cap, including its tailgate, which shuts out the elements. Additionally, these tonneau covers come with other spectacular features such as Q-seal weather tight rim sealing technology, terelyne stitching and epoxy coated frames, which are meant to provide more efficient protection of your truck bed and its contents. They are easy to both clean and dry as well.

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Where Are The Gator And Bakflip Made?

Both the gator and bakflip covers are manufactured by MaxMate and BAK Industries respectively, which are companies that have made their mark in the production of highly acclaimed truck bed covers worldwide.

What Features Does Gator Have That Are Lacking In The Bakflip Tonneau Covers?

The most notable quality the gator has which may be lacking in the bakflip is its ability to provide more security than the bakflip since it is usually built to give strength, whereas the bakflip truck covers are more popular for their beauty and aesthetics.

The bakflip are certainly assured to add value to your truck by way of making it more attractive and appealing. There is no doubt therefore that, should you wish to put it on the market, it is more likely to attract a higher price.

In addition, the gator does not give as easy access to your truck bed as the bakflip does. With the bakflip, you can reach into your truck bed on the go.

Are There Striking Differences/Similarities Between The Gator And Bakflip Tonneau Covers?

There are just a few differences, but a whole lot of similarities. In other words, they have much more similarities than differences.

For instance, all their basic functional features such as designs, materials of production, qualities and lots more are essentially the same. Their most notable differences are in their strengths and ease of access into the truck bed.

Which Of The Two Is More Durable?

Of course, the gator is more durable than the bakfkip. This is primarily because the bakflip is mainly produced to add beauty and appeal to the truck, while the gator targets security and the protection of the truck bed and its contents.

To ensure these functions, the gator is produced using tougher materials and which makes it much more durable than the bakflip.

Between The Gator And The Bakflip, Which Takes Longer Time To Set Up?

Installation is the one place where you will realize that really these truck bed covers are actually the same after all. To install them both takes just a few minutes to accomplish because you do not need to drill holes or tighten screws. Their installation simply requires the use of mainly Velcro straps and clamps.

So, essentially, it takes roughly about the same length of time to install them, which is not more than a couple of minutes.

Which Between Them Is Easier To Maintain?

It has been explained earlier on that washing them requires only the use of certified cleaning agents to accomplish and drying equally takes just minutes too.

When it comes to the polishing of the products, it can also be effectively done with the aid of recommended shiners by the manufacturers. All in all, they are both easy to clean and maintain with the aid of common harmless substances.

However, the gator has a slight edge here since it can be maintained a little easier than the bakflip. Remember that the bakflip is manufactured to give your truck special beauty and appeal predominantly, and that should make it a little more demanding to keep clean than the gator.

Which Would You Recommend And Why?

Which of the two should be recommended for use depends on the purpose or purposes for which one needs the truck cover in the first place.

If you wish for a truck bed cover that guarantees more protection from the elements and theft, then the gator is a better choice,  should you wish to give your truck more beauty and attraction, in addition to an easier and faster access to your truck bed, then, by all means, go for the bakflip.

So. essentially, which truck bed cover you choose, will be determined by your purpose of purchase.

Are Gator Covers More Waterproof Than The Bakflip?

Though the gator is harder than the bakflip, they are in no way more waterproof than the bakflip. All things being equal, both are very reliable against any water intrusion into your truck bed except in cases where there is a breach in their fabrics or linings or a defect in their installation. (Read Also: Do Bakflip Covers Leak? 3 Leakproof Covers You Should Check Out)

Therefore, any suspicious water leakage should be examined carefully to ascertain the cause and thereafter, efforts should be made to resolve them.


What Is The Difference Between G2 and Fx3?

The G2 truck bed cover is made of durable aluminium while its top later is similar to the textured surface of most areas of your truck.

It also has  EPDM  rubber seals that protect each of its cover panels from any leakages during rain or washing, in addition to a low profile installation that improves your truck’s aerodynamics and better gas mileage.

The FX3 on the other hand utilizes fibreglass-reinforced polymer (FRP)  on its top panels which makes it resistant to easy scratches, dents and also heat more than even most metals.

They have buckle straps that secure cover 2/3 open for driving and can easily bear up to about 300 lbs load when evenly distributed across it.

To install it, you need not drill any holes and you can lock it by just slamming latches automatically. The FX3  can withstand many years of continuous use without fading or any physical distortion.

The assurance in its protection ability is such that with your truck cover closed and the tailgate locked, your truck bed is said to be more secured than your cab. How assuring.

Between Bakflip F1 And Gator Fx3, Which Is Better?

The F1 allows you to carry large loads by simply folding it towards your cab and fastening the support struts and by this,  sparing you the rigours of having to remove the cover entirely.

It is made of fibreglass reinforced polymer (FRP) and is therefore light in weight and heat resistant, as well as dent-proof. The F1 is equally easy to use, open and close too.

The FX3 is also manufactured using the same materials as the F1 and that means that they share more or less the same properties. However, it should be noted that the F1 costs more than the FX 3. Otherwise, they are basically the same in most areas.

Should I Get A Soft Or Hard Tonneau Cover?

Which tonneau cover you should choose is very dependent on the uses you want to put it to. For maximum protection from the elements of weather as well as the risk of theft from dubious people, a hard tonneau cover is much more preferable to a soft one.

However, some people use truck bed covers only as a means of adding value and beauty to their trucks, which makes the soft vinyl truck covers articles of choice.

There is also the issue of durability too. If you want a truck cover that will serve you for several years without the need for any replacement, then the hard type of truck bed covers should really be given preference here as well. Essentially, which type of truck cover you choose will be dictated by what use(s) you want it for.

How Do You Solve Common Truck Cover Problems?

Like everything in life, tonneau covers are liable to developing problems of their own with use, such as leakages, noise while driving, refusal to sit nicely on the truck bed, bad or defective cover seal, stucking, difficulty in taking accurate measurements and so on. (Read Also: Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Problems (Plus Possible Fix))

Without the need for seeking any expert help, you can satisfactorily attend to these problems at home whenever the need arises. You can fix any leakage by checking to see whether your tailgate cover does not permit any spaces along the sides or bottom of the tailgate.

Also, check to ascertain that the front of the bulkhead and that of the truck are at the same level as the sides of the bed before installation. Tonneau covers are mostly noisy when installed wrongly or when some screws have come loose. Check up on any of these possibilities and fix them, if you find any.

If the cover does not fit correctly, begin by checking to see whether it is the correct size. If it is, check on the installation to ascertain whether it was done correctly.

Be on the lookout for any possible defects in the truck cover too. Whether the seal is either missing or bad, you should either replace or repair it promptly to prevent the issue from becoming worse. Where the cover becomes stuck, lubricate all strategic moving parts. This will most likely resolve that complaint permanently.

Are Gator And Bakflip The Same – Conclusion

We need to use tonneau covers for different purposes and luckily, there is more than enough range of products to choose from.

As should be expected, whatever choices we make,  should be suitable to our needs and affordability. In the constant struggle to out-do and out-perform one another, the companies that produce these truck covers are constantly conducting researches to stay ahead or in the fight.

This is a good development for the end users, as the quality is assured and the monopoly is effectively checked. Prices are also kept from soaring higher unnecessarily as would definitely have been the case otherwise.

Some of these truck bed covers are more similar than they are different, so much so that you can hardly tell one from the other just like in the case of FX3 and F1, for instance.

However, if you look closely enough, you will eventually come upon one or more factors that actually differentiate them. We have also discussed the most common problems you are likely to face with these truck bed covers and also ways to handle them at home without the need for much or any help at all.

Maintenance and cleaning must not be taken lightly if we wish to derive maximum satisfaction from them. After all, most problems occur when they are either poorly maintained or harmful chemical agents are used in their cleaning.

Finally, we should endeavour to diligently go through the always enclosed user manuals which have information pertaining to any issue that may arise.

If we still have any complaints after reading these manuals, we can always reach out to the manufacturers either through their websites or customer care service. This is most imperative because tonneau covers are not just fragile but also very expensive, which implies that we can’t be careful enough.

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